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Josie Canseco

Josie Canseco: American Model and Influencer

Josie Canseco is an attractive model who has graced Playboy Magazine and Summer Break; additionally, she made an appearance in Kygo’s music video.

She has also modeled for brands such as Sherri Hill. Additionally, she maintains an active social media presence with many followers on social media.

Josie Canseco’s Biography

Josie Canseco is an American model and dancer who has gained great recognition during her career. Beginning her modeling at 15, she modeled for several companies including Kohls and Hollister before going on to feature in music videos and photoshoots with several companies such as Kohls and Hollister. Josie was discovered at the Coachella music festival by Canadian-born model Charlotte D’Alessio who then had Bryant Eslava capture photos of her.

Josie Canseco was inspired to follow in her mother Jessica Canseco’s footsteps as a Playboy model and began modeling during high school. Josie first appeared on the VH1 reality show Hollywood Exes with both of them appearing together; later appeared in season two of the YouTube series Summer Break; working for brands such as ELLE-Love Magazine’s Journal, Aeropostale, Teen Vogue as well as being featured in numerous publications.

Josie is also an avid fitness enthusiast and follows a strict gym regimen to maintain her physique. She attends classes at New York City-based celebrity fitness center Dogpound; does boxing at Rumble Boxing; and utilizes SoulCycle for indoor cycling. In the past she has also modeled for Moschino; eventually, she hopes to model for Alexander Wang or Phillip Plein runway shows.

Josie Canseco has had an eventful dating life. She has been seen dating several celebrities and is particularly fond of TikTok star Bryce Hall. In 2019, Josie Canseco and Mike Stud decided to part ways amicably, though they subsequently had brief encounters with Brody Jenner from one of Hollywood’s largest celebrity families and started seeing G-Eazy briefly after.

Josie Canseco has made significant strides in her modeling career despite facing difficulties at home, already enjoying tremendous success in the industry. She has appeared as a Playboy playmate as well as numerous music videos. Additionally, her social media following boasts over 611k followers on her self-titled Instagram account.

Josie Canseco’s Net Worth

Josie Canseco has achieved immense fame through her modeling career and strong social media influencer status on Instagram, where she has amassed an immense fan base by posting pictures and videos for fans to see. Josie has been modeling for years with multiple brands as she models regularly in magazines and TV shows – her net worth currently stands at an estimated $1.4 Million.

At 16 she made the move from Weston, Florida to Los Angeles where she began modeling. Since then she has become one of the leading models in America due to her stunning beauty and active lifestyle; often sharing workout routines on Instagram for followers to follow and keep fit with. She boasts an amazing physique which she maintains through regular exercising and eating healthily.

Josie Canseco comes from an extremely wealthy family; yet has not let this hinder her ambition or drive. She works hard towards reaching her goals and takes risks without fear. Josie learned everything she knows about modeling from her mother who had once worked as a model herself; in addition, Josie boasts an attractive look that captures fans’ interest with daring outfits she wears that show her assets.

Josie Canseco began modeling professionally in New York at 17 and her first published piece appeared in Love Magazine. Since then she has appeared in TV shows such as VH1’s Hollywood Exes alongside her mother as well as YouTube series Summer Break’s second season and Kygo’s music video “Here for You,” featuring Ella Henderson.

Next Model Management signed Josie as one of their models and she has appeared in various magazine and TV ads, auditioned for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in June 2016, as well as being chosen as Josie credits her success to her diet and workout regimen consisting of weightlifting, boxing cardio classes, rumble classes as well as weight lifting sessions six days per week.

Josie Canseco’s Career

Josie Canseco has successfully established herself as one of the premier models in the modeling industry despite being her father’s daughter, an MLB superstar. Her striking figure and beauty have garnered her much praise in fashion brands’ eyes; Josie has appeared in various magazines as well as walked the runway at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; music videos like Kygo: Here For You and YouTube series Summer Break have also used Josie as one of their models.

Canseco began his baseball career with the Oakland Athletics in 1985, quickly emerging as an offensive powerhouse. He hit over 40 homers both years he was with them, becoming one of the league’s most prolific power hitters by the end of the 1992 season (he won an MVP award that year and two World Series championships). Canseco later played for Texas Rangers, Red Sox, Blue Jays, and Tampa Bay Devil Rays before becoming embroiled in the steroids scandal that rocked MLB during this era.

Canseco continued his entertainment career after retiring from professional baseball. He appeared on television shows like Hollywood Exes and The Mother/Daughter Experiment as well as publishing a self-titled memoir in 1996. Additionally, Canseco ventured into mixed martial arts fighting. He challenged NFL player Vai Sikahema for $30,000.

Canseco has not only excelled as an actor but has also proven his worth as a model. Boasting an attractive physique, Canseco has graced Playboy magazine with semi-nude poses. Furthermore, Canseco has appeared in high-profile advertisements.

Josie Canseco has been linked with numerous high-profile celebrities, such as actor and singer G-Eazy; the two dated briefly before parting ways. Additionally, Josie was seen with other high-profile men, often visiting beaches and hotspots across the United States; modeling for designer Sherri Hill as well as posting pictures to her Instagram page (where she boasts over 1M followers) where she posts pictures of herself posing alongside Steve and Ronald her two beloved dogs that she owns herself.

Josie Canseco’s Personal Life

Josie Canseco is a fashion model who has appeared for Victoria’s Secret and other major brands. Additionally, she is a social media influencer with an expansive following on Instagram and the VH1 reality series Hollywood Exes where she made an appearance alongside Jessica Canseco (her mother).

She was signed with Next Model Management and has been featured in various publications such as Love Magazine, Teen Vogue, and Aeropostale magazines. Additionally, she was named Playboy Playmate of the Month for June 2016 when Henrik Purienne shot her title image for this issue of Playboy Playmate of the Month magazine. Furthermore, she participated in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017.

Josie Canseco is not only a model but also an actress with appearances in several television shows and movies, including appearances by former MLB baseball player Jose Canseco and his first wife Jessica Canseco; later her mother divorced Jose Canseco to marry surgeon Garth Fisher instead. Jessica Canseco wrote her autobiography Juicy: Confessions of a Former Baseball Wife to detail their turbulent relationship and author the book about it as well.

Josie Canseco began modeling at an early age, appearing in several local photoshoots before signing with a modeling agency and moving to New York. Her first professional job was for Love Magazine; additionally, she made appearances in her mother’s reality series Hollywood Exes and YouTube series Summer Break.

As of 2023, Josie Canseco remains single but has been linked with several high-profile celebrities. Rumors swirled about whether Logan Paul and Canseco were dating, although neither confirmed this rumor.

Josie Canseco is a curvier beauty with an hourglass figure and 34-23-34 inch waist/hip measurements. The stunning model is also well-known for her big eyes, lush locks, sexy appeal, stunning smile, and incredible set of teeth – making her one of America’s favorite fashion models! Her active lifestyle keeps fans updated with the latest photos/videos; she actively participates on various social media platforms and regularly interacts with them.


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