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katharina mazepa

Katharina Mazepa: Austrian Model and Influencer

Katharina Mazepa hails from Mariahilf in Vienna Austria and has made a name for herself as a fashion model, social media influencer, beauty pageant holder, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. She has collaborated in numerous fashion campaigns as a recognizable face on the runway.

She promotes lingerie and bikini brands. In 2019, she married US diplomat Shilo Mazepa; however, their divorce took place three years later. Since then, she has made headlines due to her relationship with Miami plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein.

Katharina Mazepa’s Biography

Katharina Mazepa is an Austrian fashion model and social media influencer with over 1.7 million followers on Instagram. Known for her beauty pageant victories and for working with brands such as Guess and Vogue among many others. Katharina regularly promotes various lingerie and bikini brands on her account as well as fashion campaigns and campaigns such as Guess’ Homme campaign. She often posts modeling content as well as selfies on her account.

Karl and Anna Mazepa of Mariahilf, Vienna, Austria gave birth to a daughter, Julia Mazepa on August 19, 1995. She graduated with a degree in environmental engineering from BOKU University Vienna while also participating in local modeling competitions during her undergraduate years and eventually winning Miss Vienna 2014 title as well as becoming an international model.

Katharina has made numerous TV appearances and graced multiple magazine covers during her career, modeling for clothing and shoe companies such as Guess and Vogue. Additionally, she’s an avid traveler having visited countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and South Africa.

Katharina made headlines with her relationship with Leonard Hochstein. As seen on RHOM, the couple faced fertility issues before welcoming Logan and Ella through surrogacy. Unfortunately, in 2022 the couple divorced, and Katharina posted pictures on Instagram holding divorce papers which attracted the attention of fans. Following this event she restored her Nahlik last name while keeping all assets. Additionally, both parties agreed to waive any right for spousal support payments in their settlement agreement.

Katharina Mazepa’s Social Media

Katharina Mazepa is an Austrian model and social media influencer known for winning the Miss Vienna beauty contest in 2014. Since then she has worked on various fashion campaigns while promoting lingerie and bikini brands as well. Katharina’s Instagram account boasts an immense following where she posts pictures and videos featuring herself.

Her popularity on social media has helped her amass considerable wealth over time, working with various well-known brands and appearing on magazine covers. Furthermore, she is a strong supporter of animal rights issues, using social media as an avenue to advocate for causes near to her heart.

She has also amassed considerable wealth through her modeling career. With millions of Instagram followers and having done numerous photoshoots for various clothing and swimwear brands, as well as being paid thousands to appear in promotional videos or brand endorsements, she has amassed significant wealth through modeling alone. Furthermore, she is renowned as an avid traveler having visited numerous countries worldwide.

Katharina Mazepa’s Net Worth

Katharina has an estimated net worth of $3.5 Million and has used her fame and income to purchase three properties. She began folding clothing at Forever 21 as part of a minimum wage job before becoming famous through modeling.

She hails from Washington DC and Miami with both parents being entrepreneurs; neither posts any pictures of their offspring on Instagram, and do not discuss her family life on any social media accounts. No siblings exist among her immediate family and she does not discuss it on any platform either. In 2019, she married USA diplomat Shilo Mazepa whom they now call their partner at home based out of both cities.

Katharina Mazepa’s Modeling Career

Katharina Mazepa is an internationally-recognized fashion model and social media influencer with millions of followers across various platforms. Since she began modeling as a teenager, Katharina has taken part in multiple local and regional modeling competitions as well as being known to promote bikini brands; additionally, she has appeared on dozens of magazine covers.

Katharina was born August 19 1995 in Mariahilf, Vienna, Austria, and studied environmental engineering at BOKU University of Vienna. She speaks multiple languages fluently – English, German, and Spanish as well as being trained as a yoga instructor.

Mazepa is an active supporter of animal rights and leads a vegan lifestyle which she often shares on her Instagram account to raise awareness for this cause. She has worked as both a dancer and an avid traveler; boasting an immense following online. She regularly posts pictures with them all to keep their interest alive!

Katharina Mazepa currently resides in Miami with her husband Shilo Mazepa. She has traveled widely and can speak multiple languages fluently; having lived in Barcelona, Munich, and Italy in Europe as well as Singapore in Asia.

Mazepa made headlines for her romance with RHOM star Lenny Hochstein, as they were often seen together in Miami. Both parties posted photos together on their respective Instagram accounts until 2021 when the two eventually parted ways.

Katharina Mazepa’s Relationship

Katharina Mazepa is an internationally-recognized model with millions of followers on her social media accounts and is also an acclaimed bikini brand ambassador.

She began modeling when she was young, participating in numerous local modeling events and beauty pageant competitions before winning the Miss Vienna contest in 2014. Since then, she has become an international model.

Mazepa has also proven herself an active social media influencer and entrepreneur through her fashion line and frequent bikini photo posts on her Instagram account. Additionally, she frequently makes Tiktok recordings and has collaborated with other influencers across different social media channels.

Mazepa’s popularity has made her an online target, yet she remains strong and resilient despite all of the negativity directed at her. She has taken legal action against one woman who accused her of bullying and slandering.

Mazepa is happily married to Shilo Mazepa and they share two children, Logan and Elle. Furthermore, this reality star enjoys traveling and has visited various countries such as Australia, Malaysia, and Dubai.

Mazepa loves spending her free time with family and friends, cooking new cuisines, attending fashion shows and other entertainment events, singing in front of large audiences as a singer-singer, animal advocacy, animal shelter work and always looking for ways to improve herself and stay positive about life. She has a very positive outlook and always seeks ways to better herself.

Katharina Mazepa’s TV Shows

Katharina Mazepa has gained immense notoriety as a model thanks to her stunning appearances at various modeling gigs and the amount of money she makes from promoting fashion brands via social media channels such as Instagram. Additionally, she has accumulated a significant following on this social platform and appeared in multiple reality TV shows.

Katharina hails from Austria and has become an extremely successful model with millions of followers on her Instagram page. Her career began after winning the Miss Vienna beauty contest in 2014, where she began walking the runway during fashion weeks all around Europe. Since then she has modeled for brands including Vogue and Guess as well as appearing on magazine covers – an accomplishment that won her millions of Instagram followers!

She was married to Shilo Mazepa, a US diplomat in 2019; they spent three years together until parting ways in 2021 and have not had any additional relationships since.

She makes time in her busy schedule to maintain her social media accounts and posts pictures of her stunning looks on Instagram that have amassed an immense following. Additionally, she maintains strong bonds with her fans by regularly engaging them through engagement posts.

Recently, Katharina has been seen with Lenny Hochstein. Lenny is a plastic surgeon and was previously married to Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein; they have yet to discuss or speak openly about their relationship in public but they have been seen together several times; Katharina is over 30 years younger than Lenny; some fans speculated she may be using his money as bait, however, Lenny denied such claims.


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