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Maison Close

Maison Close: Daring High-end Lingerie Brand

Maison Close is a relatively young company that has quickly made its mark by reinventing old favorites and paying tribute to classics. Their selection of hosiery is tailored towards empowering its wearers.

This captivating and innovative series depicts its setting – women of an upscale Parisian bordello in 1871 – without resorting to saccharinity or sentimentality, yet does carry an undeniably political message that’s hard to miss.

Romantic Dinner Dates

Maison Close in Soho offers an intimate setting perfect for romantic dinner dates, get-togethers with friends, or birthday celebrations. Serving authentic French fare with quality beverages in an enjoyable celebration atmosphere that welcomes both locals and travelers.

The menu at Sole Meuniere and Coq Au Vin offers French classics with a modern flair, using seasonal ingredients from New York City. Dishes such as Escargot and Ahi Tuna Tartare stand out on this menu alongside Sole Meuniere and classic Coq Au Vin dishes.

Geoffrey Lechantoux hails from France and trained at some of France’s premier restaurants before opening this restaurant. His style is elegant yet approachable – plates of food are presented to create visual drama on the table while his dishes remain accessible so everyone can appreciate their flavorful goodness.

Dinner here is always lively, drawing an eclectic crowd of affluent 20- and 30-somethings with something special to commemorate. The decor features Moulin Rouge-style banquettes fabricated in vivid coral and light blue hues with gold and brass hardware – as if that weren’t enough to impress diners!

A large terrace offers stunning waterside views. At Maison Close’s bar, champagne-based cocktails and punches with their trademark flair are served up – along with exceptional service from their servers wearing red bellhop costumes and bartenders behind the bar.

Maison Close offers an unforgettable weekend brunch experience. On warm weather days, guests can dine outdoors in its charming courtyard decorated with classic blue and white bistro chairs for an enjoyable dining experience.

Once evening arrives, the scene transforms into a festive carnival: servers dressed as red bellhops dance around tables while providing guests with everything from magic tricks to burlesque. Residents from surrounding neighborhoods eagerly join this fun party; many come for birthday celebrations alone or as groups; many choose this location for celebrations with as large as 80 guests!

French-inspired Hotspot

Maison Close, a chic French-inspired hotspot that recently debuted in Soho, will expand to Montauk for Memorial Day weekend and offer “French cuisine, elevated beverages, and an enjoyable celebratory atmosphere,” as the brand describes.

It will also mark the debut of Montauk’s premier rooftop bar, offering guests unparalleled panoramic views. Enjoy relaxing beachfront vibes or head inside for a more intimate experience in our main dining room.

Rooftop bars aren’t the only additions to this space – the kitchen now provides full-service brunch as well, featuring dishes like smoked salmon benedict, chicken and waffles, and French onion soup – in addition to seasonal items.

Chef Geoffrey Lechantoux brings years of experience from Michelin-star restaurants like Louis XV (Monaco), Trianon Palace (Versailles), Plaza Athenee (Paris), and Benoit (New York) to lead our kitchen. Lechantoux takes an approachable and honest approach to his culinary techniques which is evident on our menu.

Though new, this restaurant has quickly gained an audience. Celebrity sightings have been reported, with an Instagram post showing them hosting a birthday party for jeweler Jennifer Fisher; Savannah Guthrie and Jason Biggs attended to celebrate.

Maison Close takes us back to the early 2000s when everyone was throwing parties in the Meatpacking District and dancing on tables at Bungalow 8, Le Bilboquet, and other classic clubs. It is an inviting Belle Epoque-inspired space where customers and staff don’t take themselves too seriously; their lively crowd is stylish while friendly service provides excellent support – an ideal place for date nights or celebrating special occasions with friends!

French Chefs

French chefs take pride in pairing their cuisine with an atmosphere that enhances its appeal, which Soho restaurants can learn a thing or two from. A new spot in Soho demonstrates this beautifully with an interior designed to be both sophisticated and inviting.

Maison Close takes its name from a classic French lingerie brand of the same name. Offering subtle “good girl” options to fantasy “let’s play” pieces, its collection aims to empower women. Drawing upon La Belle Epoque and haute couture for inspiration, it’s lace-trimmed bras and artfully-crafted briefs are both seductive yet practical.

DMDesign created an exquisite restaurant space by using warm and dark colors with velvety red banquettes and gold hardware, giving the space an intimate feeling reminiscent of a French theater.

Chef Lechantoux’s menu pays homage to traditional French cuisine, featuring staples such as escargot and sole meuniere as well as more experimental offerings such as smoked salmon tartare and foie gras au torchon.

Designed in partnership with DMDesign, the space’s thoughtful design honors France’s unique dining culture while encouraging guests to connect over shared food experiences.

Maison Close’s first season is a true standout. While its creators may have borrowed heavily from the now-classic HBO formula of serialized drama (and bear some thematic and structural resemblances with Deadwood or early episodes of “The Sopranos”), they managed to add special details about its world as well as an air of fun that elevates this show above its more melancholic competition.

This show is best enjoyed with a large group of friends – it’s an alcohol-fuelled cabaret party that will have you laughing all the way through, creating an unforgettable experience. However, children may find the atmosphere too loud and playful; food may also become messy quickly!

Parisian Style

Maison Close provides a dining experience that embodies France’s distinct and celebrated culture and is an exceptional vibe restaurant dedicated to bringing Parisian style and sophistication to New York City. Offering traditional French fare with elevated beverages in a celebratory environment, Maison Close adds another exciting option for French food in New York – classics such as escargot and sole meuniere are featured among their menu options.

Maison Close pays a nod to Belle Epoque design with vibrant royal blue and warm dark orange hues that harken back to an earlier era, as well as brass and gold hardware creating an exquisite and luxurious environment.

At the center of each restaurant lies a large brasserie-style bar, featuring a bartender in a red bellhop costume serving drinks to patrons, creating an environment similar to that of a party; staff may entertain patrons with magic tricks and burlesque performances while guests sip cocktails or wine from their main menu while watching these shows or enjoying meals from both.

Maison Close stands apart from other brothels by not shying away from sexual content and depictions of its women at work, yet without degenerating into salaciousness or sentimentality. Instead, its characters are seen as multidimensional individuals worthy of exploration while its central plotline (a young woman discovering her mother worked at Paradise Brothel) plays more like an emotional family drama than an action thriller.

Vera (Anne Charrier), is the central figure of this show and serves as its narrator. Her presence serves as both microcosm and mirrors to all the women living within the house who feel burdened by debt to Madam; Vera also bears personal baggage that complicates her working life.

Maison Close provides an engaging and thought-provoking introduction to 1871 French prostitution, an experience rarely captured on film or TV before. Maison Close manages to combine sensuality, erotica, and fetishism with thoughtfulness without ever becoming condescending or exploitative. Characters are well developed and believable while its writing provides depth and complexity surpassing other adult television dramas such as Breaking Bad or Sopranos.



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