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modeling agencies in chicago

Top 8 Best Modeling Agencies in Chicago

When thinking of model businesses, cities like New York, Paris, and Los Angeles typically come to mind but There are many modeling agencies in Chicago. One city often overlooked when discussing these ideal business environments in Chicago.

Other modeling agencies in United States:

Gaining representation is a vital step to becoming a model, and Chicago boasts many prestigious modeling agencies for those seeking representation. Here are just a few options for Chicagoans hoping to enter this industry:

Option 1 Fashion Agency

Chicago often gets overlooked when discussing modeling careers, yet its fantastic modeling agencies provide excellent opportunities for budding models looking to get into the business.

Option 1 Fashion Agency stands out as an agency with an inclusive mindset, emphasizing social consciousness while accepting models of all ages, shapes, and sizes – believing beauty to be timeless – as their models. Furthermore, Option 1 prides itself on keeping up with current trends while remaining classic and authentic in style.

  • Address: 856 North Damen Street, Suite 1 Chicago, Illinois 60622, United States
  • Telephone: +1 773-687-8408

Ambassador Talent Agency

Chicago is renowned for drawing in some of the finest modeling talents from all across the nation, with numerous agencies serving as its home. Finding one to suit your goals may require additional investigation or study. But these models and talent agencies have an exceptional record in helping talented models advance their careers.

  • Address: Crain Communications Building, 180 N Michigan Ave #533, Chicago, IL 60601, United States
  • Telephone: +1 312-641-3491

Lily’s Talent Agency

Lily’s Talent Agency of Chicago is another model and talent management firm with over a decade of experience. Their roster includes male and female models as well as hair and makeup artists that work for top brands both domestically and abroad. Lily’s has long-standing ties with SAG-AFTRA-EQUITY as well as twenty-four-hour availability via their talent database; award winners also enjoy working here! They pride themselves on 24×7 availability as well as winning awards for service! They boast SAG/AFTRA membership.

SAG, AFTRA, and Equity franchised agency that specializes in print media production as well as commercials, voice-over work, trade shows, and live events. Their clients have appeared in television series such as Chicago Fire and Shameless as well as print, voiceover, on-camera commercials or voiceover ads campaigns.

  • Address: 1017 W Washington Blvd #2C, Chicago, IL 60607, United States
  • Telephone: +1 312-601-2345

Stewart Talent Agency

Stewart Talent is a national talent agency that represents models in TV, Film, Theatre, Voice-Overs, Commercials Print Industrials Live Events. Their Chicago location has become highly regarded, boasting clients working on Broadway shows (Premium Rush/Wall Street 2) and films (Ted/The Hangover Part II). Furthermore, each agent at Stewart is an experienced actor who understands what it takes to secure jobs for their talent.

This agency is well-known for helping talented models as they launch, develop, or advance their careers. Their proven success speaks for itself; they pride themselves on building positive relationships with all their client rosters while upholding high levels of professionalism – making them one of Chicago’s premier modeling agencies.

This fashion agency is a team-oriented, socially conscious fashion agency committed to diversity and inclusion. Their founder Susan Sherman and agent Ed Cox specialize in booking actors and models with household film/brand names; they offer exceptional services with 24-hour availability and an online talent database. They welcome submissions of models of all shapes, sizes, and genders – so don’t delay in submitting yourself!

  • Address: 400 N Michigan Ave Suite 700, Chicago, IL 60611, United States
  • Telephone: +1 312-943-3131

Shirley Hamilton Talent Agency

People typically associate modeling agencies with big cities such as New York and Los Angeles; however, Chicago boasts several reputable agencies known for helping promising models launch and develop their careers.

Shirley Hamilton Talent specializes in print and live event modeling for print ads and live events, signing talent of all ages–from infants to adults–including headshot/comp-card photography, acting training courses, ear prompter instruction, etc. They have established strong, long-term relationships with casting directors and advertising agencies.

  • Address: 600 N McClurg Ct, Chicago, IL 60611, United States
  • Telephone: +1 312-787-4700

10 MGMT Talent Agency

10 MGMT was established in 2013 and is managed by model/agent David Sanchez. Specializing in influencers, on-camera talent, and print models; their client list spans men, women, curves, and youth as well as family submissions, 10 MGMT has become one of the newest modeling agencies available today.

Sanchez addresses traditional perceptions of talent in an interview with C1 Revolution. 10 MGMT does not require talent to meet specific size, height, or weight criteria – they want talent who can help businesses reach their audiences – this includes social media influencers with large followings. To be considered by 10 MGMT for representation submit online via their website; an agent will reach out if interested.

  • Address: 212 N Sangamon St, Chicago, IL 60607, United States
  • Telephone: +1 312-618-7474

BMG Models and Talent Agency

No matter your experience level or start date in modeling, agencies offer invaluable services for landing gigs and building your career. Furthermore, modeling agencies introduce models and clients alike so you’re guaranteed success in finding gigs.

  • Address: 2255 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60616, United States
  • Telephone: +1 312-829-9100

MP Management

MP Management, one of Chicago’s premier modeling agencies, provides models with many opportunities to advance their careers and has offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Milan. Furthermore, this agency recognizes and promotes diversity and inclusion.

  • Address: 4235 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60639, United States
  • Telephone: +1 773-697-9992

Even if you do not have training in modeling, you should apply to modeling agencies. When you do a research on modeling agencies in Chicago, you can reach agencies that will want to talk to you.


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