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LA Fashion Week (LAFW) Shows, Designers, Models, & Experience

LA Fashion Week (LAFW) Shows, Designers, Models, & Experience

If you’re a fan of all things fashion, one of the most important events you can visit is LA Fashion Week (LAFW). Unlike other fashion weeks, this event takes place twice a year, inviting designers from around the globe to display their latest ensembles. Usually, the event takes place in March and October. Next year, Los Angeles Fashion Week is scheduled to be held between March 24th and March 26th.

Since its inception in the 1970s, LAFW has been dedicated to raising the profile of fashion in the United States. This event, in particular, emphasizes the rise of Los Angeles as one of the most important cultural centers in the world. However, the late 90s is when the show really took off when a community of fashion producers represented this mega-event.

If talks about the upcoming fashion week have sparked your curiosity, you’re in luck! Read on to find out what LAFW has in store for you. We also have a guide if you are searching about how to become a model.

LAFW Designers

Formerly a small-scale fashion show, LAFW is now under new management and is poised to emerge as a beacon of elite runway productions on par with New York and its international rivals. The new LA Fashion Week program, run by N4XT Experiences, featured designer collections presented by Public School’s Maxwell Osborne, Gypsy Sport, Sami Miró x Levi’s, and other names.

N4XT (pronounced next) is founded by four fashion industry heavyweights Ciarra Padro, Imad Izemrane, Marcus Ticotin, and Keith Abell. The company acquired LAFW to elevate it to global prominence and promote unique, immersive, physical, and digital experiences across fashion, technology, sustainability, and diversity.

Here are 3 highlights from the newly revived LAFW.

Gypsy Sport

Most designers create fantasy or reality. Rio Uribe, the designer for Gypsy Sports, doesn’t bother differentiating between the two. This has become his signature style, which draws inspiration from the Chicano-American experience. The designs are then created in Uribe’s vision as a queer man.

This season, Uribe opened with “a very Chicano character” – a model with a shorn head, goatee, and face tattoos walked down the runway wearing matching oversized shorts and a jacket in Gypsy Sports logo prints. The show continued with low-slung cargo shorts and studded belts, athletic meshes, and goth platform boots. If you’re someone who loves to deck up in emo-plaid, eyeliner, and bridge piercings, then the Gypsy Sports showcase needs to be high on your radar.

Sami Miro Vintage

Sami Miro, the Sansfrico-based designer, is known to rework and redefine deadstock fabrics and discarded clothes. Her most-recent Fall collection, Sami Miro Vintage, is a joint capsule collection with Levi. Featuring six gender-fluid designs, the collection is made entirely with upcycled Levi’s jeans and truckers.

Sami brings a new dimension to sustainable fashion with circular cutouts and functional pockets. Her large concrete studio houses everything from V-cut biker jackets to leather pants and cropped sweaters. For those reminiscing about the early 2000s, Sami Miro Vintage is just the collection to get your hands on.


Maxwell Osborne’s anOnlyChild kicked off LAFW with the brand’s signature silk shirting and separates – a continuation of the New York Fashion Week experience. However, this time around, the brand catered to the West Coast audience by including reworked versions of the collection in new silhouettes and color schemes.

An emerald velvet tracksuit, a black cotton sateen, a viscose lace-tiered evening wear dress, and white lace ruched turtleneck top paired with white work pants were the highlight of the show. Much like every Osborne collection, all of the clothes on the runway were created from deadstock material highlighting the company’s importance of sustainability.

In search of something unique yet classy? anOnlyChild offers just that with glamorous silk and lace silhouettes.

LA Fashion Week Shows

Every year, LA Fashion Week is powered by multiple show producers who hold events throughout the West Coast area each March and October. Some have given it a go with great results, but three shows continue to sustain the interest needed to make LAFW a contender with other fashion weeks.

Art Hearts Fashion

Art Hearts Fashion is committed to bringing the top clothing designer brands to the Los Angeles area. Celebrating nine years in the fashion industry, the runway show producers kicked off another series of events in LAFW with a focus on inclusion, commerce, and fresh faces.

The company’s latest show in October saw several presentations featuring LatinX designers. Other big-name participants also include Nike Swim, Dr. Martens, Black Tape Project, Mister Triple X, and more. Beyond the runway, Art Hearts Fashion hosts many fireside chats, activations, and networking events for designers, buyers, influencers, and celebs. So if you “heart” fashion and want to be part of the best red carpet events, then don your fiercest looks and make yourself seen before the next fashion week.

Lumiere Runway

Based in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Lumiere Runway is a fashion show production company, event management, and e-commerce shopping site. The spectacular fashion show concept supports artists by creating an innovative approach to traditional fashion.

The Society Fashion Week

The Society Fashion Week is one of the most coveted shows around the globe. The world-renowned fashion producer is known for creating immersive events while continuously pushing the boundaries of fashion production.

The runway production is associated with top fashion designers including Elizabeth Cordelia, Mara Skye, KK Swimwear, and many more. Whether you are an attendee, exhibitor, buyer, press, media, or sponsor, The Society Fashion Trade Show benefits every single person that enters their events.

Be a Part of Los Angeles Fashion Week

The LA fashion scene is reinventing itself with the relaunching of LA Fashion Week. After a successful season last year, fashionistas everywhere have high expectations. Are you eager to catch the latest fashion designs? Read on to find out the process for general admissions and ticket sales.

If you are a runway model and want to walk at LA Fashion Week, get prepared by practicing your walk following the instructions from experienced coaches who have been training models for LA Fashion Week, New York Fashion Weeek, and Paris Fashion Week for years. This highly-rated modeling training helps models improve their skills and book modeling jobs.

General Admission and VIP Tickets for LA Fashion Week

Getting invited to LA Fashion Week is not an easy feat for the general public, but it’s not impossible either. There are more ways than one to get in on the fashion action: build your reputation in society as a celebrity, influencer, fashion editor, model, hair stylist, or MUA. However, being popular is not the only way to get a free pass. Reach out to PR designers, brands, and venues to see if you can volunteer to help out at shows.

Missed an invite but still want to attend? Buy a ticket to the most coveted fashion shows. A general admission ticket grants you access to a specific runway production show where you are free to explore mesmerizing visuals, as well as cutting-edge runway productions. To find out more information about tickets to different productions, head over to The Society, Art Hearts Fashion, and Lumiere Runway.

You can also book a front-row seat with VIP tickets. In addition, to pop-up shows and designer showcases, this ticket gives a VIP fast entry and access to the red carpet event that follows the show. Remember to reserve your tickets in advance because, whether general or VIP, these tickets sell out fast!

Swag Bag

One of the many perks of fashion week is the free swag bags given out. If you plan to attend this event, you can expect to get luxury cosmetics like face masks, beauty blenders, cleansing wipes, lip glosses, and setting sprays.

LAFW returns March 24 – March 26, with a promise to transform the industry with leading fashion designers, entertainers, and producers all under one roof for an unforgettable experience. For more information about LAFW schedule, visit the production’s official website.

Have you been dreaming of being a model at LA Fashion Week? Check out our post about how to become a model for guidance to get started.


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