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Jasmine Al-Fayed

Jasmine Al-Fayed: Founder of Jasmine di Milo

Jasmine Al-Fayed, 43, takes a more grounded approach. She is the chairwoman and controlling stakeholder of the London fashion label Issa, which shot to prominence when Kate Middleton wore one of its sequin dresses during a royal appearance.

Egypt’s 92-year-old billionaire has long had an eye for designing distinctive commercial properties. Harrods Egyptian Hall with its gold escalator is just one such space which he marked his personality upon.

Jasmine Al-Fayed’s Biography

Jasmine Al-Fayed hails from an elite family and has achieved great success both professionally and personally. She founded the Jasmine Di Milo fashion label and runs her own successful business. Recently, she won the Royal Institute’s Women of the Future award while volunteering with Camilla Nurse charity – let us learn more about this amazingly inspiring person!

While Jasmine appears as an outgoing and confident socialite in The Crown episode three, her true nature can be revealed through her charitable works. Jasmine was a major force at The Trust last year alone donating over 1 Million (over $1.5 Million). This trust works towards improving children’s lives and has several projects designed to aid recovery from serious emotional trauma such as the Lawnfest music festival for youngsters as well as nursing care services that offer palliative care to babies.

Jasmine is an animal lover and farm owner in Kent. Her goal is to use produce from her farm as part of her restaurant menu and thus save the environment, sparking her passion for sustainability and changing the world. In her private life, Jasmine adores veganism and believes eating plant-based meals and beverages will benefit both herself and Mother Earth.

Her father, Mohammad Al Fayed is a billionaire who owns Harrods in London and Fulham Football Club; Hotel Ritz Paris; was the owner of London Underground; as well as is an active philanthropist who has donated to numerous charities.

From 1954-1956 he was married to Samira Khashoggi and produced their son Dodi. Subsequently, he wed Finnish socialite Heini Wathen and had four more children with her; daughters Jasmine and Camilla as well as sons Karim and Omar. Since the Sixties he has resided in Dubai; with his brothers, he established an Egyptian-based shipping company which later relocated its headquarters to Genoa Italy with offices also situated in London.

Jasmine Al-Fayed’s Parents

Mohamed Al-Fayed is an Egyptian entrepreneur with holdings in Harrods, Fulham FC, and Ritz Paris. Known for his extravagant lifestyle and ability to stir controversy within the British establishment, Al-Fayed made headlines again for being associated with Princess Diana who died alongside him in a 1997 car crash.

Heini Wathen of Finnish socialite background married Al-Fayed and they had four children together: Jasmine Al-Fayed is the eldest sibling with whom they shared four children: Jasmine, Karim, Camilla, and Omar. Jasmine was accused of nepotism for using her father’s name to launch her fashion label which now boasts celebrity clients such as Anne Hathaway, Sienna Miller, and Victoria Beckham as customers.

Jasmine enjoyed a rich childhood full of vacations to Finland where she spent summers visiting her grandparents. She cherishes these visits, which highlight how close she is to her family. Jasmine exudes peace and calms when dealing with people.

Heiress doesn’t let her wealth define her; rather she has created a successful career outside of retail business. She is actively involved with charities and enjoys helping people. In addition to this, she has donated money to multiple causes while championing women’s rights.

Jasmine has shown incredible strength and resilience despite all of her hardships, remaining confident and understanding exactly what it is she desires in life. Not shying away from taking risks, Jasmine is not afraid of making bold decisions and finding solutions for herself.

Jasmine has an enthusiastic approach to life and is an incredible role model for her siblings. She’s content with life as it stands right now and appreciates every blessing bestowed upon her – not taking them for granted! Determined to continue working hard toward reaching her goals, Jasmine is both talented and ambitious – very passionate about what she does!

Jasmine Al-Fayed’s Career

Jasmine Al-Fayed is the daughter of Egyptian business mogul Mohamed Al Fayed, owner of Harrods department store in London. As a fashion designer and owner of the Jasmine di Milo label sold in over 33 countries worldwide, her designs have been worn by Rihanna, Daisy Lowe model Daisy Lowe and actress Sienna Miller among others.

Al Fayed Charitable Foundation and serves on its board. Furthermore, she chairs the Brazilian fashion brand Issa as chairwoman; in addition to hosting the Lawnfest TV show on her family’s West Heath estate in Surrey. Susie Mathis of the charities manager says the trust could not be in better hands as businesswoman-come-philanthropist Amal Fayed brings an abundance of energy and ideas into each project she undertakes.

Her father remains relatively low profile these days since selling Harrods to Qatar’s royal family in 2010, although he continues to hold an honorary position at the store. Additionally, his businesses include stakes in several football clubs such as Fulham F.C. as well as luxury hotels such as InterContinental and Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Al-Fayed was also the father of film producer Dodi Fayed, who died alongside Princess Diana in a 1997 car crash. Dodi worked in entertainment production – making movies like Breaking Glass and Hook as well as co-founding production company Allied Stars with former model-partner Naomi Simson; additionally, he held British citizenship and had numerous passports.

Jasmine, his eldest daughter, has quickly established herself as a fashion icon of her own, receiving much public praise for both her designs and the success of her fashion line. Although Jasmine faced backlash after opting not to complete her fashion degree and instead learning how to sew at Harrods sewing room for one year instead, her label successfully made its way onto the international fashion circuit and has received widespread acclaim from celebrities such as Rihanna, Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow. She even received an award called Women of the Future from London Hilton on Park Lane hotel that recognizes young inspiring females changing lives around them – this award serves to recognize young inspirational females changing lives while doing just that – inspiring others!

Jasmine Al-Fayed’s Personal Life

Jasmine Al-Fayed, Mohamed Al-Fayed’s oldest daughter and Jasmine di Milo’s founder and owner, is no stranger to controversy. Since she first launched her fashion line at Paris Fashion Week’s Ritz show in 2006 and quickly rose the fashion ranks due to critics calling it nepotism, Jasmine di Milo has grown exponentially worldwide and boasts stores in 44 countries along with celebrity admirers like Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, and Sienna Miller as loyal customers.

She is a regular on the celebrity circuit, attending high-profile events like Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York, the Oscars, and Cannes Film Festival. Furthermore, she’s an active philanthropist dedicated to child welfare – in 2017 alone she donated over 1 million (over $1.5 million) to her trust fund for child welfare work – while acting as patron for several projects including music and arts festival Lawnfest as well as funding specialist nurse training.

Her father had an eye for eccentric commercial properties, including Harrods Egyptian Hall with its gold escalator. In Paris, he bought Ritz Hotel while outbidding mining company Lonrho to win the department store House of Fraser in 1985. Yet despite all his wealth, he maintained ownership as honorary chairman until 2011.

Jasmine Al-Fayed worked at Harrods during her thirties, hiding her nametag with her mother’s maiden surname to avoid drawing attention as the proprietor’s daughter. Jasmine has taken after him in her commitment to philanthropy; today she chairs Al-Fayed Foundation.

Jasmine is a passionate supporter of female empowerment and is dedicated to advancing it through her foundation’s projects, especially those which address education and entrepreneurship. Additionally, Jasmine serves as a trustee for Lawnfest charity which provides life reconstruction for young people who have been severely traumatized; additionally, she champions children’s causes as patron of several charities like the Camilla Nurse program which offers palliative care for babies; currently living in London with her husband and their two children.


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