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Brooks Nader

Brooks Nader: Swimsuit Model

Brooks Nader is a successful fashion model, social media influencer, and swimsuit model who has made waves in her field. She has appeared in multiple Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues.

She was raised in Baton Rouge and graduated from Episcopal High School. Following that, she enrolled at Tulane University to obtain a degree in finance.

Brooks Nader’s Biography

Brooks Nader is an established American model who has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and modeled for brands such as Miami Swim Week, Elle Magazine, Laura Mercier, and Covergirl. Her success on social media platforms such as Instagram has resulted in her garnering over one million followers; and she has collaborated with renowned companies like Wish, Oh Polly, and L’Etoile among many others.

Brooks was born February 7th, 1996 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana of Lebanese descent and has three younger sisters in her family. Brooks attended Episcopal High School before enrolling at Tulane University to major in Finance but dropped out after two years to focus on modeling as her full-time job.

Following that experience, she interned at an event space company in New York City and was soon discovered by a modeling agent and began her professional modeling career – currently represented by NEXT Models, LA Models, and New York Model Management.

Brooks is an exceptionally hard-working individual. Despite enduring rejection by 99 percent of modeling agencies, she never gave up and eventually found her success in modeling.

She recently posted on Instagram how she was being followed for five hours by someone. A stranger left an Apple AirTag in her purse which caused it to notify her phone whenever someone came near.

She also loves cooking and experimenting with various recipes, while traveling is something she does frequently, often sharing her adventures on her Instagram account.

Owing to her captivating looks and impressive physique, she has amassed an impressive net worth. She earns substantial sums through modeling work and brand endorsements, which has contributed significantly to her financial success – leading her to an estimated net worth of approximately one million USD.

Brooks Nader’s Net Worth

Brooks Nader is an acclaimed and talented model who has long been active in the fashion industry. Thanks to her hard work in modeling, brand collaborations, and social media engagement – her success and wealth have grown significantly over time – as per estimates, Brooks’ estimated net worth stands at roughly $2 Million as of 2022.

Brooks was born and raised alongside three younger sisters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After graduating Episcopal High School she attended Tulane University to study finance. While studying finance she also volunteered as a tutor and joined Tulane’s dance team. Brooks is the granddaughter of Dr. Sam Nader who serves as LSU’s assistant athletic director and has seen them win two national titles and 30 bowl games under his leadership.

She began her career as a social media influencer before transitioning into modeling. Her Instagram photos and videos quickly rose in popularity, drawing notice from modeling agencies and clients alike. She has appeared at events such as New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Elle Magazine as well as brands Laura Mercier and Covergirl – earning her many appearances at these shows and events.

Brooks has overcome various hurdles to her career despite its success, such as agencies declining her work due to being too short or tall or curvier or bustier than expected. Yet these setbacks never prevented her from pushing forward hard and working diligently towards success.

Brooks is not only known for her modeling career but is an active social media user as she regularly updates her Instagram account with pictures and videos to maintain over 1 million followers on the platform. Additionally, she has appeared in movies like Backtrace as an influencer while being an avid traveler.

Brooks stands out as not only an accomplished model and social media influencer but also as an accomplished acrobat and twerker, having competed in several twerking competitions and becoming adept in martial arts. Her unique style and vibrant personality make her a great candidate for various fashion campaigns.

Brooks Nader’s Modeling Career

Brooks Nader’s remarkable combination of style and beauty has propelled her to stardom in the modeling industry. The American model has graced several high-profile fashion and lingerie shoots, garnering her an immense fan base on social media. Brooks boasts a stunning physique which she maintains with regular exercise regiments as well as diet plans; these efforts allow for her sexy photos and workout videos to be posted to Instagram and popular among her followers.

Brooks’ sensuous, curve-hugging images have amassed millions of followers on social media platforms such as Instagram. She has also completed various photoshoots for various brands and she maintains her website featuring recent photoshoots and work. Brooks is associated with several modeling agencies such as New York Models, NEXT Miami, LA Models, and Louisa Germany.

Brooks spends her free time traveling and spending time with her family. She is particularly close to both of her parents. Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and attending Episcopal High School for both primary and secondary education. After graduation, she enrolled at Tulane University to earn a finance degree but eventually left college early due to modeling responsibilities.

Brooks’ modeling career took off after taking part in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2019 open casting call competition and being chosen as part of its swimsuit issue for 2019. They immediately recognized her talents and decided to feature her.

Since then, she has been working with the magazine. For her shoots, she has traveled to various destinations like Bali, Montenegro, and the Bahamas – in addition to working with several lingerie and makeup brands.

Brooks is keen for her fans to gain more insight into her personal life, specifically whether or not she is dating anyone. Although Brooks has kept her personal affairs private and has not revealed any information regarding a potential romantic interest or partner, she remains active on social media by regularly providing updates regarding work and lifestyle updates to followers.

Personal Life of Brooks Nader

Brooks Nader’s life is a testimony of hard work and devotion. Following her passion led her to pursue modeling as a profession; with this success came numerous achievements that made a meaningful impactful statement about society at large, inspiring millions. She continues to inspire those around the globe through her achievements.

Brooke considers her family an integral part of her life and cherishes their close bond. Breaux Nader and Holland Greene, in particular, have always encouraged Brooke to be true to herself while being supportive in all her endeavors. Additionally, she credits them with teaching her the value of following one’s dreams and following one’s heart.

The model married her long-time supporter in December 2019 and they’re both extremely happy together. She loves traveling and discovering new places while documenting them through photography. Fashion is another passion of hers with designer clothes in her closet and combat boots worn as extra comfort and protection.

Brooks enjoys unwinding with a hot bath full of bubbles or watching her favorite shows on television in her free time. Additionally, she regularly attends workout sessions at her gym. Furthermore, Brooks boasts over 1M followers on Instagram who she regularly interacts through this platform.

Brooks is deeply passionate about her mission of increasing diversity within the modeling industry and strives to continue doing so. She aims to demonstrate there are many forms of beauty and assist those suffering from body image issues. Brooks hopes to break industry standards and encourage others to express themselves freely.

As well as modeling, she is also an active social media user with over 1M Instagram followers on both of her accounts. She regularly works with brands like Celsius, Dyson, Vita Coco, and Clarins promoting their products on her accounts as well as advocating for women’s empowerment by regularly posting messages related to female empowerment on her accounts.


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