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Kirsten Corley

Kirsten Corley: Model, Influencer, Businesswoman

Kirsten Corley is a model, influencer, real estate agent, and businesswoman. Together with Chance the Rapper she and their daughter Kensli Bennett share parenting duties.

In 2021, she launched the BOBY children’s clothing line to promote diversity and inclusion within children’s apparel. She describes it as her response to wanting more representation among children’s apparel manufacturers.

Kirsten Corley’s Biography

Kirsten Corley Bennett is a model, real estate agent, freelance branding influencer, and businesswoman. She became widely known after marrying Chancelor Johnathan Bennett – commonly known as Chance the Rapper – who became widely famous after marrying Kirsten. Kirsten was born Janice Bennett; her sister Krystal lives with them both. Kirsten’s beauty and talent made her a hit among modeling agencies while her athletic ability allowed her to participate in numerous sporting events and competitions.

Corley began modeling professionally in 2014. Since then, she has worked for Alexander Wang and Shelby Steiner among others, blogging about fashion as a fashion blogger, doing editorial photo shoots for magazines like Vogue as well as doing photoshoots herself for editorial photo shoots. Corley’s success as a model has also opened doors in other aspects of her life, such as acting and writing.

She has managed to strike a balance in both her personal and professional lives despite a hectic schedule, including appearing in several television shows and movies as well as being active at her church and charity events. Furthermore, she uses her platform to raise awareness for issues like racial equality and gun violence.

Marriage to Chance the Rapper has been an enormously successful venture. They share an amazing daughter named Kensli. Since 2013 the two have shared an undying devotion. Although there have been disagreements during their relationship, eventually things always work out well and patchwork agreements are reached between each other.

Kirsten and Chance have also taken part in various charitable activities together, particularly those designed to increase youth engagement. Partnering with various organizations that advocate for community rights and rights of youth engagement. Kirsten founded SocialWorks – a non-profit that fosters civic involvement through education – while both remain devoted to their careers while making sure to spend quality time with family as well.

Kirsten Corley’s Career

Kirsten Corley Bennett is an influencer and entrepreneur with experience working for various fashion brands. As mother to their daughter Kensli, Kirsten has been in the public eye ever since she started dating Chance the Rapper but it remains unknown as to when exactly they became married despite their high-profile relationship.

Chance and Kirsten met as children in 2003 and later reconnected in 2010 when the rapper watched her and her friends perform a Destiny’s Child song at his mom’s office party. Chance and Kirsten married on December 27, 2018, yet held their ceremony on March 9th 2019. Their lavish event featured celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as guests, with Kirsten wearing an Alma gown designed by Galia Lahav for her special day.

Though their wedding remained under wraps, Chance recently shared a video of their big day on Instagram. In it, Chance calls Kirsten his oldest and closest friend while crediting her as being responsible for everything wonderful in his life; indeed he even named their daughter Kirsten!

This couple have been married for almost two years and share one daughter. Although there have been ups and downs in their relationship, things now appear to be on an uptrend; both partners appear contented and healthy with strong bonds between them.

Recently, Kirsten and Chance have been subject to reports of marital issues. Following video footage showing Chance interacting with various women at a Carnival event in Jamaica that went viral, leading to speculations regarding his relationship with his wife Kirsten. A rep for Chance confirmed to TMZ that the two are currently “doing great” while experiencing some “moments,” as all marriages do. Kirsten posted an Instagram message discussing growth and maturity a few days after Chance’s video went public.

Kirsten Corley is a Businesswoman

Kirsten Corley is an accomplished businesswoman who has distinguished herself in the fashion industry. She has established herself as both a model and branding/media freelancer; additionally, she founded her own event management and real estate firm – serving as an example for women looking to break into the business. Kirsten stands as an inspiring figure who guides women looking to enter the business.

Kirsten has also been active in her community through various philanthropic endeavors. She has worked with non-profits such as the American Cancer Society and Boys & Girls Club of America while speaking openly about her experiences as a model of color; fighting prejudice and discrimination within the industry while using her status as the wife of an established rapper to raise awareness for such causes.

Kirsten Bennett is married to Chancellor Johnathan Bennett, known as Chance the Rapper in hip-hop circles. Together they founded the World of BOBY children’s clothing brand to increase representation and inclusivity within the fashion industry.

Kirsten has worked as a model with various brands and agencies. Additionally, she launched her own events company called K & K Luxe Events and established herself in both the fashion and real estate worlds as a successful entrepreneur.

Kirsten maintains a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook despite her busy schedule, spending quality time with family and friends as well as attending fitness classes regularly. Kirsten enjoys living life fully; she takes great pride in taking good care of her body by participating in fitness.

Kirsten Corley’s Family

Kirsten Corley is the mother of two daughters; Kensli Bennett is her eldest, while Marli was born recently. Kirsten has managed to balance both work and family life well; however, in 2016 she suffered a miscarriage but was supported by Chance the Rapper while getting through it.

Bennett and Corley met in 2013 and quickly began dating. Over time, their relationship flourished into marriage; they share an exceptional connection and genuine affection for one another; although at times their romance may have encountered difficulties; nonetheless they managed to overcome any challenges together.

This couple remains very private about their personal lives and does not often post updates about them on social media. They share one daughter and are extremely proud to spend time with her, especially as she bonds very strongly with her mother. In time they hope to add another child soon.

Kirsten is not only an accomplished model, but she’s also a successful businesswoman. She founded the BOBY clothing line, with an estimated net worth of 5 million dollars, and sells baby apparel and accessories, earning a huge fan following on social media such as Instagram.

Kirsten is not only involved with modeling but is also deeply committed to charity and philanthropy. She has raised funds for children with cancer and other illnesses and has been recognized for her efforts. Additionally, she assists homeless people and veterans.

Kirsten Corley’s Measurements

Kirsten boasts an enviable physique and she is truly breathtaking. Her healthy body weight of 145 lbs, her black hair and eyes make for a striking image that serves as an example for young women wanting to break into traditionally male-dominated industries. Kirsten is estimated to be worth between 1-2 million dollars thanks to her successful career as a model.

Kirsten Corley is 30 years old and stands at 5 feet 9 inches. She boasts dark eyes and black hair. Kirsten is an avid fitness enthusiast who maintains her slim figure through regular exercising and adhering to a healthy diet plan; having body measurements of 34-24-35 inches. Kirsten exudes natural beauty that looks stunning regardless of what outfit she wears.


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