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Top 22 Best Internationally Famous Female Models

Female models work tirelessly promoting brands and products ranging from the big to the small. Their photos can be found everywhere from editorial pages to commercial campaigns worldwide.

Becoming a model requires both discipline and self-control. A great model will keep their body fit by managing her diet, exercising regularly, and caring for their skin and nails.

Runway Models

Runway modeling careers are among the most renowned modeling careers, featuring designer clothes at fashion shows. To become a runway model, one must meet certain physical criteria set forth by fashion agencies; typically female models must meet these physical standards by at least 5’9″, with waist sizes that are 10 inches smaller than their chest and hip measurements; agencies will also consider your facial features and attributes, such as clear skin complexion, prominent facial structures, high cheekbones or full lips when making this decision.

Before approaching modeling agencies or scouts with your portfolio of digital photos that illustrate the most flattering poses for your body type and pose, take several natural light shots that capture both full-body shots and closeups of your face in natural lighting conditions. Send these to reputable modeling agencies; depending on their rules they may require fees or several photos from you before accepting. For best results speak directly with someone working there for guidance; legitimate agencies won’t ask for nude photos from potential models!

Runway models live an attractive life, but their work can be strenuous. Hours are long and travel may be required – exhaustion can result from constant jet lag affecting both physical and emotional health; in addition, many models must adhere to a specific diet to remain in shape for their work.

Modeling may not be for everyone, and those considering modeling must understand its realities as an occupation – it isn’t all glamour and stardom! Treat modeling like any job by showing up on time, returning calls and emails promptly, and respecting all members of the industry – especially photographers and designers! Given instances where models have been exploited in some instances it’s also crucial that female models protect themselves by seeking professional assistance if necessary.

Editorial Models

Editorial models appear in fashion magazines to promote designers’ latest clothing collections. They often participate in photoshoots at exotic locations with top photographers.

Female editorial models tend to stand at approximately five feet nine inches and must possess long legs, slim necks, and high cheekbones, in addition to great skin without tattoos or piercings – editorial models must also be willing and available to travel as they often participate in fashion shoots abroad.

Editorial modeling can be one of the more difficult professions to break into, with agencies only accepting models who meet certain requirements – for instance, women’s fashion editorial models must be at least 5′ 9″, possess an amazing 33″ bust size, 23″ waist measurement, and 33″ hip measurement – among others.

Female editorial models must not only meet height and measurement requirements but must also be very young; modeling agencies typically look for editorial models between 16-18.

Being an editorial model can be lucrative, yet getting signed to an agency doesn’t guarantee success. To establish themselves, editorial models need a robust portfolio of magazine tear sheets that they can present to potential clients and modeling agents as proof of experience.

Editorial fashion models work with some of the top designers in the industry and may be asked to pose in different poses and looks, from standing still and smiling to showing off specific body parts or features. Editorial models may also be asked to depict specific emotions when needed for stories about marriage proposals or health articles – looking excited or sick, for instance.

Fashion Models

Fashion modeling requires models who exude confidence and elegance when carrying themselves, whether on the runway at high-fashion shows, editorials, or photo shoots with photographers.

Successful models must understand how to take direction while using their artistic instincts to help achieve desired effects in photos; being quick with changing clothes and poses is also key in this profession.

Most agencies only hire models who meet specific height, measurement, and weight standards. Fashion models should usually be over five feet tall with clear skin and distinguishable facial features that allow them to switch their expressions based on different photos or fashion shows.

Before participating in a fashion show or photoshoot, models spend time having their hair and makeup professionally done and practicing the clothing changes they will need to make during a shoot. Furthermore, they consult with clients regarding their requirements to ensure their gestures, attitudes, and facial expressions match those of designers or photographers.

Fashion shows feature models dressed in carefully chosen outfits to dazzle audiences and receive their praise and admiration. Models must walk down the runway while maintaining good posture and keeping their faces natural; additionally, they are expected to follow the dress code of their designer or brand.

Many models continue their careers into their late twenties or even early thirties; some decide to retire entirely while others seek roles behind the scenes that utilize their experience.

Commercial Models

If you have seen print advertising such as magazines, catalogs, or pamphlets featuring models in them they were likely commercial models used to promote specific products or services – from TV commercials to online advertisements they are found everywhere.

Commercial models tend to possess more girl-next-door looks than fashion and editorial models and should represent their target audiences effectively. Achieving success in this genre depends upon creating an impressive portfolio with photos that highlight all your body’s best assets; additionally, finding an agent who can connect you with clients is crucial.

Lingerie and swimsuit modeling are among the most in-demand female modeling jobs, usually featuring curvier models than editorial or runway ones. Lingerie models may also be hired for fitting and showroom assignments or used to showcase specific parts such as hands or feet.

Fashion models tend to wear clothing sizes 6 or 8. However, plus-size models can sometimes qualify for other genres of modeling such as catalog and editorial modeling.

Fitness models are typically men or women with athletic physiques. Fitness models can serve both as workout instructors and modeling models to inspire others to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

Furthermore, fitness models often take modeling jobs related to sportswear or supplement companies as well as acting as lingerie or swimsuit models due to having the right figure for these assignments.

Instagram Models

No matter if you view them as traditional models or social media influencers, their massive following and ability to draw in brand sponsorship cannot be denied. Emily Ratajkowski and Rosie Huntington Whiteley have made headlines as runway models; others such as Sommer Ray and Maria Borges prefer fitness and healthy living over plastic surgery or modeling in high-end fashion shows.

Other Instagram models specialize in the lingerie, bikini, and swimwear industries. Sierra Koster is one such model who boasts 4 million followers on Instagram and works with brands like Pretty Little Thing and Lounge Underwear. Her sultry Instagram feed showcases pictures of her wearing skimpy bikinis, lacy lingerie, and other provocative outfits; additionally, she promotes teeth whitening products while working with multiple apparel, cosmetic, and body care brands.

Influencer marketing, also known as creating fashion lines and selling them via Instagram, can be an immensely lucrative career path for women who excel at self-promotion, building relationships with their audience, and negotiating rates with brands.

Instagram models differ from traditional models in that they must still deal with similar challenges, but Instagram models must still consider all expenses before trying to monetize their accounts. Some freelance models may need to pay their agencies for services such as rent, comp cards, photo shoots, and portfolio file transmission. It isn’t unusual for some models who book multiple jobs at once to end up in debt with their agencies – thus it is essential for potential IG models to carefully consider all expenses associated with becoming models before trying to monetize their accounts.


The world of fashion has witnessed numerous exceptional female models whose captivating charm fascinates people globally. These internationally renowned models left a noteworthy impact in the industry while becoming familiar names inspiring upcoming models and encouraging fashion fanatics. In this blog post, we commemorate 22 worldwide celebrated female models who embody beauty, style, and success as iconic figures.

Gisele Bündchen (Brazil):

Gisele Bündchen, an influential personality in the fashion industry originated from Brazil. Her strikingly tall stature and unparalleled charm have established her as one of the most compensated models to date cementing her place as an international sensation.

Naomi Campbell (United Kingdom):

For quite some time now Naomi Campbell has been a dominant force in the world of fashion. As a British supermodel her uniquely striking features, commanding stride, and pioneering career accomplishments have secured her place as an international icon.

Kate Moss (United Kingdom):

A name that occupies an extremely prominent place in modern fashion discourse – Kate Moss quite simply transcends seasons and trends. Often feted for inspiring a new era of “heroin-chic,” she has consistently redefined what we think style can be over multiple decades. Her ever-present smile and unique sensibilities have made her one of the most beloved faces within global fashion circles today.

Heidi Klum (Germany):

Heidi Klum, the celebrated model from Germany who is also recognized as a television personality has enthralled people across various countries with her endearing charm and breathtaking beauty. Her remarkable success in the industry has cemented her position as an icon of admiration and respect.

Adriana Lima (Brazil):

Adriana Lima’s mesmerizing beauty took the fashion world by storm when she earned her title as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. This talented Brazilian model has since become an international icon thanks to numerous high-profile campaigns and spectacular runway shows that highlight her natural grace and elegance.

Karlie Kloss (United States):

With her admirable stature and unparalleled finesse on the ramp, Karlie Kloss has become a globally renowned American model and entrepreneur. Her successful collaborations with recognizable fashion icons have earned her high publicity, with her appearance gracing several prestigious magazine covers.

Bella Hadid (United States):

Bella Hadids captivating beauty and commanding presence have propelled her to stardom in the fashion industry. The American model’s striking features and robust social media presence have captured hearts worldwide earning her widespread acclaim.

Liu Wen (China):

Liu Wen, a remarkable Chinese supermodel has earned recognition as a pioneer in the fashion industry for Asian models. Her exceptional achievements and impact have traversed geographical boundaries cementing her as an international icon.

Candice Swanepoel (South Africa):

The striking Candice Swanepoel from South Africa became highly recognized as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Her stunning appearance and impressive display on runways worldwide have led to her being among the most sought-after models in neo-fashion nowadays.

Alessandra Ambrosio (Brazil):

Alessandra Ambrosio is a truly mesmerizing Brazilian model with an abundance of magazine covers under her belt and countless runways under her feet across the globe. Her longstanding success and celestial loveliness have solidified her as an esteemed international sensation within the fashion industry.

Irina Shayk (Russia):

Irina Shayk is a highly esteemed Russian model and actress who has captured the attention of global audiences thanks to her exquisite features and striking stare. Her widespread appeal across cultures has established her as a prominent figure on the international stage.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (United Kingdom):

As a global fashion icon, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s timeless allure sets defining standards in the industry. Known for effortless style and poise, this British model cum businesswoman has garnered acclaimed campaigns and been featured on prestigious magazine covers across continents.

Joan Smalls (Puerto Rico):

As one of Puerto Ricos most prominent exports Joan Smalls has made an undeniable impact on the fashion industry. With a steadfast dedication to promoting inclusion and celebrating diversity, she has shattered preconceived notions and opened doors for others. Joan’s unwavering professionalism and fierce spirit have earned her recognition worldwide.

Natalia Vodianova (Russia):

The stunning Natalia Vodianova, also referred to as the “Supernova ” has earned adoration from audiences for both her striking appearance and altruistic impact. Her flourishing global career and selfless endeavors serve as a remarkable source of inspiration.

Jourdan Dunn (United Kingdom):

Jourdan Dunn, a distinguished supermodel from Britain has made an impressive mark in the industry with her striking features and remarkable talent. Through her pioneering career path and dedicated efforts toward diversity, she has earned high acclaim globally.

Doutzen Kroes (Netherlands):

The mesmerizing blue eyes and captivating presence of Dutch model Doutzen Kroes have garnered her worldwide fame. Her collaborations with esteemed brands and unwavering commitment to environmental causes have propelled her to icon status.

Liu Wen (China):

An eminent figure in fashion history Liu Wen stands out for her outstanding accomplishments and unwavering commitment towards diversity and inclusivity. Her groundbreaking work has made a significant impact on inspiring future generations across ethnic boundaries. Being the first Asian model to walk in Victoria’s Secret Runway adds another dimension to Liu Wen’s distinguished career as a fearless pioneer who sets high standards of excellence in the modeling industry.

Kendall Jenner (United States):

As a part of the famed Kardashian-Jenner lineage, Kendall Jenner has emerged as an accomplished international model. Her unparalleled taste in fashion and formidable influence across diverse online networks have catapulted her into realms of worldwide acknowledgment and admiration.

Elsa Hosk (Sweden):

Embodying both grace and fierceness Elsa Hosk – hailing from Sweden – has made quite an impression as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and distinguished model in the realm of high fashion. Her delicate features and confident stride have firmly established her as an international sensation.

Maria Borges (Angola):

Maria Borges, the esteemed Angolan model has etched her name in history by proudly flaunting her natural afro hair on the highly coveted Victoria’s Secret runway. Her commendable efforts to foster diversity and representation have helped establish her as a powerful and influential role model.

Gigi Hadid (United States):

Gigi Hadid is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about figures in the model industry owing to her seemingly effortless flair and magnetic aura that effortlessly draw attention. The paragon of beauty is known worldwide, all credits go to her remarkable partnerships with celebrated designer labels and excellent marketing skills through which she became part of numerous global campaigns.

Karolina Kurkova (Czech Republic):

Karolina Kurkova, a highly respected Czech supermodel boasts an impressive career with countless appearances on catwalks and magazine covers. Her versatility and distinctive features have made her a global sensation in the modeling world.


The reputation of these 22 famous female models extends far beyond the world’s runways and glossy pages—as they stand tall as embodiments of beauty personified. Hailing from various corners across the globe -from Brazil to Russia- each one has defied norms in her unique way inspiring aspiring dreamers everywhere. Their astonishing abilities are matched by their magnetic personas that radiate confidence drawing audiences worldwide. These women-made goddesses inspire not just admiration but also respect elevating them into truly iconic figures in today’s obsessed-over fashion world.


Following the fashion trends and celebrities across the globe. I love writing about inspirational figures in entertainment industry. Apart from blogging over 10 years, I work as an event host in California. Feel free to reach out for any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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