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IMG Models

IMG Models: International Modeling Agency

IMG Models was established by legendary sports agent Mark McCormack who believed models could be managed similarly to athletes and actors. His pioneering methods introduced the notion that models’ fame could be utilized beyond runway shows and magazine covers.

Jillian Mercado, a New York model with muscular dystrophy who recently signed with IMG Models is part of an ever-expanding list of models with disabilities challenging industry norms.

IMG Model Management

Aspiring models often have dreams of signing with one of the top modeling agencies. To do this, however, you must meet several requirements. Traveling to New York will likely be necessary as most model scouts reside there. Furthermore, having an impressive portfolio that features natural photos taken under daylight conditions would also help.

Although modeling agencies often employ their scouting programs, IMG has taken an innovative approach to talent discovery. Their Instagram account @WeLoveYourGenes serves as a source for finding new models while IMG also launched a TikTok campaign where several models have already been discovered.

IMG Model Management is one of the world’s premier modeling agencies and counts Gigi and Bella Hadid among its roster of clients, along with Alek Wek, Candice Swanepoel, and Hailey Baldwin as regulars. Recently acquired by William Morris Endeavor and Silver Lake Partners for a $2.4 billion deal – IMG President Bart Yates will remain as part of their executive team and remains part of this business deal.

With pandemic fever now spreading across the globe, IMG has expanded its scouting program to include social media. Their scouts are using hashtags on Instagram and TikTok to look for talent with suitable faces and body types.

This has broadened the talent pool. Potential models no longer need to invest money in creating their portfolio or travel far from home to be noticed, and this new method enables scouts to find talent in cities and towns they would otherwise overlook.

No matter where you reside in Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago young people are waiting to make a mark and become the next model. By following certain hashtags on Instagram you could become one of them; keep in mind however that your account is public and anyone can view it!

Modeling agencies scour the country for talent. While some scouts visit major cities to attend castings in search of new faces, others scour social media platforms and the internet in hopes of discovering fresh talent.

IMG Looks for Several Qualities

Tiktok can help traditional modeling agencies discover new faces; IMG is among those using Tiktok’s video app of dance crazes and humorous dubs to identify young talent for future campaigns. This approach could democratize fashion further by giving a voice to individuals who may never have graced a runway or been behind a camera before.

IMG looks for several qualities when scouting models on Tiktok, including unique senses of style and personality, captivating stories that create interest among clients, curiosity about what they do, passion for what they do… and an aptitude to learn more. They believe this approach keeps clients coming back for more!

IMG employs an in-house team that scours TikTok to find potential models, with over three million profiles available on Tiktok to search through for potential models. Furthermore, they utilize social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube in scouting talent.

Brynne Rosetta, 19, hailing from West Virginia was discovered on Tiktok and later signed with IMG Model Management as a top model. Although initially, she thought her email from them as spam, soon realizing her height and natural beauty made her ideal for their company.

TikTok model AJ Krakovsky hailing from Pittsburgh was discovered via Tiktok and is now represented by IMG Models and WME. TikTok has enabled him to build an audience outside of modeling as well.

TikTok models scouted have gone on to appear in TV commercials, editorials, and on the runway; some such as Canadian male model William White even launched their line of merchandise! Unfortunately, not all scouted models can make an impactful mark on Tiktok; some struggle to connect with their audience and lose steam after just a few months while others find the mechanics of Tiktok too complex and are therefore unable to maximize their reach.

IMG Models’ Digital Scouting Program

As the pandemic has reduced travel and limited face-to-face interactions, fashion’s top models are being discovered in unexpected places. Kate Moss was seen at JFK airport; Gisele Bundchen could be found shopping mall. Joan Smalls, Gigi Hadid, and Bella Hadid as well as Alek Wek could all be found attending charity fashion shows or Instagram posts for charity fashion shows.

As IMG Models continues its search for next year’s crop of models, it has found ways to engage potential candidates through Twitter and TikTok. This can reach young audiences who may not have access to traditional models as well as provide for a more targeted approach to social media.

IMG Models’ digital scouting program, We Love Your Genes, has proven successful at finding some of the industry’s hottest new talent. Through this platform, aspiring models are discovered by its worldwide development scouts; IMG’s We Love Your Genes program has already helped launch Halima Aden and Hyunji Shin’s careers among many others.

IMG Models is a leading global modeling and talent management agency with offices in Paris, Milan, London, Sydney, Los Angeles, and New York City. The IMG roster boasts many of the industry’s most recognized models including Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid as well as Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss; their work has appeared on the covers of Vogue Magazine as well as Harper’s Bazaar.

IMG Models required a cloud-based solution to manage their extensive model media library and provide it to their global audience. Together with IMG Models, Bit-Wizards developed a customized application that would enable all offices of IMG Models to upload and maintain models’ media in one central place – the application runs on Windows Azure with Azure CDN to ensure fast content delivery and improved site performance.

IMG Models application has been an unqualified success for their company and has successfully helped unite all offices under one umbrella while gathering talent into one place. It represents another important step towards their goal of building an international brand.

IMG Operates Multiple Business Lines

IMG Models is one of the world’s premier modeling agencies and attracts aspiring models from around the globe. However, signing with IMG can be challenging; becoming an agent takes work and dedication. To be eligible to model with them you must be 16-21 years old with at least 5’9 height (if applicable) and must also be available to travel – Latitude Talent Studios provides instant access to 350 agencies including IMG!

Since the pandemic is interfering with traditional scouting procedures, IMG has begun using social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to identify prospective models. By employing digital scouting methods like these they’ve found new faces who may otherwise have been missed – creating a wider pool of candidates to consider for IMG models.

IMG Model Management recently unveiled its model website. All offices can upload model media here, for global exposure. Kentico CMS supports Azure natively so IMG can deliver media-heavy sites quickly and efficiently.

Bart joined IMG in 1994 and has served as president since 2014. A seasoned multitasker, Bart juggles multiple time zones and IMG offices (New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, and Sydney). Additionally, his roster features some of fashion’s biggest names like Hailey Bieber, Alek Wek, and sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid; becoming well known for expanding diversity at top levels; his passion remains his mission today as IMG President.

IMG operates multiple business lines, such as sports marketing and management, events planning, and association administration. Through its subsidiaries – such as Channel 4, which broadcasts worldwide sports coverage – it also produces and distributes media such as Sport 24; an action sports channel available worldwide for airline passengers.



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