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Top 10 Best Modeling Agencies in Houston (TX)

Top 10 Best Modeling Agencies in Houston (TX)

Houston is a major city in Texas and is home to many modeling agencies. However, while there are many modeling agencies in Houston, not all of them are created equal.

The best agencies in Houston have a proven track record of success in finding work for their models and providing them with the necessary training and support to succeed in the industry.

After all, becoming a professional model requires proper career management, and a modeling agency can provide you with that and offer the support you need to boost your career.

In this article, get to know the most well-known modeling agencies in the Houston area and see if you can find a fit for yourself!

Importance of A Modeling Agency Representation

If you’re starting as a model, you might think it is a hard path to follow alone. The truth is, you’re right. A model with representation from an agency is likely to find it easier to get jobs in the industry.

However, if you’re at the beginning of your career, you may still need the right contacts to help you in this journey. A modeling agency representative can offer the help you need.

A modeling agency will provide you with professional representation and guidance, helping you to secure work with some of the most significant names in the business.

In addition, you can work together to align expectations and see what best fits your reality and the client’s needs.

With a wealth of experience and connections, modeling agencies are essential for anyone looking to make it as a model.

Here are some other benefits of searching for a modeling representation:

  • You can develop connections with different models and companies. This will help you to network.
  • You can be represented by an agency that offers training, mentoring, and guidance, helping you enhance your skills and getting you ready with the tools you need to find the best job opportunities for your career.
  • You can count on a modeling agency to initiate your career. Finding the right people to keep going with you will definitely make a difference if you’re starting out.

The 10 Most Recommended Modeling Agencies in Houston, Texas

Houston has several recommended modeling agencies you can choose from to get representation. Check them out!

Neal Hamil Centre

One of Houston’s most prestigious modeling agencies, the Neal Hamil Centre, can be one of your best options when trying to find modeling representation in the Houston area.

The agency was founded in 1974 and was formerly known as Mayo-Hill. They have been on the market for over 40 years and have a long track record of successful models.

In addition, the years of experience have made them stand out in the Houston area modeling industry and train world-renown talents such as Crystle Stewart, former Miss Texas and Miss USA. 

The Neal Hamil Centre is an excellent place to start a modeling career and train your skills as a model, as it is also a training center.

You can submit to their application process by accessing their website and following their requirements.

  • Address: 1512 Center St #200, Houston, TX 77007, United States
  • Telephone: +1 713-789-1335

Page Parkes Center of Modeling and Acting

The Page Parkes Center of Modeling and Acting is another top modeling and acting center in Houston.

Founded by Page Parkes, the agency has a team of experienced agents who have worked to train world-renowned talents for more than four decades.

The agency is located in Houston and has in its portfolio names such as Hilary Duff, Amber Heard, Alexis Bledel, Angelina Jolie, Woody Harrelson, Josh Holloway, among many other famous faces.

The Page Parkes Center is an acting and modeling training school. They aim to prepare and deliver you as “client-ready” material for the industry.

This is an excellent place to start your modeling career and eventually find great job opportunities.

To enroll in the Page Parkes Center, visit their website and click “Get Discovered” to send your application.

  • Address: 7155 Old Katy Rd Suite #100, Houston, TX 77024, United States
  • Telephone:  +1 713-807-8200

Model Essence

If you need guidance and training for modeling, the Model Essence agency can be an excellent option to start.

With headquarters in Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta, the company has over 18 years of experience in training and forming professional models for the industry.

The agency’s primary mission is to offer guidance and mentorship while providing the industry’s current insights and requirements and helping models build confidence by training their skills.

You can apply to their recruitment process on their website.

  • Address: 1000 West Oaks Mall #121, Houston, TX 77082, United States
  • Telephone: +1 832-779-6405

TL Modeling Agency

Representing talents from Texas and its surroundings, the TL Modeling Agency has been on the market for over 10 years.

Throughout these years, they have built a solid and reliable business and helped aspiring models and actors launch their careers and succeed in the industry.

They represent children (4+ years), teens, males, and females up to 65 years old and have been known for discovering talents. Their client list is vast and diverse, allowing you to book many jobs as a model.

To join their team of models, you must apply to the selection process. If accepted, you will receive an email from the TL Modeling Agency.

  • Address: 2700 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX 77056, United States
  • Telephone: +1 855-856-6335

CM The Model Agency

CM The Model Agency’s primary focus is representing models for TV advertising, online shops, and campaigns. So, if your goal is to work in these niches of the modeling industry, CM is an excellent option.

The agency also operates internationally. Therefore, working with them can be a gateway to achieving your dream of working internationally.

They will manage the job selection process, mediate and guide you with everything you need.

The application process is done through their website, and you must follow the requirements if applying to it.

  • Address: their headquarter is not located in Houston.
  • Telephone: –

First Models and Talent Agency

First Models and Talent Agency has been in the modeling market for over 29 years and is a leading company in this industry in the Houston area.

They work with models in fashion, commercial and classic modeling, booking models in countless TV commercials, runways shows, local and national magazines, etc.

First Models and Talent Agency’s track record is impressive, with several clients’ testimonials and successful jobs and events.

If you need modeling representation in the Houston area, First Models Houston is the reliable, professional modeling agency you have been looking for to boost your career.

To get discovered by the agency, you must fill out a form and follow their requirements.

  • Address: 1095 Evergreen Cir, The Woodlands, TX 77380
  • Telephone: +1 281-210-0012

Revalushion Management Agency 

Established as a boutique talent management agency, Revalushion is a company that works with models, designers, artists, etc., in Houston, Texas.

They look for passionate models and artists willing to display their talent to the world and make a career out of it.

The agency was founded by Eva Elias and is well-known in the fashion industry and the Houston market.

Their primary goal is to pair clients with models and artists in the various fields of creative expression and offer guidance and a space to grow as a professional model or artist.

You can contact them by filling out their application form on the Revalushion website.

  • Address: 7807 Long Point Rd Ste 431, Houston, TX 77055, United States
  • Telephone: +1 346-704-4433

Urban Fashionista Modeling -n- Photography

Urban Fashionista is another modeling agency option you can search for in Houston.

They offer a full-service modeling photography service and are willing to collaborate with models who are starting their careers and need to make professional photoshoots to create a portfolio with great images.

Therefore, if you still need to build a portfolio, this can be an excellent way to start developing your career while meeting professionals in the industry and expanding your possibilities of getting jobs as a model.

If you want to apply to their selection process, you must access their website and fill out the form as requested.

  • Address: 3030 Dunvale Rd, Houston, TX 77063, United States
  • Telephone: +1 713-496-2778

The Models Lab

The Models Lab is another option to learn everything about becoming a model.

The company is a modeling school that offers complete education to aspiring models who want to be successful in their modeling careers.

From posing and professional self-makeup to runway and photography as a model, you will have classes about the ins and outs of the modeling career.

Therefore, if you’re starting in the field, this can be the right place to improve your modeling skills.

To apply to The Models Lab, you can access their website and fill out a form to book a call!

  • Address: 7500 Bellaire Blvd CC21, Houston, TX, 77036
  • Telephone: +1 (832) 896 7342

Neil Jou Agency

The Neil Jou Agency is a modeling and production company with offices in Houston and Los Angeles.

With over ten years in the modeling industry, the agency provides services in the niches of commercial, fashion, brands, business, events, etc.

Therefore, becoming a model at the Neil Jou Agency can be a great way to boost your modeling career and find job opportunities in the modeling field you want to work in.

Apply to their casting calls by filling out the form on their website.

  • Address: 811 Town & Country Blvd. Houston, TX 77042
  • Telephone: + 1 (866) 429-1063


As you can see, a professional model career has some essential steps that need to be considered to develop a successful career path. Getting a modeling agency representation is one of them.

Managing your career on your own is a challenging task. Besides, developing your skills is also necessary to achieve success as a professional model.

A modeling agency is what you need to get the best management for your career and find job opportunities that are aligned with your professional goals.

So, if you live in Houston, this list of the best modeling agencies in Houston will definitely help you find an agency to represent you.

And if you need more guidance on becoming a model, remember to keep following our blog for updates!


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