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How to Deal with Challenges Teen Models Face

Teen models are an invaluable asset in advertising campaigns, commercials and print publications – not to mention fashion shows!

Many aspire to become teen models, but it’s important to keep in mind that modeling can be tough work.

Teen models usually work alongside their schooling and will need time off from classes and auditions to attend jobs and auditions, necessitating support from their parents/guardians and tutors.

Looks aren’t everything

Assuming you can pose naturally in front of a camera is only half of what goes into being a model; there’s much more that goes into becoming one than meets the eye. First off, remember that looks aren’t everything when it comes to modeling; even the most stunning models must go through extensive preparation in order to land work that may not reflect what they look like on camera.

If you’re interested in modeling, be sure to research local talent agencies in order to determine whether or not they represent teenagers. Before approaching a talent agency with your portfolio, start working on it on your own so as to familiarize yourself with the industry and build confidence before meeting with professionals about representation.

Teen models work to promote clothing or accessories through photo shoots, advertising campaigns, fashion shows and other events. Traveling may be required; either domestically or internationally for work. Many teen models are represented by an agency, while auditioning may still be necessary before each job or show is accepted.

Successful teenage models need to be able to work well with others, take direction well and be adaptable when necessary. They should also be willing to put in hard work and face rejection – which often comes their way! Many teen models choose part-time modeling careers alongside their studies – this ensures a good relationship with both teachers and schools alike.

Teen models require the support of their family in order to thrive as models. Parents or guardians will need to transport them between auditions and jobs; having this support will make the model feel at home in the industry, which is key for success. Furthermore, it’s vital that they remain in school as dropping out can have serious repercussions for their modelling career.

It’s a career

Becoming a model as a teenager is certainly an option; models can be seen everywhere from designer fashion shows to editorial photo shoots. Although modeling may appear glamorous, the industry can also be hard work; therefore it’s crucial for those considering entering the profession to understand exactly what’s involved before making their decision.

Beginning a modeling career is not without challenges for teens; casting calls or photo shoots may take place at unpredictable times and locations, sometimes necessitating missing school and/or social events. A strong support network – including parents/legal guardians as they will need to accompany certain jobs/auditions – is absolutely essential when embarking on this path.

Teen models looking for work should join an agency. Agencies typically charge no upfront fees and instead take a percentage of any earnings they generate when finding them work. To maximize success, teen models should look for one specializing in representing young models or new talent.

Teen models must present an extensive portfolio to demonstrate their talent. This should include headshots, full body shots, glamour or beauty shots as well as more natural or candid photographs – the more varied your portfolio, the higher the likelihood of it being noticed by casting directors.

A great teen model should be confident but not arrogant, taking direction from photographers and clients with ease while acting in a professional manner at all times. Furthermore, they will recognize any suspicious agencies or photographers and devise a plan of action should any arise that need to be followed up on immediately.

Teen models must also remain diligent with their studies in order to stay ahead of the game, avoid falling behind at school, and still attend jobs and auditions during free time. A strong online presence will also make them stand out amongst competitors while making casting directors’ job easier when searching for models.

It’s hard work

Modeling may not be for everyone and can be both physically and psychologically exhausting, as well as risky. Teen models should seek guidance and support from industry professionals, friends and family when embarking on this path, including following all safety regulations when using social media.

Teen models must work to build their portfolio or prepare for a shoot, making sure that they have everything necessary for success. This may involve working with professional photographers and attending modeling classes; while remaining positive and not taking rejection personally.

Commercial Models – High street and catalog brands hire teenage models as part of their advertisement campaigns, typically size 12 or above and with relaxed poses to give an accessible appearance. Fitness Models – Sports and fitness labels hire muscular female and male models to promote athletic wear for sports teams and events, this market being highly competitive as it requires toning abs, bulging biceps, strong thighs as well as toning abs to be present among other criteria. Body Part Models – Some teenage models specialize in specific parts like hands or feet which can make this field highly lucrative compared with commercial Models.

Glamour Models – Glamour modeling requires models to pose in seductive positions while nude or wearing lingerie for photo shoots and editorial pieces, making this field highly competitive and only undertaken by those with an intense passion for this genre.


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