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Top 7 Famous Asian Women Models

Asian women models are trailblazers in the fashion world, challenging norms and redefining beauty standards. Their captivating presence and unique features bring a fresh perspective to the industry, inspiring and empowering women worldwide. With their grace, elegance, and remarkable talent, Asian women models continue to make a lasting impact on runways, campaigns, and the collective imagination of fashion enthusiasts.

Asian Women Models Revolutionizing Fashion

Fashion may be dominated by top models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, but Asian women models are making waves too. From magazine covers to editorials showcasing couture fashion pieces, these models are making waves in the fashion world. Asian women models are at the forefront of fashion, captivating audiences worldwide with their stunning beauty and unique style.

Ming Xi (known also as Xi Mengyao), discovered at a talent show, made her first major impactful modeling debut when she appeared in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009. Additionally, this leggy model has secured ads from major brands as well as landing cover placement in Vogue Paris magazine.

Sui He

Sui He, stands out among Asian models as one of the finest. Hailing from Wenzhou, China, she has graced multiple Victoria’s Secret fashion shows since 2009. While she has received wide acclaim on the runway, unlike some VS models like Karlie Kloss or Lily Aldridge.

She first made waves by entering an Asian modeling competition and, though she didn’t win, stood out with her gorgeous features and unique style. Since then she has worked with several high-profile brands while being known for her iconic pink locks and sharp features that make her an absolute beauty to look at.

She made history when she became the first East Asian model to grace Vogue Paris’ cover, making a stunning appearance with formal wear as well as street style fashion looks. Additionally, she became the face of Maybelline cosmetics and quickly gained an expanding social media following.

Shanina Shaik

Shanina Shaik is an ambitious supermodel who is currently expecting her first child and recently launched her makeup line with Beaubble, an incubator program that supports influencer- and model-founded beauty products.

The Australian model of Lithuanian, Pakistani, and Saudi Arabian descent made her pregnancy announcement to her 2.8 million Instagram followers via an Instagram post. Additionally, she spoke out about her new venture to PEOPLE, detailing how her brand seeks to disrupt “the status quo”.

While she remains a Victoria’s Secret Angel, she does not wish to be put on any pedestal. Instead, she wishes to help other women by spreading a healthy message. According to her: “It is unfortunate that our culture puts so much pressure on women postpartum to bounce back immediately after giving birth; instead it is important that you allow your body time and space to recover after giving birth.”

Chic Model Management in New York City represents this model who started her modeling career when she was eight, modeling for Myer at first but taking a break at fifteen to complete an accelerated high school program. Two years later she returned to modeling after competing on Make Me a Supermodel reality TV show as a contestant – finishing as second runner-up.

Ming Xi

Ming Xi, more popularly known by her stage name Ming Xi, is one of the top Asian models who is revolutionizing the fashion industry. She first came into global focus after appearing in a Chinese reality show called “Let’s Go! Oriental Angels” in 2009. Since then she has modeled for brands including Givenchy and Diane von Furstenberg; US Vogue, Dazed and Confused magazine as well as i-D magazine have all featured her.

Ming Xi has made her mark in both modeling and acting. Recently she was selected to appear in Keira Knightley and Rachel McAdams’ film, The Other Woman.

Ming Xi stands out from her fellow models by being both an accomplished musician and model, having released several songs of her own. She boasts over 1 Million Instagram followers and is considered one of the most sought-after Asian models worldwide, having walked for high-profile designers such as Alexander Wang and Shine By Three as well as being featured as their face. Ming’s beauty and talent have allowed her to break many barriers within the fashion industry.

Liu Wen

Liu Wen is the first East Asian model to walk the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and appear on an American Vogue cover, while also making Forbes’ top-earning models list. She currently serves as Estee Lauder’s face and has appeared in fashion campaigns from brands like MAC Cosmetics, Tom Ford, and Anna Sui.

Backstage at the Michael Kors fashion show, an air of tranquillity can be felt within the make-up area. A woman known as “China’s first supermodel” sits comfortably listening to her iPod while being given a foundation for flawless skin by a make-up artist.

Wen, from Yongzhou in China’s southern Hunan province, was introduced to modeling by her mother who encouraged her to enter a competition designed to help improve her posture. Wen won the contest and hasn’t looked back since. Now 23-year-old Wen is known for being a style icon who looks incredible no matter what she wears; she even became a popular social media influencer! Getting where she is hasn’t come easily though; her success took hard work. Regardless, Wen isn’t alone among Asian models making an impactful mark in the fashion industry; other Asian models must also receive due recognition.

Sun Xun

As Asian models are becoming an increasing force on fashion runways around the world, once solely dominated by tall white models, Asian women are making waves in fashion. Working with some of the most acclaimed brands and making an impressive statement with their beauty and talent.

Sheena Liam first rose to fame through Asia’s Next Top Model competition, where she rose rapidly as one of its winners. Since then she has modeled for many top fashion brands under Storm Management in the US, The Society in Australia, and Donna Models Japan – eventually signing contracts with each agency as well.

Xiao Wen Ju has been in the modeling business for quite some time and is widely recognized for her versatility in working for some of the biggest designers including Marc Jacobs and Prada. Additionally, she’s graced several Vogue China covers and has been recognized as a versatile talent.

Margaret Zhang is a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts, being both a Victoria’s Secret Angel and has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram. Additionally, she’s signed to numerous modeling agencies and boasts a flourishing YouTube channel.

Pei Pei

Du Juan is an accomplished Chinese model who boasts an extensive resume that includes walking for top designers such as Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg and appearing on multiple Vogue covers including record-setting editions of Vogue China. Her Instagram feed is full of beautiful photographs featuring both herself and her daughter.

Guo Pei is one of the nation’s premier fashion designers. Currently working on a film about her journey from Beijing Second Light Industry School to becoming the first Chinese couturier accepted into Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and is under production. Her designs combine couture and traditional embroidery – her most notable creation being the Yellow Empress cape which took an astounding one year and included over 50,000 hours of handwork embroidery!

Pei was trained under European emigres like Gropius and Frank Lloyd Wright, yet her architecture reflected Chinese traditions. She managed to balance geometric forms with natural elements – evident in projects like Miho Museum in Shiga, Japan where rocks collected locally were used in its design.

Ayako Okamoto

Ayako Okamoto became one of the most accomplished Japanese players ever both within her native country and internationally, as one of 17 LPGA winners on her first LPGA Tour season, winning 62 tournaments overall and six major championships runner-up positions; she also achieved eight titles domestically before twice becoming money winner of her respective LPGA of Japan tournaments.

Okamoto suffered her only loss at a major championship at the 1986 du Maurier Classic, when she fell short to Pat Bradley after they tied for 72 holes and required a sudden-death playoff. Additionally, she finished second at both 1987 U.S. Women’s Opens where Laura Davies and JoAnne Carner came back for 18-hole playoff wins against her.

Okamoto currently works as a television commentator on golf coverage in the United States for Fox Sports since 2007. She resides in Sarasota, Florida with her two children Shiro and Yuko; their father Ryuji Nagasawa played professional golf before they married. Okamoto enjoys hiking, swimming, and skiing in her free time while reading books ranging from biographies to romance novels – in her leisure time, she can often be found cycling or running marathons!


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