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Top 11 Famous Mature Models

Mature models often provide brands with more relatable appeal for their target audiences, which many brands require of them. Being successful requires dedication and perseverance but can pay dividends over time.

The world of fashion is shedding its stereotypes about aging gracefully. The emergence of an age-positive movement inspires industry insiders to rethink conventional standards that limit beauty. This new perspective is bringing hope to mature women who are now welcomed into modeling opportunities like never before. With their charm and elegance, these inspiring ladies are driving transformation in an otherwise restrictive domain. Our blog post pays tribute to 11 accomplished female models who have spurred this change in mindset.

Maye Musk

The magnificent Maye Musk embodies style and grace, exuding confidence with every step she takes on designer runways worldwide. At 73 years old, Maye’s longevity as both an accomplished model and dietician have enabled her to break down barriers surrounding traditional standards of beauty by embracing her unique look – silver locks included! Her inclusivity and representation are highly sought after by major brands looking to feature iconic models such as herself with consistent credibility through timelessness.

Carmen Dell’Orefice

The distinguished Carmen Dell’Orefice has set herself apart as a true embodiment of age-defying beauty even at 90 years young. Her striking appeal and unmatched grace have enabled an illustrious career in modeling that has lasted over seven decades, thereby earning her recognition as the world’s most senior working model.

Lauren Hutton

The influence of Lauren Hutton on the fashion industry is immeasurable. From introducing a new standard of beauty with her unique tooth gap to still portraying elegance and class at 78 years old on magazine covers and high-profile missions – it’s apparent that she’s a living legend.

Daphne Selfe

Admiration is due to Daphne Selfe recognized widely as the worlds oldest working model. Despite being 94 years old she continues to impress with her stunning beauty and unparalleled sense of style resulting in numerous magazine covers and significant partnerships with esteemed fashion houses.

Yazemeenah Rossi

Yazemeenah Rossi, a woman in her 60s, is renowned for her radiant skin and natural beauty. Through participating in worldwide campaigns, she has shattered boundaries, confidently flaunting her silver hair and defying traditional beauty norms.

Jacky O’Shaughnessy

At 62 years old Jacky O’Shaughnessy gained attention for her partnership with American Apparel. Her work with the brand encouraged women to embrace their individuality and her efforts extended beyond just one campaign. O’Shaughnessy has continued to inspire others by appearing on magazine covers and challenging societal norms.

Kristen McMenamy

Kristen McMenamys enduring influence on the fashion industry spans several decades. Her unique and otherworldly beauty has captured the attention of renowned designers who have showcased her on their runways. Today McMenamys bold and daring attitude towards fashion continues to inspire many.

China Machado

We pay tribute to China Machado with sincere reverence as she remains an indelible part of our memory. She etched her name among legends when she broke through media bias by positioning herself as the premier non-white model ever to grace a coveted spot on a leading magazine’s cover page. Her valiant effort ensued that diversity would become integrated into an otherwise elitist space, promoting more inclusion for all people in these fields.

Benedetta Barzini

Known for her modeling work, Benedetta Barzini is also an accomplished feminist, writer, and speaker. Beyond her striking physical appearance lies a sharp mind that challenges societal beauty ideals. She boldly supports women’s empowerment.

Yasmina Rossi

A glowing example of utmost poise and grace is Yasmina Rossi, a woman in her sixties who stands tall with confidence. Through her striking natural gray hair and stunning appearance that defies age boundaries she has been featured in various high profile magazines and campaigns – serving as an inspiration for women worldwide to fearlessly embrace their genuine identities.

Cindy Joseph

In memoriam of unyielding model Cindy Joseph who was integral in pushing forward the mature modeling industry before leaving us too soon in 2015. Her contribution towards progress lingers while she set an example by launching her own successful brand of cosmetics draped around a message of self-acceptance aimed towards encouraging all women to relish their unique makeup including their age along with embracing and highlighting their natural beauty.


We celebrate these 11 impressive mature female models who defied stereotypes and shattered perceptions about beauty in the fashion industry. With their diverse backgrounds; marked by wisdom in experience; they bring a fresh sense of empowerment through modeling older age groups with grace and style like none before them had done before! We must recognize how they bravely redefined beauty standards paving a path for future models of all ages while portraying unshakable confidence in themselves – which reminds us that individuality truly reigns supreme.

Mature Models Life and Career

Long gone are the days when models must be young to have a successful career; today men and women aged 40s through 60s are highly sought-after to represent various brands for commercial shoots.

Signing with an agency

As an experienced model, you must sign with an agency. Doing so will enable you to build your portfolio more easily while tapping into their network of industry professionals and contacts – as well as help find assignments and expand your career.

As an older model, selecting an agency that specializes in representing older models is key to your success in modeling. IMG Models and Silver Agency both specialize in working with mature models, offering them assignments tailored specifically for them.

Once you’ve signed up with an agency, you must create a strong portfolio. Include high-quality images that align with your look; regularly updating it will ensure you can meet client demands when necessary.

As well as having an impressive portfolio, modeling requires basic modeling skills. You should be able to strike poses and follow directions. Furthermore, having a positive attitude is vital. Modeling can be tough work; expect rejection on occasion; this should not discourage you.

One of the best ways to hone your modeling skills is by attending a modeling workshop run by professional models. Such workshops will equip you with all of the tools necessary for success in this industry and should also allow for frequent pose practice sessions.

As well, it is also essential that you are punctual and polite on set to leave an excellent first impression on clients and increase your chance of future work.

As baby boomer generations are continuing to age, mature models are in great demand right now. You can find them modeling across fashion shows, commercial ads, and lifestyle shoots; some even appear in music videos!

Striking a few poses

There are a few models poses that work well across most photography shoots. From full-length to half-length shots, depending on your preference and the model’s comfort level, they can be utilized effectively in full or half-length frames. A three-quarter pose is often an easy one for most models to master and offers flattering results; simply have her position her front foot slightly behind the other leg before tucking her knee into her forward leg tuck her back knee into it tuck it under. Feel free to experiment by trying different variations such as different hand positions or moving her hips more than usual!

The resting-head-in-hands pose is another stunning model pose to consider, especially for beginner models. This flattering pose can be performed in various settings and looks great on most women. While it’s relatively straightforward, beginning models might find this pose tricky at first. Practice shots might help beginners nail this pose quickly. Don’t hesitate to give her some practice shots first before shooting begins; try different hand positions or even ask her to lift or tuck one leg for an enhanced effect.

Another effective female pose involves having your model lower her head while pressing her tongue against the roof of her mouth and smiling. While this might look bizarre, this gesture lengthens both neck and jawline – just make sure that she doesn’t press too hard on her teeth as this may leave unflattering marks!

Looking at the part year-round

Mature models must possess great patience as it may take some time before bookings begin coming their way. Working with experienced agencies that understand mature model requirements will be essential – particularly female mature models that may need to look the part all year round! This is particularly essential since these professionals tend to be needed for numerous assignments throughout the year and must appear looking their best no matter the season or time of year.

Thus, mature models must maintain a nutritious diet and fitness regime to keep in good shape and look their best during each assignment. Staying fit will help them maintain their figure, improve skin care and eye care and provide energy for daily tasks. It’s also wise for them to get plenty of rest each night as this will keep their energy up while giving them the best chance at looking their best each time!

As mature models strive to expand their careers and gain bookings for future assignments, having an impressive modeling portfolio that is regularly updated can be key. Photos from different shoots should be included and updates made regularly to stay relevant and up-to-date.

As a final consideration, mature models should pay careful attention to every aspect of each shoot and pay close heed to any instructions from clients. Sets can often be chaotic environments; therefore it’s essential that mature models can remain calm under pressure to maximize enjoyment on set and secure future bookings.

Patience is a virtue

Patience is the ability to remain calm and collected under duress. This virtue can help mature models achieve success while being an essential component of many positive emotions such as gratitude, forgiveness, and generosity. Furthermore, patience can play an invaluable role in keeping stress at bay which could result in high blood pressure or heart disease resulting from strain-based illnesses like high blood pressure.

Patience is key when it comes to modeling; success doesn’t happen overnight. Success often takes several months of rejection before an agency gives you the chance to strike a pose – that’s OK since rejection is part of the game! Additionally, older models often have more physical restrictions which makes finding work even more challenging for them.

To become an accomplished mature model, you must practice your walking technique. You can do this by taking classes or watching YouTube videos of other mature models walking. Over time, your unique model stride should develop; but it will be well worth your while!

Patience is an invaluable commodity when it comes to modeling, as it helps you remain calm and composed when faced with difficulties in life or work. Patience can help you overcome difficulties that arise in the fashion industry and is integral to building positive emotions like gratitude, forgiveness, and generosity.

As our world becomes more immediate and on-demand, patience may seem obsolete. Yet research from Sarah Schnitker’s lab has established its connection to life satisfaction and self-control – so if you can remain patient with reaching your goals you will likely be more satisfied than had you given up after just one week of frustration.

Patience is an integral component of Christianity and one of the virtues that the Holy Spirit imparts to believers. Patience can help overcome obstacles and endure hardship – it should therefore be considered essential in living an effective Christian life.


Following the fashion trends and celebrities across the globe. I love writing about inspirational figures in entertainment industry. Apart from blogging over 10 years, I work as an event host in California. Feel free to reach out for any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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