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Find Modeling Jobs Without An Agency

3 Ways to Find Modeling Jobs Without An Agency

Modeling agencies help you find modeling jobs but signing with a good agency to represent you is challenging, especially for new models. Besides, even if you sign with a modeling agency, they get a commission from your compensation, typically 20%.

20% agency commission may not sound much but imagine working on an intense set for long hours to earn $1,000 but only $800 hits your bank account because your agency gets $200 cut from your check, without even being on set or without helping you with the work in any way.

Many models, including some very experienced models, prefer being a freelancer and finding jobs by themselves. So how to find modeling jobs without help from a modeling agency?

I’ve been doing modeling in multiple cities including Los Angeles and New York for almost a decade. In addition to the small gigs, I found and booked high-paying competitive jobs as well. From nationwide commercials to runway walks at New York Fashion Week, you can find modeling jobs as a freelancer by using the three methods in this post. 

#1 Casting Sites for Models

There are websites that list modeling jobs you can apply to. These websites are called casting websites. Most of the casting websites primarily serve actors. However, there is one casting site that is mainly for models: By using the age, gender, skill, and location filters, you can easily find and apply for jobs on It’s free to join the site and apply for the modeling jobs.

Most of the castings on are paid jobs. Some of them pay even four or five figures and offer reimbursement for travel expenses. So even if you live in a smaller city with not many modeling opportunities, I recommend joining ModelNear and regularly searching for jobs. You can also create job alerts to be notified through email about new listings that match your appearance and skills.

#2 Fashion Magazines

In addition to sharing fashion trends and news, publications like Fashion Republic Magazine regularly share the announcements of modeling jobs with their followers. They filter out the low-paying and highly competitive jobs. Instead, they share only high-paying jobs that have low competition. This saves you time finding good modeling opportunities while earning the highest amount possible. Follow Fashion Republic Magazine on Instagram and join the modeling and fashion newsletter to find out about the modeling jobs they share.

#3 Connections Through Modeling Training

Despite the reach and speed of the digital world, word of mouth is still a very effective way of finding modeling jobs. Meeting with professionals who know the industry well can be significantly helpful for landing well-paying modeling opportunities. They can recommend you to the casting directors and fashion designers as new projects start hiring models.

A quick and easy way to make connections in the fashion industry is to take a modeling course. While going through the modeling course, you can connect with instructors who are happy to guide you through the competitive modeling world and help you find jobs.

It’s nerve-breaking and time-consuming to attend an in-person modeling class. In addition, there are no good classes in many cities especially in the small towns. However, a 100% online modeling course such as the Modeling Master Course can offer you comprehensive training covering all aspects of modeling. You can go through it from your home and on your own schedule. Throughout the course, you have a chance to connect with different instructors. It also comes with a private coaching session where you can ask all of your modeling-related questions and get personalized help, especially about finding jobs.

In addition to using the ways above for finding modeling jobs, I recommend regularly listening to a fashion and modeling podcast like High Feels to stay informed and connected in the industry. The fashion and modeling world is continuously evolving. Staying tuned not only helps you navigate the ever-changing industry but also opens new doors to your modeling career with the inspiration and motivation you enjoy being connected.


Blogger and fashion enthusiast for 20 years. Experienced runway and commercial model located in Los Angeles. I love creating helpful content and sharing with the world. Reach me out for any questions or feedback.

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