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Seven universal fashion styles

Seven Universal Fashion Styles

There are seven main different categories that fashion trends or styles could fall under. Let’s briefly talk about each one and what makes them unique in their own way.

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Traditional Style

Traditional fashion revolves around culture. It is the putting together of garments, accessories, and jewelry that roots back to an identifiable group of people.

Elegant Style

Elegant fashion emphasizes the use of neutral-colored pieces and simple fine, clean lines. Classic and minimalist yet so classy.

Romantic Style

Romantic fashion is based on the idea of soft silhouettes and texture to create a “dreamy” form of style. A lot of romantic styles include light, pastel hues or flowery design patterns.

Alluring & Magnetic Style

Alluring and magnetic fashion is designed to flaunt and show off your best features in the best way possible. It is supposed to give off a very attractive yet sophisticated balance

Creative Style

Creative fashion is a personal take on all the different types of fabrics and prints to create your own unique and unusual form of style. All creative fashion is one of a kind in its own way and comes from creative and innovative people.

Dramatic Style

Dramatic fashion is heavily attracted to popping colors or shapes in the garments. It will seek unusual cuts and dramatic shapes.

Sporty Style

Sporty fashion is all about a relaxed and comfortable fashion style. It’s not only items that could be worn during physical activity but also everyday wear that gives off a calm and comfortable appearance.

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