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Reign Judge

Reign Judge: Model, Entrepreneur, Influencer

Reign Judge is an American fashion model, Instagram star, media face, entrepreneur, and social media influencer who endorses brands such as Lacoste cardigans and collared shirts. Reign has modeled for several fashion agencies and companies and is represented by IMG Models.

From her iconic scarves-wrapped selfies to Chanel-clad red carpet appearances, she exudes an effortlessly chic style that never goes out of fashion.

Reign Judge’s Biography

Reign Judge is a fashion model who shares visually appealing lifestyle, swimwear, and travel photos on her Instagram account. Reign Judge hails from New York and works with IMG Models; she promotes brands such as Lacoste cardigans and collared shirts while being close with American rapper Tyler the Creator.

Reign is an extremely talented and hardworking model who dedicates herself to her craft. Born into a prosperous household and practicing Christianity as her religion, Reign celebrates her birthday each year on October 2 with family and friends.

Young beauty has gained an enormous following on social media thanks to her flawless makeup, seductive looks, and natural vibe. She enjoys Wes Anderson films and frequently shares photographs from her travels around Europe with fans; many admire her elegant sense of style and class.

She stands 5’11”, weighs around 58 kg, has an attractive body shape, wears clothes from multiple designers, and earns good money through paid promotions and modeling agencies.

Reign Judge and Tyler the Creator, also known by his full name of Tyler Gregory Okonma, have been seen together at events and on the streets, such as the LACMA art and film gala.

Reign has posted an Instagram photo of Paris’ Eiffel Tower. She and her current romantic interest have been dating since 2021, yet remain very contented together and share an unbreakable bond. Reign has long supported his music by attending many of his concerts herself.

Reign Judge’s Social Media

Reign Judge, based in New York City, has worked for numerous fashion brands and agencies. She has also been featured in magazines, has over 200k  Instagram followers on her social media page, and is an entrepreneur business selling accessories – in addition to being in a relationship with rapper Tyler the Creator for an extended period.

Reign’s fashion choices reflect her timeless and versatile sense of fashion, evident by her fashion choices. She often mixes sleek silhouettes with feminine floral prints and delicate, flowing fabrics for her outfits. Reign has taken to posting stylish scarf-wrapped selfies, photos in her slinky-dressed outfits at Chanel-sponsored parties and candlelit dinners as well as pairing her looks with pearl earrings and Channel pins on Instagram.

New York-born model Alexa Chung can often be seen sporting high-fashion clothing from brands like Ralph Lauren, Batsheva, and Gucci. Additionally, she has taken part in fashion campaigns for companies like GOLF LE FLEUR* and Miu Miu. Additionally, she is well known for promoting various products on her social media accounts.

Born October 2nd, 2001, and following Christianity as her religion. She boasts an aesthetically pleasing physique measuring 5 feet 9 inches with blue color eyes and blonde-hued locks.

Reign has been dating Tyler the Creator, an American rapper and record producer, for more than one year now. Their first public appearance together came at LACMA’s red carpet gala in December 2021; since then, the pair have become close and often post pictures of each other online.

Reign Judge’s Net Worth

Reign Judge hails from New York City and practices Christianity. She attended a prestigious university to complete her higher studies, before becoming an accomplished model who has modeled for Batsheva, Gucci, and Nike among many other brands. Reign started modeling at an early age and now makes a fortune from it.

Reign Judge has an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million as of 2019. She makes her living through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook where she showcases pictures of her toned body to her followers. Thanks to hard work and ingenuity, Reign has garnered an international following that is constantly growing.

Beauty queen Ashley Marie is also an avid traveler and has visited various countries throughout her life, such as Morocco, Australia, and Europe. Additionally, she enjoys spending time with family members and friends alike and she frequently posts images of animals on her Instagram account.

Reign Judge’s Modeling Career

Reign Judge is an accomplished fashion model who has collaborated with several acclaimed modeling agencies and clothing brands. She enjoys an enormous following on Instagram as well as other social media platforms like Twitter. Reign’s professional modeling business pays well.

Reign boasts attractive body measurements and has a warm disposition; her blonde locks match up nicely with blue eyes for an alluring appearance.

She began modeling at an early age, working with many fashion companies and agencies including Miu Miu, Gucci, Batsheva, and GOLF LE FLEUR* brands. According to her Instagram profile IMG Models manage her; she regularly promotes various brands through her social media accounts.

Reign has reportedly been linked to Tyler the Creator according to sources and can often be seen together at public and red-carpet events.

She posts visually appealing lifestyle, swimwear, and travel photos on her account; in particular, an animal enthusiast who owns Samosha the dog! Reign’s favorite animal is the deer; additionally, she likes sharing images of luxury bags and products available through Instagram.

Reign Judge’s Education

She has collaborated with multiple modeling agencies and brands; IMG Models represents her. Reign has also established herself as an influencer through social media endorsement of products like Chanel bags, Lacoste cardigans, and collared shirts from IMG on her social accounts.

Fashion models are highly talented individuals with natural skills in their craft. She boasts an attractive physical appearance with stunning blue eyes, stunning teeth, and an attractive smile that would turn anyone on! Additionally, they possess great personalities with good senses of humor – and all this just to become models!

Reign has amassed significant earnings through her professional modeling career and endorsements as of 2022. She completed her higher education at an acclaimed institution and enjoys living life to its fullest extent with Christian values at heart.

Reign’s family life remains highly private; not much information exists on either her parents or siblings; however, it is known that she and Tyler the Creator share an extremely close bond.

Reign and Tyler have become one of the world’s most fashionable couples, frequently seen together at events and red-carpet appearances.


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