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Natalia Diamante Bryant

Natalia Diamante Bryant: Model and Volleyball Player

Natalia Diamante Bryant is the daughter of basketball icon Kobe Bryant and enjoys an extensive following online and as a model.

She enjoys volleyball and her highlight videos have captured many. Additionally, she made headlines after filing a restraining order against an individual accused of possessing firearms.

Natalia Diamante Bryant’s Biography

Natalia Diamante Bryant is an American model who gained worldwide notoriety due to being Kobe Bryant’s daughter and is currently 19 years old with Capricorn as her zodiac sign. Born in Los Angeles, California United States, and having both black ancestry and Mexican-ancestry parents;

Sage Hill High School student Kailey McCauley first gained attention for her volleyball skills on Sage Hill High’s volleyball team as an average hitter, thanks to highlight videos posted online and featured by The Washington Post. Since then she has also been playing club volleyball at Mamba Sports A and performing well throughout her career.

Teen actress Rebecca Foster is very popular on social media and boasts a significant fanbase. Although her fans may want to know about her romantic affairs, she remains mum about it for now as she concentrates on building her modeling career.

Natalia comes from a basketball family with a rich tradition; however, she never took to playing it herself. Instead, volleyball gave her greater enjoyment. Natalia has an outgoing and friendly personality which made her highly popular with her friends.

She currently models with the IMG Models agency and has appeared on various magazine covers. An aspiring teenage actress, she possesses great potential with a bright future ahead of her. Additionally, she excels academically having been accepted to college. Her ultimate dream is to become a movie director one day; with such positive thinking behind her efforts, it seems inevitable that all her goals will be reached!

Natalia Diamante Bryant’s Modeling Career

Natalia is an ambitious young lady pursuing a dream of making it big in the modeling industry. She recently signed with IMG Models and is actively working to establish herself within this field of modeling. Additionally, she has established herself through social media influencer platforms and TV appearances.

Natalia inherited a significant net worth from her late father, a professional basketball player and businessman worth an estimated net worth of around $600 Million at his death. Growing up surrounded by sports, Natalia always showed interest in filmmaking as well. Therefore she plans on earning her degree in filmmaking to expand on this passion of hers.

Natalia experienced great grief following the deaths of both her father and younger sister Gianna in a helicopter crash. Following this experience, she decided to focus more on other interests rather than volleyball.

Natalia is very private about her personal life and does not share much information regarding her relationships with anyone, however, rumors swirling suggest she might be dating an attractive professional golfer who has been seen together at public events – though this rumor was later disproved as false. Initially, there had been some speculations that Natalia might be dating someone married, however, that is untrue.

Natalia Diamante Bryant’s Education

Natalia Diamante Bryant stands 5 feet 10 inches. She boasts an amazing figure and has amassed over two million followers on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok; in addition, her modeling career is flourishing rapidly. Natalia Diamante Bryant is also the daughter of Kobe Bryant a retired Los Angeles Lakers basketball player.

Natalia attended Sage Hill High School and participated in its girl’s volleyball team as a middle hitter, her highlight videos becoming highly-viewed, even appearing in The Washington Post! Natalia’s father was very encouraging of his daughter’s endeavors; often sharing highlights on his Instagram account! When Natalia graduated high school she became overjoyed that she would soon be attending the University of Southern California as an undergraduate student.

Not content to focus solely on volleyball, she also pursues modeling and acting careers. Signing with IMG Modelling Agency, she anticipates an impressive career in modeling – also hoping to pursue filmmaking studies as she wishes!

In 2019, she served as a bridesmaid in her friend’s wedding and regularly cheered on her father at several of his games. But tragedy struck in 2020, as both Gianna and her father passed away following a helicopter accident near Calabasas.

Natalia has not been dating anyone currently and is instead focused on her career. She remains very busy in her work and keeps her personal life out of the public eye, though she loves animals – including having a pet dog named Bobby! Additionally, she is known to enjoy fashionista activities like travel. With an estimated net worth estimated between $1-2 Million.

Natalia Diamante Bryant’s Social Media

Natalia Diamante Bryant is an American model and volleyball player, the daughter of late NBA star Kobe Bryant (deceased). Currently, she attends the University of Southern California while also enjoying a tremendous social media presence with over 2M followers on Facebook alone!

She is an intelligent young girl who is dedicated to both studies and sports, having found the right balance between family life and career pursuits. She maintains her privacy by keeping any private affairs out of public view; in terms of appearance, she boasts brown eyes and locks for added charm.

Natalia Bryant is the oldest daughter of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant and has two younger sisters: Gianna and Bianka. Natalia excelled as a middle hitter on her high school volleyball team while her mother Vanessa served as a professional basketball coach, receiving multiple awards for her efforts.

Tragically, Gianna’s father Kobe, and sister Gianna died in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. Kobe was an NBA star for Los Angeles Lakers with many fans across the world revered his athletic ability and charismatic presence.

The accident was devastating and profoundly impacted their mental well-being; Natalia did not speak at memorial services because she could no longer deal with her trauma.

Despite her loss, she remains focused on both her studies and volleyball career goals. She was recently featured in The Washington Post for her highlight videos; currently playing club volleyball for Mamba Ballers where she holds an impressive kills record in matches; overall an exceptional player who boasts a bright future ahead of them.

Personal Life of Natalia Diamante Bryant

Natalia Diamante Bryant has achieved massive fame as both a model and a volleyball player. With an immense fan following on social media, she hails from an illustrious family: Kobe (deceased professional basketballer) and Vanessa (fashion model).

A young girl began playing volleyball from an early age. Her skills quickly elevated to becoming captain of her school’s varsity team. Highlight videos posted online made her world-famous; even getting featured by Washington Post! After high school graduation, she continued playing professionally as well as modeling professionally.

She recently signed with IMG Models and is enjoying great success with her career. She can often be seen walking the red carpet in beautiful gowns, appearing in many shows such as the 2022 CFDA Awards, as well as working alongside Beyonce for the Adidas Ivy Park campaign.

Natalia has not disclosed much information regarding her personal life or relationship status; she does not appear to be married nor does she have a significant other at present. Instead, she prefers spending time with her parents and siblings, including an especially strong connection between sisters.

Teen is very close to both her father and younger sister Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant who died tragically in a helicopter crash in 2020. After this event, her life changed significantly and she decided to quit Volleyball, focusing instead on modeling – even being featured as the cover girl of Teen Vogue September issue 2021! Additionally, she expressed interest in filmmaking majoring at university if possible.


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