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Sora Choi

Sora Choi – Modeling Career and Personal Life

Sora Choi is an internationally acclaimed model who has captured the hearts of fashion runway fans around the globe. Born in Bucheon, South Korea, and educated at Dongduk Women’s University.

At first, she made her mark in modeling after attending a meeting at YGKPlus Model Agency with a friend, only to end up signed by them herself! Since then, she has participated in over 90 shows and multiple editorial features – an accomplishment for which she received multiple accolades from industry veterans and critics alike.

Sora Choi’s Modeling Career

Sora Choi, born September 5, 1992, in Bucheon, South Korea is an international fashion model who has worked for top designers including Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Chanel. Additionally, she is an eminent Instagram influencer with over 200k followers on the platform. Sora’s modeling career took off after winning Korea’s Next Top Model third cycle; after moving to New York she continued working continuously.

So far, she has modeled for more than 80 global brands and made appearances on several magazine covers such as Vogue Italia and Harper’s Bazaar. Known for her natural beauty and sexy physique, she is recognized for modeling in several magazines including Vogue Italia and Harper’s Bazaar. Additionally to modeling, she is an ardent yogi and meditation practitioner; additionally, she enjoys traveling extensively while nurturing her love of anime and video gaming.

Sora Choi made her fashion week debut during Louis Vuitton’s cruise show during Paris Fashion Week 2014. Since then she has modeled for top fashion houses such as Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, and Miu Miu; featured in over 50 runway shows in New York London Milan; also advertising campaigns by Versace Alexander Wang Calvin Klein among many more.

Sora Choi loves spending her free time with her family. Occasionally she takes breaks in her modeling schedule to return home to South Korea to visit friends and relatives. She currently resides with Kove Lee (photographer), whom she met while at college in Oregon, before they married in Bali in August 2019.

Sora Choi recognizes that talent and physical condition alone cannot lead to success; she credits hard work as the cornerstone of her success. Sora cites staying fit as being her top challenge, eating less during fashion weeks and sometimes skipping meals altogether as essential to maintaining her physique and maintaining health.

Sora Choi has managed to maintain her healthy lifestyle despite her demanding schedule by eating plenty of vegetables and protein, eliminating processed food and added sugar from her diet, running regularly, and attending yoga classes regularly.

Personal Life of Sora Choi

Choi was born and raised in Bucheon, South Korea before starting modeling after being persuaded by a friend to attend a casting call in her senior year of high school. Since then she has made international runway appearances and print work appearances for brands like Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana; her cover appearances for Vogue Korea and Numero China Magazines have earned her international renown.

Outside her professional life in fashion, she leads an ordinary personal life at home in South Korea with passions like anime and video gaming while she met Korean photographer Kove Lee as her spouse in 2019 when their fashion calendar schedule allows. Model Sora Choi has established herself as an industry icon and generous philanthropist.

Korea’s Next Top Model Competition

Sora Choi is an international model who has made her mark in the modeling industry. Her long legs, fair skin, and signature short hair have captivated young women everywhere. Additionally, to modeling Sora teaches yoga and dance as well as having an impeccable sense of style which she exudes when walking down a runway.

Sora Choi first found success when she won Korea’s Next Top Model competition in 2012. Since then, she has walked for numerous fashion brands and appeared in multiple publications. She now resides both in New York City and Seoul while continuing her modeling career.

She possesses an exquisite sense of style, keeping abreast of the latest fashion trends and adapting to them to ensure her continued success.

Sora Choi is an enthusiastic traveler and enjoys discovering different cultures. Additionally, she cherishes spending time with family and friends.

Sora Choi’s Relationship

Her personal life remains somewhat mysterious as she hasn’t shared many details publicly about it. However, it is believed she may be in a relationship with Korean photographer Kove Lee, whom she met while on tour. Additionally, she possesses excellent taste when it comes to fashion – often wearing black outfits.

Sora’s wedding in Bali was black-themed. She walked down the aisle wearing an open-shoulder black dress adorned with see-through laces and boots; similarly, both she and her husband appeared wearing all-black attire.

Sora Choi has worked with some major fashion figures, such as Christopher Raeburn and Zoe Jordan. Additionally, she was part of the Vogue Japan shoot with Fernanda Ly and Shu Pei Qin as well as modeling with Chase Mattson and Emily Ratajkowski.

Sora Choi’s life path number 8 indicates she is an effective leader. Her intuitive thinking allows her to take risks when necessary and has helped her succeed in the modeling industry. Now her focus lies on expanding her reach through new platforms and ventures.

Sora Choi‘s Diet

Sora Choi was born in Bucheon, South Korea, and graduated from Dongduk Women’s University. She leaped modeling when accompanying a friend to an agency in Seoul; there she was signed instantly! Now Sora’s modeling career boasts both glamour and glitz!

Choi’s diet has generated much controversy due to her passion for fashion and her apparent starvation to maintain her slim physique. Fans have taken notice and have been following her Instagram account to learn what she eats every day to maintain such an aesthetic physique.

Choi’s favorite food is kimchi, the traditional Korean pickled vegetable dish. She also enjoys other Asian cuisine such as bulgogi (grilled beef), japchae(sweet potato noodles), and steamed vegetables. In addition to eating nutritious meals such as these, Choi makes an effort to avoid processed and sugary products which has made her an inspirational model among young girls and women.

She boasts an attractive slim figure and can confidently walk the runway, having modeled for some of the most renowned designers worldwide. Additionally, she has made numerous fashion magazines’ covers including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Sora Choi exudes beauty with her attractive smile and sensuous body that is sure to catch anyone’s eye. As an inspiration to many aspiring models, Sora’s model presence serves as an excellent role model and role model. Her good sense of humor keeps everyone smiling while always being willing to lend assistance when needed.

Sora Choi has appeared in various films and music videos. She currently resides in New York City with her husband and son Jae-hun; recently posting a family photo to Instagram that received rave reviews from followers.


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