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Managing a Model

Managing a Model: From Casting Calls to Runway Triumphs

Managing a model requires a keen eye for talent, exceptional organizational skills, and the ability to nurture their career while navigating the dynamic fashion industry landscape.

Model Management encompasses technologies and mechanisms for overseeing models. This may involve creating models, mappings, or operations to support interoperability or integration between metadata-intensive applications.

Experience is necessary in the modeling industry to become a model manager, from understanding agency requirements and image branding nuances, as well as attending industry events.

Know Yourself

Discovering who you are can help you make more informed decisions in your career, and prevent others from taking advantage of you by having more knowledge of the modeling world than yourself. For example, caring deeply about environmental issues or possessing superior audio editing abilities are traits that could prove advantageous when becoming a model manager.

As a manager, you will be expected to gain knowledge of agency requirements, image branding, photo shoots, and runway work as well as modeling contracts, marketing services, and financial services. Many managers opt for legal or business degrees so they can effectively advise models regarding crucial decisions.

Be Confident

As a model manager, it’s vital that you feel confident in your abilities as your client will look to you for advice and approval. To be effective at the job, you must understand all aspects of the industry including agency requirements, image branding requirements, photo shoots, etc. Many model managers possess industry experience, while others hail from fields like law or finance. Since most managers work on commission, you should have the ability to strike deals while covering costs; you should also trust in yourself. If you believe a female model has potential, don’t be intimidated by popular opinion; doing so could result in their career success. Pro-papers education blogger James Walton suggests reading autobiographies of successful models as a way of better understanding this business.

Be Flexible

As a manager of models or models themselves, you may need to set aside personal preferences and make bold decisions for them. After all, your pay only comes when your client succeeds–and success in high fashion can be risky! Many managers come from legal or financial backgrounds with extensive knowledge in contract law, marketing, and finances.

Flexibility is also key when it comes to managing models as the nature of this industry frequently demands last-minute adjustments to a Model Plan. Szuyin Leow from LogicGate Podcast GRC & Me explains how having an adaptable data model allows companies to quickly adapt their control repository, process, and compliance assessment methodologies in response to any changing business requirements as quickly as possible.


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