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Become a Teen Model - Comprehensive Guide to Modeling for Teens

How to Become a Teen Model? Guide to Modeling for Teens

Modeling. It’s one word with a frightening number of variations. Modeling for adults. Modeling for kids. Modeling for teens. Why should you even become a model as a teen? What can you earn? What can you learn? How do you become a teen model and make some great money while learning something at the same time? It’s not as hard as you think!

If you or the person who is thinking about becoming a model is under 13 years old, please check out the children’s modeling post.

The Fashion and Modeling Industry

The fashion and modeling industry is a huge part of the economy. It generates billions of dollars every year. There are many different roles in this industry, including designers, photographers, stylists, models, and others. Fashion models are people who wear clothing items created by designers or clothing lines for advertising campaigns and editorial shoots.

The fashion industry can be broken up into two main categories: high-end luxury brands that cater to consumers with higher incomes; or mass market brands that have large audiences who purchase more affordable products.

Why Should You Become a Teen Model?

Three main reasons:

  • You can earn money. The great thing about modeling is that you’ll be paid to do what you love—and what’s better than that? You might even get to travel and spend time in places you’ve never been before!
  • You’ll gain experience from doing photo shoots and finding out how different jobs in the industry work, which will help later on when you’re applying for college or university jobs.
  • You’ll build your portfolio by taking pictures of yourself at photo shoots. This will help you to become more confident because it shows others your best side!

How to Become a Teen Model?

Talent Agencies

There are many ways to get started as a teen model, and the first place to look is in your local area. Check out different talent agencies to see if they offer any opportunities for teens. You can also begin by doing a casting or portfolio review with a photographer who specializes in working with models of all ages.


If you’re not ready for an agency yet, or aren’t sure how much interest there is in your area, consider starting by making a portfolio on your own. This will allow you to build up experience and confidence before approaching industry professionals about representing you professionally.

Social Media

Another option is posting photos on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram—these platforms have made it easier than ever for people around the world (including potential employers) to find new talent!

Getting Representation as a Teen Model

Getting representation is a crucial step to becoming a successful teen model. While it may seem daunting, finding a reputable agency and getting signed on as an exclusive can be done with the right know-how.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find an agent who specializes in younger models or new talent. You’ll likely find these agencies by doing some research online, as well as asking your photographer or other connections for recommendations.
  • Approach them directly—don’t go through someone else. If you’re going to meet with an agent, you want them focused on helping YOU get work rather than focusing on making money off of YOUR success (because they aren’t interested in YOU unless they see dollar signs). If this makes sense then send them an email letting them know why YOU’RE awesome!

What Shots Do You Need as a Teen Model?

A good modeling portfolio is full of diverse images. You should have a variety of shots that showcase different moods and expressions, as well as different outfits and looks. These shots also called model digitals. The standard shot list includes headshots, full-body shots, action shots, and glamor or beauty photos. Candid or natural-looking photos can also be important to include in your portfolio (and these are often the favorite images among casting directors).

It’s also important to show diversity in your portfolio as a teen model. Make sure there are images with your hair up and down, makeup on or off, and smiling or serious expressions—the more variation you have in your portfolio, the better!

Your Portfolio Matters!

Your portfolio matters! When you’re starting out, your portfolio is the most important thing you can have as a model. If a potential client wants to see your work, they can’t just go on Instagram and scroll through your feed—you need to have some photos that are presented in an organized way. A good portfolio will tell them about who you are as a person, what types of jobs or campaigns interest you most, and what your style is like.

Your portfolio should include at least five recent photos (some people recommend 8-10) from different angles and with different expressions/poses/clothes so potential clients get an idea of how versatile and professional you are when it comes down to modeling for them.

General Guidelines for Your Photoshoot

There are a few general guidelines for your photoshoot that will help you get the most out of the experience:

  • Be prepared. Have some idea of what you want to wear. Make sure you pick something that complements the theme and shows off your best features. Your photographer will give you tips on how to pose, but don’t be afraid to ask questions if something is unclear or confusing.
  • Be confident, not cocky. You’ll want to come across as professional but not intimidating—don’t act like a diva who thinks they’re better than everyone else just because they’re doing this modeling thing as a teen!
  • Don’t be afraid to say no if someone asks for something overly revealing or inappropriate (like being asked by an adult man). If someone tries putting their hands all over you while taking pictures or making inappropriate comments toward either himself or others (such as asking another model), let your photographer know right away so he/she can step in and prevent things from getting worse.

If you don’t have a budget for photoshoot, check out TFP meaning.

How to Build Your Online Presence as a Teen Model?

You don’t need to be a model to build your own personal brand. A strong presence can help you stand out from the crowd and make it easier for casting directors to find you when they’re looking for new talent.

Here are some tips on how to use social media, create a website and submit yourself for castings:

  • Create an Instagram account that showcases both your personal life and what you’d like to do professionally. Include photos of your latest projects, events, or achievements so people know exactly who they’re following! Make sure your profile is filled with quality images—you want casting directors checking out these pics before they even look at the rest of your feed. Use hashtags related to modeling (like #modelsearch), but also mix in some fun ones too so people remember why they follow/friended you in the first place (like #bffs).
  • Start building up followers by following other models on social media who have similar goals as yours—it’s another way of showing potential clients what kind of person works well together with someone else’s brand identity.

First Step to Building Your Future Modeling Career

Being a teen model is the first step to building your future modeling career, so make sure you approach it carefully and professionally. Being a teen model is all about attitude, confidence, being prepared, and improving your modeling skills. You must be very patient because this can take time and will require some hard work on your part. The following are some important tips for becoming a successful teen model:

  • Be professional: This means arriving at the shoot location early so that you can get yourself ready before any other models arrive (if there are others). It also means dressing appropriately for each individual shoot; always keeping cleanliness in mind; being polite when interacting with people involved with the shoot (photographer/stylist/makeup artist); having good hygiene habits such as brushing teeth before going out in public, etc.
  • Be confident: If you don’t feel confident then don’t even bother trying because everyone around will see right through it! You need to pick up poses quickly without thinking too much about what others might think about them; this will help build self-confidence over time because once those photos come out looking amazing then no one cares how long it took for them to get their pose down pat. Also, remember not everything goes according to plan during photo shoots so just relax if things aren’t going according to plan! Don’t stress over little things like this — just enjoy yourself.
  • Be patient: There may be times when there isn’t enough space available within our studios which prevents us from booking certain sessions on certain days due to scheduling conflicts between models. For example – if one photographer has two models booked into one particular session time slot but only one person shows up then obviously, they won’t book any more sessions until someone else comes along who needs theirs done too. So, keep this in mind while planning time when possible!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this guide on how to become a teen model and wish you the best of luck in your modeling career!


Blogger and fashion enthusiast for 20 years. Experienced runway and commercial model located in Los Angeles. I love creating helpful content and sharing with the world. Reach me out for any questions or feedback.

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