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How to Succeed at a Model Call and Get Booked?

You might have seen people in black outfits lined up on the streets. This is a common scene, especially before fashion weeks. Production companies organize open calls to cast models to walk in their upcoming shows. The weeks leading to important time frames such as New York Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week are filled with model calls.

Being successful at a model call and getting booked is more about your skill and behavior than your appearance. No matter what your height, body shape, or ethnicity is, you have an equal opportunity as everyone else to be selected (Excluding the shows that require specific looks).

Here are three things you should get right to pass a model call:

#1 Read the Announcement Carefully

Production companies announce their model calls on Instagram. Read the caption from beginning to end carefully. If you ask something that is already stated in the announcement or if you miss an important detail, you may lower your chances or you may get eliminated. When there are hundreds of models in the line waiting for the same opportunity, you wouldn’t want to get behind the competition just because of not reading the description thoroughly.

For our model calls, we mention this information in the announcements:

  • Date and time
  • What to wear
  • Gender, age, body shapes
  • Registration link
  • Note about comp cards
  • Show date

Even though we share all this information in the announcement, we receive messages, comments, and emails with questions similar to “What should I wear?”, “How to register?”, “I am at X age, can I attend?”. We understand that life may get busy and some information can be overlooked so we answer all the questions as fast as we can. However, sometimes models go to the location at the wrong time and miss the opportunity because of not paying enough attention to the announcement. Similar example: They sometimes don’t register before arriving and cause delays for everybody in the line.

Reading the announcement thoroughly is the first step to succeeding at model calls.

#2 Arrive Early

If a model call is at 1 pm, there will be already many models in the line at that time. By arriving 10-15 minutes early, you can get in front of the line. Judges are more positive and interested in the beginning of a model call. Sometimes, they even fill out designer lineups as they audition models. So getting there early will improve your chances.

After seeing dozens or hundreds of models in one or two hours of casting, judges will be tired and less interested. In addition, they may have already cast enough models for the runway, agency, or whatever the job is. Those who are at the end of the line will have a lesser chance of being selected even if they are very skilled and a perfect fit for the job.

#3 Watch Others

While waiting in line inside or outside, you may have a chance to observe the process. Instead of being on your phone all the time, look around and find out how things work. If you figure out the process, you will be more confident when it’s your turn.

In our model calls, we follow the steps below.

  1. Have your registration number ready (Register if you haven’t)
  2. Enter the place, get a model tag with the registration number on it
  3. Get photos taken
  4. Listen to instructions from the model coach
  5. Perform your runway walk in front of the judges

We hand out flyers to models waiting in line so they know what to expect and register if they haven’t already. Knowing the overall process improves their chances and speeds up the process.

Once It’s Your Turn

Do your best in front of the judges. Hopefully, you practiced well during the days and weeks leading to the model call. The more preparation you had until that point, the better your chances of getting booked. If you are looking for a comprehensive modeling course to prepare yourself, check out the Modeling Master Course.


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