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New Balance 550

New Balance 550: Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style

New Balance 550 sneakers pair well with denim shorts for an on-trend look, thanks to their high-waisted design that will elongate and slim your legs, creating an appealing silhouette. There are various colors and patterns of denim shorts available, but light-wash denim is recommended when pairing these sneakers.

New Balance’s iconic 550 sneakers have returned in full force since they first debuted as a basketball shoe back in 1989. Though long forgotten, Teddy Santis – founder of New York menswear label Aime Leon Dore – spotted it while flipping through vintage catalogs.

Repeat collaborations like Joe Freshgoods’ orange 2002R 574 Yurt are helping catapult the 550s into mainstream culture. Avid runners demand shoes that can withstand strenuous workouts, and 550s fit that bill perfectly.

Style of New Balance 550

New Balance 550 sneakers are an essential staple, suitable for casual or formal looks alike. Their neutral color palette makes it simple to pair these fashionable kicks with almost any ensemble; accessories can help add pops of color or create more tailored looks; for instance, black heels can elevate any ensemble while remaining comfortable and effortless; alternatively, you could complement the sneakers with a structured handbag in neutral tones.

Combine sneakers with a jumpsuit for an eye-catching outfit perfect for cooler temperatures. Choose a black and white striped jumpsuit to complement the sneakers, or select neutral colors for a timeless style. Complete this ensemble by layering on a leather jacket, trench coat, peacoat, or blazer for an elevated finish.

Style your 550 sneakers for a casual, everyday look by pairing them with jeans and a tee, or for more tailored attire pair them with dark-wash jeans paired with a fitted shirt/blouse/jacket combination or solid-colored denim shirt (jean jacket or denim shirt in solid color, denim shirt in solid color, etc) You could even pair your sneaks with a sweater to create an informal yet cozy ensemble!

Your 550 sneakers can also add an elegant and refined touch to a more formal ensemble, whether that’s with a skirt or dress. For an eye-catching finish, pair your sneakers with a pencil skirt or midi-length dress paired with a belt to define the waist. Complete your sophisticated look by pairing these sneakers with a black shoulder bag and dainty jewelry – or pair them with an elegant black shoulder bag and dainty jewelry to finish it all off.

Comfort of the New Balance 550

The New Balance 550 sneaker is an iconic retro classic, designed with modern features to meet casual wear or more intensive workout needs. Featuring durable rubber outsoles with multiple tread patterns for exceptional traction and support as well as cushy OrthoLite inserts to provide comfort during workout sessions, it comes in an array of vibrant colors making it essential for any sneakerhead’s collection.

It has long been one of their best-selling sneakers and remains extremely popular despite long lulls between releases. Due to this popularity, most (if not all) pairs sell out instantly via New Balance or select shops’ online stores; additionally, they are frequently purchased on aftermarket platforms like eBay or Stadium Goods at an individual seller-set markup price. While not offered in multiple width options like other New Balance models do, the 550 fits true to size; for an increased degree of comfort consider going up half size when ordering!

They are known for their premium materials, making them an excellent everyday wear option. But these sneakers could benefit from tighter lockdown fits that will secure your feet as you move quickly; also lighter construction with additional cushioning would increase comfort levels further.

Although not as lightweight as other New Balance models, the 550 remains one of the most comfortable sneakers out there. Versatile enough to pair with any ensemble and sport; perfect for running, yoga, and other athletic pursuits while looking good both casually and athletically alike!

The 550 is an exceptionally heavy shoe, weighing 14.1 ounces in men’s size 9. However, most people do not find its weight an issue since its thick sole and robust construction provide exceptional support for the heel, arch, and ball of the foot.

Recently, New Balance has collaborated with numerous designers and artists to craft custom versions of its 550 sneakers. These collaborations have gained an enormous amount of cult fame while drawing new customers in. Some notable pairs include Aime Leon Dore’s pair, which sells for over $500 on resale sites; as well as Joe Freshgoods’. Both collaborations were established through Black Soles; an employee-led community dedicated to increasing representation within companies.

Durability of New Balance 550

New Balance 550 sneakers feature a durable rubber cup sole stitched at both heel and toe for extra durability, as well as a neutral stride that helps prevent the foot from rolling excessively inward or outward during running, providing optimal protection from injury. Furthermore, its dual-density midsole provides extra cushioning and support. Finally, their classic colorway makes this shoe suitable for casual wear too!

It first made its debut in 1989 as an alternate option to their flagship basketball sneaker at that time, designed by legendary sneaker designer Steven Smith and intended as a lifestyle sneaker rather than a hoop sneaker. However, due to its lower profile status than other New Balance basketball kicks at that time, it faded quickly into obscurity.

New Balance reintroduced their iconic 550 sneakers as lifestyle sneakers in 2020 and it immediately became one of their best sellers – selling out within minutes after their release! People love its retro styling and superior craftsmanship as well as lightweight comfort with its rubber sole providing optimal traction – plus, with so many colors to choose from it is bound to please any personality!

If you’re interested in purchasing them, be sure to size up for maximum comfort. These sneakers usually fit snugly across the bridge of the foot but will stretch with wear over time; for wider feet, it would be wiser to go up a one-half size.

New Balance collaborated with Black Soles to produce its iconic 550 shoes, manufactured exclusively by their Black employees and sold globally. This collaboration represents part of their efforts to increase representation and inclusion.

The popularity of the 550 has skyrocketed over recent years, with retailers often selling out of new releases within minutes of hitting shelves and Twitter accounts dedicated to informing followers about restocks.


New Balance 550 for women is an affordable sneaker with a classic retro style that is designed to provide maximum comfort and durability. Its thick rubber outsole makes cleaning it simple. Furthermore, there are multiple colors to choose from to suit every mood or taste! Ideal for hard workouts due to the cushion foam providing maximum support and comfort, its lightweight construction is great for athletes of any age and size alike – suitable for men as well.

They have seen a revival thanks to collaborations with fashion brands, and have quickly become popular with streetwear fans. Their classic design, high-quality materials, and affordable price make the shoe appealing; making a refreshing change from all of the Nike/Jordan retros that come out each year.

Initially designed as basketball sneakers in 1989, New Balance released their 550 sneaker as lifestyle footwear options starting in 2020 due to New York-based fashion brand Aime Leon Dore’s redesign featuring “vintage” details such as yellowed midsole and cracked leather branding – without the less desirable qualities associated with old shoes.

Since then, several more collaborations have taken place; the latest being a beige colorway featuring off-white and cream uppers with beige accents on “N” logos and outsoles. Sneakers can be purchased on New Balance websites as well as select shops’ websites but often sell out quickly; leaving regular shoppers to resort to sites such as eBay or Stadium Goods at seller-determined markup prices for pairs still available for sale.

New Balance has made great strides to bring back its classic 550 silhouettes with more neutral tones and easy-to-style color combinations, most recently teaming up with Aime Leon Dore to produce preppy cream- and beige-toned versions of their low-top sneaker for spring 2023. They measure true to size; for optimal comfort choose one size larger than your normal shoe size.


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