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Zoe Perry

Zoe Perry: American Actress

Zoe Perry is the daughter of actor Jeff Perry and actress Laurie Metcalf and currently portrays Mary Cooper on Young Sheldon (which her mother first made famous on The Big Bang Theory). Additionally, she has had recurring roles on Scandal and The Family as well as guest starring roles on Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice Cold Case My Boys Conviction Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Zoe Perry’s Biography

Zoe Perry is an American actress. She hails from Hollywood’s Laurie Metcalf (mother) and actor Jeff Perry (father), both known for their acting careers. Zoe first began acting at an early age; working with both of her parents on several projects including Roseanne and Girls Trip as well as theater productions like The Other Place and Good Television.

Zoe is best known for her role as Mary Cooper on Young Sheldon, a spinoff of The Big Bang Theory on CBS. In it she portrays an earlier version of a character played by her mother on the adult show; to obtain it she auditioned. Zoe has also made appearances in recurring roles on The Family and Scandal TV shows.

She has collaborated on film and television projects with both of her parents for many years – most notably two minor flashback roles as Jackie Harris on the ABC sitcom Roseanne. Additionally, she boasts extensive theater credits; including performing alongside her mother in The Other Place on Broadway.

Zoe Perry is a graduate of Northwestern University. Her upcoming projects include playing the lead in Cotton; having a recurring role on Private Practice as well as guest appearances in Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS; as well as membership at Antaeus Theatre Company of Los Angeles where Taylor Gilbert served as founder/artistic Director, where Zoe participated in August Wilson’s Jitney world premiere opening this week at Center Theatre Group’s Mark Taper Forum.

Zoe Perry’s Filmography

Zoe Perry has made numerous movies and television appearances over her long acting career. Both her parents are actors, which has helped facilitate this talent and success; Zoe has even appeared alongside both of them in certain films or TV shows she’s appeared in! Zoe is also an award-winning dancer – having appeared alongside them both in some films or shows she starred in such as Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice! Additionally, she was nominated for an Emmy award with Beautiful Doom!

Zoe has appeared as a guest star on numerous popular shows like Law and Order: Criminal Intent, The Family, and NCIS as well as Broadway productions and regional theater productions. Her filmography boasts roles with Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams among many other recognizable actors. Zoe is a truly talented actress with a promising future ahead of her.

Zoe Metcalf Perry is the daughter of actors Laurie Metcalf and Jeff Perry and she displays exceptional acting ability. Laurie played Sheldon Cooper’s adult mother Mary Cooper on The Big Bang Theory; when Young Sheldon came about, Zoe was cast as Mary Cooper when it premiered, going through auditions to secure the role – due to having such strong similarities with Laurie Metcalf as Mary Cooper herself!

Zoe has appeared in multiple episodes of the show and plays a small but crucial role. Her chemistry with both co-stars and viewers makes her one of the cast’s most beloved members, making Zoe one of its fan favorites. Zoe’s future looks bright as she will undoubtedly continue to impress fans of her own.

Zoe was born to actress Laurie Metcalf and actor Jeff Perry on 26 September 1984. She is an exceptionally gifted young lady with the ability to act both comedically and dramatically, possessing a positive outlook toward life and an engaging sense of humor.

Zoe Perry’s Acting Career

Zoe Perry is an American actress best known for her appearances in both films and television shows, particularly Young Sheldon (a prequel to The Big Bang Theory), where she plays Mary Cooper. Additionally, she has had recurring roles in The Family and Scandal as well. Zoe is the daughter of actors Laurie Metcalf and Jeff Perry.

After graduating from Northwestern University, Perry moved to New York City in search of television work. Soon thereafter she landed several small roles on series such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent but due to homesickness returned home where she found theater work including The Other Place by Eugene O’Neill as well as Anna Christie at Odyssey Theatre Ensemble.

Perry first made her mark as an actress when she appeared as Sheldon Cooper’s mother Mary on the CBS sitcom Young Sheldon and then had a recurring role on ABC political thriller Scandal; though details regarding her character and storyline remain under wraps. It is expected that Perry will return for season 6 of Scandal alongside Kerry Washington and Cyrus Beene.

She has also appeared as a guest star on hit medical dramas Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, playing Katy Noonan in season nine’s Beautiful Doom episode and Lisa Jacobs in season two’s Equal and Opposite. Additionally, she played one of My Boy’s patients and Renie from No Pay, Nudity series as guest stars.

Perry can often be found performing on stage, most notably as Julie Harris’ replacement in Hello, Dolly! on Broadway in 2015. Additionally, she has performed in regional productions such as August Wilson’s The Lieutenant of Inishmore at Center Theatre Group and Good Television at Atlantic Theater Company.

Zoe Perry’s mother Laurie Metcalf has spoken highly of her daughter’s talent and admiration for how well she handles herself in public scrutiny associated with an acting career. Laurie Metcalf admired Zoe’s acting abilities despite public scrutiny.

Zoe Perry’s Awards

Zoe Perry won the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series at Illinois State University last night. Zoe was nominated alongside Laurie Metcalf and Scandal co-star Jeff Perry; her portrayal of Mary Cooper on Young Sheldon, a Big Bang Theory spinoff set in East Texas during the 1980s, has won critical acclaim – The New York Times called her performance “warm and believable,” while The Hollywood Reporter called her one of its most invested performers on screen.

Zoe Metcalf Perry, born of actors Laurie Metcalf and Jeff Perry, made her television debut as the younger Jackie Harris on Roseanne. Her mother played the adult version. Later in 2017, she made another brief appearance as young Mary Cooper on Young Sheldon – another role originated by Laurie on its original airing.

Although she was unfamiliar with acting on screen, she quickly proved her worth as part of the cast. Her resemblance to her mother in terms of voice and mannerisms helps create a believable character; while her dedication and commitment earned praise from critics.

Zoe has enjoyed success performing in Broadway theater productions such as The Other Place and Good Television, in recurring roles such as Samantha Ruland on Scandal and Waitress on One Day at a Time. Her artwork investigates expressions of identity across mainstream groups as well as non-conforming subcultures; images from the BAGLY Prom project demonstrate this delicate balance between youth vulnerability and defensive self-protection strategies.

Zoe Metcalf, born September 28, 1993, to actress Laurie Metcalf and producer Jim Parsons, is both an Emmy winner. Metcalf won three Emmys for her performances in Roseanne and its reboot The Conners; Zoe will compete against her mother at this year’s Emmys for that award against both of them – an impressive feat given Zoe is only 23. With such talent in both parents at her disposal, she may become an established talent as soon as future ceremonies.


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