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Zosia Mamet

Zosia Mamet: American Actress and Musician

Zosia Mamet first gained recognition when she played neurotic Girls star Shoshanna Shapiro on Lena Dunham’s hit HBO show Girls.

Though celebrities appear to always have flawless complexions, Zosia Mamet understands first-hand the difficulties associated with long shoot days and heavy makeup application can take its toll.

Paul Downs Colaizzo’s off-Broadway drama Really Really, which follows a group of immoral college students in their aftermath from an epic campus party, marks The Girls star’s theatrical debut.

Zosia Mamet’s Biography

The Vermont native boasts an extensive resume both prior and after her appearance on Dunham’s series. She appeared on TV shows such as Mad Men and Parenthood; in movies like Cherry Sunset Stories Rhymes with Banana while also performing at Joe’s Pub with Jez Butterworth in Jez Butterworth’s The Naked Eye production.

Last year, Mamet became an ambassador for War Child – an international charity providing education and other services for children living in conflict zones – with hopes to visit one soon and witness first-hand their work first-hand. Her goal is to travel there later this year and see first-hand their efforts first-hand.

Mamet currently has several acting projects underway, such as an upcoming biopic of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe starring Matt Smith as the artist and Mamet in her role as his former lover and BFF, Patti Smith – production will start this summer.

Mamet will also appear in independent comedy The Boy Downstairs and A24 thriller Under the Silver Lake, which stars Andrew Garfield and Riley Keough. Furthermore, writer-director Ondi Timoner has created a modern anthology series featuring Mamet alongside Evan Jonigkeit who co-wrote her husbands NBC drama The Whirligig as co-writers.

As is common among New Yorkers, Mamet resides in Manhattan. Her current two-bedroom in Morningside Heights with Jonigkeit and their beloved pup Moose was where it all started: it inspired both of them to collaborate writing together.

One of their first projects together was The Secret Lunches of Chelsea and Ivanka, set during the height of a pandemic. Mamet and Jonigkeit wanted this play – described as a modern day presidential satire – to serve as a reminder that people in similar positions must continue pushing forward without giving way to fear or uncertainty.

Mamet and Jonigkeit prioritized living near both their work in downtown NYC as well as their second home an hour outside of it when selecting the ideal neighborhood to reside in. After searching neighborhoods such as TriBeCa and Morningside Heights before finding their current apartment – with an open floor-plan, large windows and private balcony they could walk to work every day via subway train – Mamet and Jonigkeit decided upon Morningside Heights which boasted all these qualities and more!

Zosia Mamet’s Filmography

Zosia Mamet, daughter of playwright and screenwriter David Mamet and Lindsay Crouse (best known for appearing in Broadway musicals such as “The Sound of Music”) made her mark as Shoshanna Shapiro on Lena Dunham’s HBO show Girls. Since then she has also appeared in Mad Men, Parenthood, The United States of Tara as well as films including Cherry Off the Ledge Rhymes with Banana The Kids Are All Right Cherry Off the Ledge Rhymes with Banana Her half-sister Clara has also made her stage debut performing in Paul Downs Colaizzo’s off-Broadway production Really Really and clarified pronunciation issues during an NY Times Magazine profile interview by saying she pronounces ZAH-shah rather than ZAH-shah

She currently stars as Annie Mouradian on HBO Max original series, The Flight Attendant.

Zosia Mamet’s Stage Debut

Zosia Mamet, daughter of Glengarry playwright David Mamet and actress Lindsay Crouse, may be best known for her turn as Shoshanna Shapiro on HBO’s Girls; but this 27-year-old is making waves beyond television – her stage career has recently begun with Matt Lauria from Friday Night Lights as her co-star! MCC Theater’s off-Broadway production of Paul Downs Colaizzo’s Really, Really which begins performances January 31 and opens February 19 at Lucille Lortel Theater

Mamet and Lauria star as Leigh and Davis, two college students caught in a whirlpool of morning-after gossip following a drunken campus kegger. The drama surrounding these characters explores generational drift and diminished opportunities many recent graduates face; Mamet takes up the challenge of portraying someone both manipulative and vulnerable with her performance as Leigh/Davis.

Though she’s only been working in acting for two years, Mamet is already revolutionizing what it means to be an actor. According to her, being an actor means not being afraid to ask difficult questions and striking a balance between being an artist and knowing when it is best to just sit back and observe.

At present, she is busy film and TV project-producing as well as acting. Recently, she co-produced Sophie Brooks’ directorial debut, The Boy Downstairs; an account about a young New York woman who falls madly in love with an apartment located directly above that of an ex.

Though her schedule is full, Mamet still manages to find time for running and cooking as hobbies. She enjoys spending time with family members including Willa Mamet (from Mad Men) and half-sister Clara Mamet, both who appear on the series. Though managing all these demands can be challenging at times, it’s a decision she is happy with: “My job is the one thing I ever wanted to do – giving up tomorrow would make me miserable!”

Zosia Mamet’s Television Debut

Zosia Mamet, best known for her television debut on Lena Dunham’s HBO show Girls, is an exceptional actor with an enormous fan base. Born to David Mamet (a well-renowned playwright) and Lindsay Crouse (an actress), she has one sister Willa as well as Clara and Noah. Currently residing in Greenwich Village with high ceilings and exposed brick walls for an apartment home, she boasts one of New York City’s premier apartment spaces!

Mamet decided not to attend college after high school in order to focus on her acting career, which included several plays and television series before landing her breakthrough role on Girls. Since then, she has become one of the most coveted actresses in show business due to her distinct acting style and distinctive looks which have garnered her numerous accolades as well as appearances in numerous films.

She can be seen in Lena Dunham’s hit series Girls as Shoshanna. Additionally, she has appeared in recurring roles on Mad Men, Parenthood and United States of Tara and has had leading roles in films like The Kids Are All Right Cherry Sunset Stories and Rhymes with Banana.

Her off-Broadway stage debut, Really Really, garnered critical acclaim and was nominated for a Helen Hayes Award. The play centers around coldly calculated college students. Although initially skeptical of her as the perfect fit for her role in Really Really, when he saw how passionately she committed herself to the project he changed his mind.

Mamet has an active schedule ahead of her. She will appear in both movies (The Night House and The Flight Attendant) as well as creating her own production company and publishing her book – The Ankle Pants Emergency.

Over time, she will make an imprintful presence in Hollywood, becoming an established name within the industry. She already enjoys an enormous fan base and unique acting style which continue to dazzle audiences with stunning performances.


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