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Top 15 Best Modeling Agencies in Atlanta (Georgia)

Top 15 Best Modeling Agencies in Atlanta (Georgia)

Atlanta is a vibrant city known for its strong entertainment, culture, and fashion scenes. There are many modeling agencies located in the city that offer aspiring models a chance to pursue their dreams. Joining modeling agencies in Atlanta is a great way to go after an inspiring career.

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15 Best Modelling Agencies in Atlanta (Georgia)

We have compiled a list of different modeling brands with excellent reputations and the type of models they need with the opportunities attached to them. If you have any recommended agencies, please let us know!

1. Houghton Talent Inc.

Houghton Talent Inc is an intentional modeling agency that helps in building actors, models, and artists. They offer services in tv/film, commercial and live events. They are professionals that allow models to come in contact with creative jobs because they add extra energy and love while building their models.


Address: 919 Collier Rd. NW, Atlanta, GA 30318-2533

Phone: (404) 603-9454

2. Factor Women Model Management

Factor Women Model Management is one of the modeling agencies in Atlanta that deals with fashion, runways, and clothing for women between the age of 13 to 24 years. Factor Women Model Management is a modeling agency that helps to give room to talented women staff the opportunity to work at their own pace.

They handpick their staff and allow them to innovate, create and manage the modeling agency once they are on the right track because of their solid foundational experience. The privilege will enable the staff to work without pretense or eye service and build the models to become intentional models. The agency’s trust in staff helps to give a lasting modeling career.


Address: 500 Bishop St NW, Atlanta, GA30318

Phone: (404) 872 7444

3. Select Model Management

Select Model Management is one of the most innovative modeling agencies in Atlanta and the world at large. It trains the great and most successful males and females in modeling, such as fashion, runway, and lifestyle.

The goal of Select is to go to the street and get natural individuals with unique looks and talent. Select Model Management nurtures and trains individuals to become world-class models. The agency creates equal opportunities for the members.


Address: 500 Bishop St. NW, Suite A-2, Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone: (404) 872 7444

4. BMG Models

BMG Models is a modeling agency bent on satisfying the needs of clients. BMG Models serves as promoters of actor development and growth, loyal business partner, and credible neighborhood member during the business.

They induce in their clients a wide range of talents. BMG models empower their clients with diversified knowledge and teamwork to work with the agent and achieve a specific goal.


Address: 1770 The Exchange SE, Suite 200. Atlanta GA30339.

Phone: (404) 800 6600

5. K. Starr Management

As an entertainment management company, K. Starr’s philosophy is to focus on the unique vision and specific goals of each model’s career while cultivating its success. K. Starr Management’s clients connect internationally with the top and most prestigious agencies in the fashion and entertainment industry. K. Starr management attends activities like runways, campaigns, cover publications, and publicity for various companies.


Address: 4279 Roswell RD. NE 102, #11, Atlanta, GA 30342

Phone: (404) 954 1799

6. J. Pervis Talent Agency 

 J Pervis Talent Agency is a talent agency that represents every aspect of the entertainment industry. There are no age or talent barriers in television, live promotion, fashion print music, and Broadway theater. J Pervis Talent Agency believes in the quality of products and not quantity.

 J Pervis Talent Agency is a performing art agency that offers dancers, actors, and musicians direction services. They help with a personalized environment for long-term relationships between their clients and agents and build career opportunities for them.

J Pervis Talent Agency helps its clients to go international with absolute excellence in what they do. Pervis Talent trains qualified and professional talents as clients, producers, or casting actors.


Address: 3050 Amwiler RD, Atlanta, GA 30360, United States

Phone: (404) 688 9700

7. Good Talent Management

Good Talent Management is one of the top talent agencies worldwide that represents talent in aspects like film, fashion, and television. Talent Management work with industry veterans that have intense knowledge of how the entertainment arena works through their collective and functional efforts.

Good talent helps build models and actors with the talent for higher careers for knowledge of entertainment. This agency uses the QR code technology to access clients and partners on demand, using simple scans to provide digital arrays.


Address:1100 Peachtree St NE STE 200, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States

Phone: (404) 880 3349

8. Ultimate Model Management Inc. (UMMI)

Ultimate Model Management is a suite in the heart of Atlanta and the center for exhibiting, music, film production, and fashion. Ultimate Model trains models of different specializations, which include fashion stylists, music, acting classes, spoke models, commercials, runway training, narrators, television, graphic design, model management, talent casting, etc.

Ultimate Model Management is versatile in modeling and enables them to progress immensely. They are always up to date with modeling. Ultimate Model Management supplies companies and industries that need trained models, and the models perform wonderfully well while on duty.


Address: 1100 Peachtree St NE STE 200, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States.

Phone: (770) 322 8528

9. Kiddin’ Around Models and Talent

Kiddin’ Around Models and Talent is an excellent modeling agency for kids from newborns to teenagers. Kiddin’ Around Models and Talent is an independent modeling agency that involves itself in movies, print work, fashion, broadcast, Tv commercials, videos, films, and auditions.

Kiddin’ Around Models and Talent is a kid modeling agency that requests less expensive headshot classes. Kiddin’ Around Models accommodate all kids without discrimination once you pass the evaluation stage.


Address: Kiddin’ Around Models & Talent Inc. 1876, De Foor Ave. Bldg. 7, Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone: (404) 350-4145

10. Real People Models & Talent, Inc.

Real People Models & Talent, Inc. is one of the top agencies in Atlanta and the United States. People Models & Talent, Inc is the advanced stage of Kiddin’ Around Models & Talent Inc. here, Real People Models & Talent, Inc. involves not just kids but also adults while helping to maintain an impeccable reputation for the agency.

They aim to create the latest commercial talents and satisfy clients’ needs. The agency is a full-service agency that trains the models to become icon models and international models.


Address: 1876 Defoor Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States

Phone: (404) 350-4145

11. Xcel Talent Agency

The Xcel Talent Agency is one of the modeling agencies in Atlanta that comprises actors, choreographers, dancers, etc. Xcel Talent agency functions well in a remarkable aspect of the entertainment industry, such as television, theatre, live show, commercials, print, music videos, and artistic development. This agency is also a boutique agency that maintains quality work.

The Xcel Talent Agency builds quality and standard models with outstanding talent because they take time to mentor their model based on the mentorship roles. This agency has gained an eminent reputation locally and internationally through its selfless dedication and hard work during work.

Xcel Talent hires the best staff that can satisfy the needs of directors, choreographers, and producers locally and internationally for industrial production. The Xcel Talent Agency channels the consideration for every diversified knowledge of the craft. Xcel Talent has passion Xcel Talent Agency has for its client’s success and has given her the best reservation tools for her clients.


Address: 235 Peachtree St NW #217, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States

Phone: (404) 920 8011

12. The Platinum Modeling Agency of Atlanta

The Platinum Modeling Agency of Atlanta is the bedrock of vision transformation turned reality. Platinum Modeling helps train models to eliminate some challenges they will face for higher modeling contracts. The goal of Platinum Models Agency is to provide an avenue for fast-rising actors and models. They offer work, education, and promotion to enable fast-rising actors and models to rise above the competitive market.

The Platinum Models Agency helps models who want to develop their modeling skills even when they are not physically available. An entertainment experience like industry exposure, headshots, IMDB credits, reel footage, and networking opportunities stand chances to come on board the comedy show and other projects. This entertainment agency offers activities year-round to keep models & actors working, practicing, and developing their portfolios.


Address: 1201 W Peachtree St NW. Ste 2300. Atlanta, GA 30309.

Phone: (678)-597-9478

13. Central Casting

Central Casting provides the entertainment industry Background Actors. Their offices in Los Angeles, New York, Georgia, and Louisiana provide their clients with a full range of modeling services for any production.

Clients’ standard delivery is assured, be it a producer seeking a quality background or a Background Actor seeking a job. Central Casting has your back with the required experience and expertise to meet all your background standards. As time passes by, innovations and developments keep occurring in the entertainment industry, but Central Casting is always ahead of the game.


Address: 235 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 217 Atlanta, GA 30303.

Phone: (404) 920 8011

14. Yash Models

These models are also part of Kaamd handha Services Private Limited, which arranges fashion shows for fashion designers locally and internationally and accommodates new models for our reputed clients.

They bring quality models who want to be successful in modeling and acting while offering top levels of client satisfaction and utility optimization.


Address: 855 W Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30308, United States.

Phone: (781) 333 4433

15. The Pink Light Agency

The Pink Light is among the top national model talent & event staffing agencies. The Pink Light Agency focuses on promotional models, trade show models, fashion and print models, specialty talent, and staffing for various campaigns & events in all major cities across the country.


Address: 780 Morosgo Dr. NE 244, Atlanta, GA 30324, United States

Phone: (404) 939-6022

Other Talent Agencies for Atlanta Models

Atlanta Models & Talent

 Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc. is one of the outstanding modeling agencies in Atlanta with the premiere full-service talent support. This agency creates opportunities for clients to work as a team in departments like film & television, commercial, print, industrial, and voice-over, which have elevated the standard of services AMT offers its clients.


Address: 2200 Century Parkway NE, Suite 160 Atlanta, GA 30345

Phone: (404) 261-9627

Ursula Wiedmann Models

Development placement of talent in models is a specialization for Ursula Wiedmann Models. Ursula Wiedmann Models focuses on fishing out talented models and developing them into world-class models and talents.


Address: 115A New Street Decatur GA 30030

Phone: (404) 378 1804

Salt Agency

The Salt agency is a global, world-class modeling agency living in the heart of Atlanta. Salt Agency has had its operations and practices carried out for over 25 years. They are a unique agency that took it upon ourselves to represent all ethnicities, genders, shapes, heights, and models of special abilities. The agency emphasizes discovering and developing emerging talents while facilitating and nurturing the growth of its models.


Address: 3017 Bolling way suite 241 Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone: (404) 214 9265


Atlanta is one of the most popular destinations for models. Joining a modeling agency is a big step forward in advancing your modeling career. Another crucial step is to join a modeling school.

Check out these agencies’ websites and send emails to the ones you think most align with your career goals.


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