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How to Get a Model Face

We have prepared a list of 5 items for you right about the model face. Model faces are specific facial structures used for product placement and promotional modeling of cosmetic products such as makeup. They are most frequently found used with beauty brands.

Agencies often seek models with symmetrical features and captivating eyes.

Implementing simple lifestyle measures such as avoiding sun damage, drinking enough water, and applying moisturizer can help maintain beautiful skin.

1. Keep Your Skin Healthy

Skin is one of the cornerstones of successful modeling. While much of it can be achieved via photoshop, models also follow a routine to maintain healthy and clear skin; using exfoliators, moisturizing, and wearing sunscreen daily.

Drinking plenty of water and eating healthily are crucial elements to maintaining model-worthy skin. Vitamin C helps brighten complexions and even out skin tones; try including foods like strawberries, papaya, pineapple, kale, or red or green peppers into your diet or take a supplement with daily requirements for this vitamin in your daily regimen.

Reduce stress as this is one of the primary factors contributing to breakouts and other skin conditions, and make a point to regularly use face masks at home as they can provide nutrients while cleansing and clarifying the skin. Choose a clay-based mask if your skin type is oily while for dry skin use an intense moisturizer mask for maximum glowy and glowing cheekbones!

2. Extend Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most integral elements of becoming a model and are considered an integral component of this goal. While individual eyebrows will vary in shape depending on facial features, some general guidelines should be observed: firstly, eyebrows should be slightly longer than their natural length with an arched peak at least as high as the outer corner of the eye and not higher than the bridge of the nose; finally, the tail of eyebrow should taper off slightly from head.

Modeling agencies love it when models have thick eyebrows that draw the eye’s gaze directly towards their captivating eyes – something the eyebrows also help achieve by making women appear more symmetrical.

Professional eyebrow grooming can be especially useful if you want a model face since extreme close-ups of the face are taken during shoots. Professionally-shaped eyebrows make your eyes the focal point of any picture, making you appear even more beautiful. For round faces, try opting for flatter eyebrows with extended tails instead, which will elongate and draw out their beauty more effectively.

3. Sculpt Your Cheekbones

Sculpting your cheekbones can be an easy and quick way to achieve that model face you’ve always desired – best of all, no need for professional makeup artist services or lots of products!

TikTok users have recently discovered an exciting contour hack, popularly dubbed the Bella Hadid/Hailey Bieber contour hack, that involves contouring under your cheekbones rather than directly onto them for a more prominent and chiseled appearance. This technique involves contouring to give cheekbones more prominence while creating more of a defined profile.

To determine whether you possess model-worthy cheekbones, look in the mirror while completely makeup-free and examine them in the mirror. Place two fingers at either corner of your mouth and move them toward each other to detect whether there’s an impression created by the curvature of your cheekbones – if there is, that indicates prominent cheekbones!

Bronzer and blush can help highlight your cheekbones for a more chiseled appearance or create an effortless contour routine by applying contour lines to your forehead, jawline, and chin and using matte bronzer for shading purposes and highlighter to accent cheekbones. For added convenience try one of the many contour and highlighter palettes that come equipped with brushes for an easier morning routine.

4. Don’t Overdo It With Makeup

Makeup photography requires your model to sweat throughout, which might not be noticeable in person but can look unflattering on camera. A little translucent powder may help alleviate this issue and create a natural look that suits their skin tone. When applying foundation or concealer, be careful not to overdo it, as too much makeup could make their pores stand out or hide any freckles or birthmarks that appear prominent when close-up shots are taken of their face.

Try shooting in natural lighting instead of artificial, which will highlight your model’s cheekbones and nose tip while amplifying her lipstick shade.

5. Keep Your Eyes Open

Most women tend to keep their eyes wide open in photos, which doesn’t look flattering and may make you appear like a deer caught in the headlights. To create a model face it is important to keep eyes slightly closed or slightly squinted as this looks more natural and creates a sense of confidence and power – it may even help avoid raising your eyebrows which may look unflattering when photographed – plus slightly closing your eyes can give your appearance more youth and power!


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