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33 Best Ig Models Shaping Fashion Trends Online

If your passion lies in fashion, diving into the world of IG models might be the perfect career path for you. These IG models are known for their fashionable appearance and healthy body image – plus, they usually enjoy an impressive fan base.

Bella Hadid quickly rose to top-model status after appearing on numerous magazine covers and fashion ad campaigns, amassing an enormous Instagram following and charging an exorbitant fee per sponsored post.

33 Best Ig Models

Today’s modeling industry is witnessing an unprecedented change due mainly to social media dominance across all spheres; more so on platforms such as Instagram that attract millions worldwide daily. Through these portals, we now find an innovative category of young talents – remarkable individuals who manage thriving careers while gaining significant followers on their influencing abilities.

Their skills include capturing people’s attention consistently through trendsetting ideas while winning hearts globally by showcasing stellar looks ever so distinct from each other. There’s no denying these players are already making bold moves, especially in the fashion circles. We present to you today our picks of 33 fascinators that are quickly turning IG modeling into a massive digital empire.

Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid):

Recognized globally for her striking physical attributes and unparalleled fashion sense Gigi Hadid has become a sensation. Through prominent fashion brand collaborations and stunning editorial photoshoots, she has undeniably established herself as an elite Instagram model.

Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner):

In exploring new horizons beyond her earlier fame as a reality TV starlet Kendall Jenner has emerged as an accomplished and much sought-after fashion model. Her easygoing yet chic sense of fashion resonates with countless admirers who relate to her style sensibility and unassuming charm.

Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata):

Emily Ratajkowski made headlines with captivating music video appearances and a standout role in “Gone Girl.” On Instagram, she flaunts an unapologetic sense of style combined with innate beauty.

Bella Hadid (@bellahadid):

Bella Hadid, the sister of Gigi Hadid, has carved her path in the modeling industry. Her edgy style and fierce runway presence have made her one of the most sought-after models of her generation.

Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne):

Cara Delevingne commands recognition and admiration. Her audacious disposition, unmistakable eyebrows, and exceptional style have secured her a place as a cherished personality in the fashion world and beyond.

Hailey Bieber (@haileybieber):

Hailey Bieber, previously known as Hailey Baldwin, has risen to unparalleled fame thanks to her marriage to renowned singer Justin Bieber. Her inimitably chic street style and dazzling looks on the red carpet persistently captivate the hearts of her numerous followers.

Joan Smalls (@joansmalls):

The fashion industry has witnessed breakthroughs, thanks to Joan Smalls, a supermodel from Puerto Rico. Her strong catwalk persona and commanding social media influence are exemplary features inspiring numerous models worldwide.

Adriana Lima (@adrianalima):

Brazilian-born Adriana Lima has become renowned worldwide for her work as a celebrated Victoria’s Secret Angel. Her unfaltering ardor for her occupation and consistently elegant persona have rendered Miss Lima an everlasting legend within the modeling sphere.

Ashley Graham (@ashleygraham):

At the forefront of advocating body positivity in the fashion sector is Ashley Graham. As a prominent plus-sized model she is breaking down societal expectations and motivating countless individuals to embrace their curves with open arms.

Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss):

Beyond achieving great success as a model Karlie Kloss is fervently dedicated to advocating for coding education. Her exceptional taste in fashion and tireless philanthropy have made her a beloved role model for many.

Winnie Harlow (@winnieharlow):

Winnie Harlow’s exceptional vitiligo has made her a shining example of both grace and strength. Her distinct features coupled with an unyielding spirit have challenged the restrictive definitions of beauty to create something entirely new.

Naomi Campbell (@naomi):

With unmatched charisma and striking beauty, Naomi Campbell still dominates the fashion industry as an iconic supermodel. Her runway presence continues to be unparalleled and she remains a living symbol of style and elegance.

Emily DiDonato (@emilydidonato):

The modeling industry treasures Emily DiDonato, owing to her captivating beauty and refined style. Through her Instagram posts, she shares exquisite fashion choices that complement her innate charm impeccably.

Romee Strijd (@romeestrijd):

Dutch model Romee Strijd has garnered considerable admiration for her striking beauty and effortless fashion sense, which have acquired her a significant following on Instagram. A much sought-after model she tantalizes her fans with a blend of stylish looks, backstage antics, and globetrotting adventures.

Jasmine Tookes (@jastookes):

Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes possesses a magnetic aura that extends beyond her modeling gigs. She garners attention for her effervescent smile and spot-on taste in outfits, which she showcases through a blend of couture and casual ensembles on social media.

Hailey Clauson (@haileyclauson):

Hailey Clauson has earned the adoration of many industry professionals due to her incredible adaptability as a model. Moving from edgy motifs to glamourous scenes effortlessly her exclusive personal style never fails in leaving an impression on those who witness it.

Taylor Hill (@taylor_hill):

Model Taylor Hills’ stunning beauty and warm charisma have captured the hearts of fans around the world. On social media, she expresses herself through an exciting array of styles that seamlessly blend streetwear trends with luxurious fashion statements and glamorous beauty looks.

Duckie Thot (@duckiethot):

Duckie Thot’s remarkable characteristics and commanding air have made her a representation of equality and acceptance in the world of fashion. On her Instagram profile, she displays her audacious fashion picks along with uplifting proclamations.

Devon Windsor (@devwindsor):

Within the fashion realm, Devon Windsor has established herself as an outstanding personality courtesy of her sophisticated style and striking physical features. A glance at her Insta account reveals an array of high fashion editorials, travel snapshots as well as intriguing glimpses into her private life.

Josephine Skriver (@josephineskriver):

Josephine Skriver has a loyal following thanks to her captivating smile and impeccable style. As a Victoria’s Secret Angel, she takes on the role of fashion influencer with grace generously sharing her preferred looks and beauty tips.

Martha Hunt (@marthahunt):

Celebrated for her quintessential American charm and innate elegance Martha Hunt has carved a niche in the cutthroat modeling world. Follow her on Instagram to catch a glimpse of her style musings, wanderlust endeavors, and glimpses into active life.

Lais Ribeiro (@laisribeiro):

Lais Ribeiro has earned an enviable position among the world’s leading models thanks to her captivating Brazilian allure and commanding runway skills. One can notice her adoration for dynamic fashion, exotic sites, and upbeat messages when scrolling through her Instagram feed.

Cindy Kimberly (@wolfiecindy):

Justin Bieber’s decision to showcase Cindy Kimberly on his Instagram account had far-reaching effects on her success. Since then her bold appearance and effortless personal style have won over many devotees of fashion who can’t get enough of her.

Grace Elizabeth (@lovegrace_e):

With timeless beauty and effortless elegance, Grace Elizabeth has captured the attention of the fashion industry as she becomes a rising star. A browse through her Instagram page reveals incredible editorial work exciting red carpet appearances and hints at her personal experiences.

Chanel Iman (@chaneliman):

When it comes to fashion icons Chanel Iman certainly stands out with her captivating beauty and impeccable sense of style. Those who follow her on Instagram can appreciate the diverse range of content she posts – from inspiring fashion looks to intimate family memories to exclusive insider-peeks into the model lifestyle.

Sara Sampaio (@sarasampaio):

One glance at Sara Sampaio is all it takes to see why this beauty has made waves in the fashion industry on an international scale. Her dazzling features coupled with mesmerizing movement down the runway have earned her heaps of praise. Those curious about this model’s interests beyond the lens can turn their attention toward her captivating Instagram platform showcasing everything from breathtaking editorials to travel snapshots alongside helpful information on achieving optimal fitness levels.

Elsa Hosk (@hoskelsa):

It is impossible to overlook Elsa Hosk’s allure on or off the runway. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel treats her followers to a feast for the eyes on Instagram, featuring breathtaking fashion editorials, heartfelt moments with loved ones, and enchanting captures of her flair.

Romee Strijd (@romeestrijd):

Romee Strijd, a celebrated Dutch model, has caught attention for her stunning appearance and magnetic charisma. Her Instagram account exhibits an array of dazzling fashion styles, breathtaking travel destinations, and glimpses of her daily routine.

Candice Swanepoel (@angelcandices):

The elegant Candice Swanepoel is an exceptional South African stunner who has enamored numerous fans owing to her entrancing looks and unwavering poise. Via her personal Instagram handle, we get to witness snippets of her incredibly adventurous existence filled with jet-setting escapades to diverse destinations, breathtaking photoshoots in coveted beach spots, and chic ensembles that elevate style sensibilities.

Izabel Goulart (@izabelgoulart):

With a successful modeling career underway, Izabel Goulart is a sought-after professional admired for her exceptional physical attributes. Her captivating smile coupled with a toned figure has undeniably propelled her toward continued success in the industry. On Instagram, she curates a diverse collection of posts offering followers insight into not only glamorous fashion shoots but also giving them an intimate glimpse into her day-to-day lifestyle choices which often include sharing inspiring fitness routines with fans.

Joan Smalls (@joansmalls):

Puerto Rican superstar model Joan Smalls has achieved remarkable success in the world of high fashion by showcasing captivating runway performances alongside influential social media connections. On Instagram, she offers glimpses of both her unique personal style choices as well as meaningful philanthropic engagements and diverse professional pursuits.

Jasmine Sanders (@goldenbarbie):

With her striking appearance and dynamic character, Jasmine Sanders aka Golden Barbie has earned widespread appreciation. Her Instagram profile showcases a tremendous array of top-notch fashion shoots, captivating moments from glamorous events, and cheerful glimpses into her leisurely activities.

Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss):

In addition to being a renowned supermodel with enormous success, Karlie Kloss is a notable entrepreneur and philanthropist whose contributions have made significant impacts. On Instagram, she showcases her exceptional taste in style while promoting business ventures that inspire others. Notably, Kloss uses the platform to advocate for more female representation in tech by supporting the next generation of talented coders.


IG models have redefined the modeling industry, bringing a fresh perspective to the forefront of fashion. From sizable followings to chic style choices and beyond, these 33 women have taken the fashion world by storm by utilizing their unique attributes most efficiently. Individually creative with identities that span across different cultures, races, or nationalities – Gigi Hadid herself half-Palestinian half-Dutch – every model inspires many others globally through social media platforms like Instagram.

Together they embody revolutionary change as they redefine traditional beauty standards and take bold new steps that modernize a centuries-old industry — all while commanding respect from followers around the world by sharing their journeys online.

Within the constantly shifting world of Fashion outrightly demanding immediacy with emerging digital experiences; a brand-new generation of individuals has soared and established themselves as unbeatable pioneers. They’re commonly known as “IG Models.” These striking icons have set out to change the industry entirely—with unique personal styles, lovable personalities, and incomparable talents that have shaken up the modeling scene.

Strategic partnerships & collaborations between IG models and brands looking to dominate on all fronts—zeroing in on not only traditional fashion exclusivities but newly accessible roads too.

Through their exceptional innovations that continuously shape trends within fashion; IG Models are breaking down rising barriers that only work towards motivating new generations to buy into such elevated passions for years to come.


Following the fashion trends and celebrities across the globe. I love writing about inspirational figures in entertainment industry. Apart from blogging over 10 years, I work as an event host in California. Feel free to reach out for any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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