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Zaya Wade

Zaya Wade: Model and Influencer

Zaya Wade, 16, daughter of Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union made headlines in 2020 after she publicly came out as transgender. Since then, she has come into her own as both model and advocate for transgender causes.

But she has had difficulty, with former spouse Siohvaughn Funches-Wade filing a petition to stop the name change process.

Zaya Wade’s Biography

Zaya Wade, daughter of former NBA star Dwyane Wade and actress Gabrielle Union, is an acclaimed fashion model, social media influencer, and LGBTQ activist. Since first coming out as transgender at 12 years old, she has become an embodiment of living one’s truth – something her parents have always supported her with as evidenced by Dazed magazine celebrating her big cover debut!

Born and raised in the United States, Zaya is an enthusiastic citizen. She practices Christianity and belongs to both LGBTQ groups as well as being an established model, working with numerous fashion labels like Sami Miro Vintage and Bulgari. Zaya is recognized for her stylish looks and confident demeanor – two hallmarks of success!

Zaya recently addressed her experience as a transgender person during an interview. While initially it was hard for her, eventually she learned to accept herself and urge other people to follow suit. With an incredible social media following and being constantly complimented for her attire she is now well-recognized as being “Zaya”.

Dwyane Wade has been extremely supportive of his daughter’s transition. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, he acknowledged his ignorance regarding LGBTQ communities before her coming out, but was made more educated as a result of her journey. He pledged his continued assistance throughout this process.

Even through their differences, the Wade family has always been close. Recently, they celebrated Zaya’s birthday with a family dinner.

The next day, she took part in Miu Miu’s Paris Fashion Week show wearing an olive green sweater dress accessorized with a brown leather bag and patent slingback heels; both her parents were in attendance as cheerleaders from the front row.

Zaya has been modeling for an extended period and serves as an inspiration to young girls. She has participated in various fashion shows and garnered thousands of Instagram followers; additionally, she’s an outspoken proponent for LGBTQ rights – speaking at events to advocate on their behalf – doing charity work as well. Zaya serves as a role model to other transgender women while working hard towards fulfilling her dreams.

Zaya Wade’s Personal Life

Zion Malachi Airamis Wade, more popularly known as Zaya, recently came out as transgender. She switched pronouns and informed her parents she knew she was female since age three. Additionally, Zaya is also an established social media influencer on Instagram – she regularly applies henna designs on her hands and posts photos on the platform!

She comes from a well-established family. Her father was an ex-professional basketball player who won multiple championships with Miami Heat; while her mother, Siohvaughn Funches, works as both a public speaker and Christian counselor. Zaire Wade and Xavier Wade, and Kavia James (half-sister).

Zaya is an advocate for the LGBTQ community and has been open about her journey as a transgender person. She has received support from both her family and other celebrities, such as Dwayne Wade. Furthermore, Zaya has spoken out against racism while emphasizing the need for education regarding transgender identities.

Despite all of the controversy, she continues to live her truth and encourages others to do the same. She is supported by both her father and stepmother Gabrielle Union; additionally, she educates her siblings about transgender community members and their struggles.

As a high school student, Zaya lives a quiet yet fulfilling life without being involved in any serious relationships at this time. She spends time with family and friends, attends classes, participates in extracurricular activities, attends her winter formal, and shares photos on Instagram.

Zaya Wade boasts a slim body structure and weighs around 54 kg. She features black hair color with dark brown eyes. Zaya’s Instagram account boasts over 650K followers where she regularly posts updates from her daily life and activities. In addition, Zaya has worked as a model for various fashion, apparel, perfume, and makeup brands.

Zaya Wade’s Parents

Zaya Wade became an icon for living authentic lives after she announces her gender identity at 12 years old. Born to former NBA player Dwayne Wade and stepdaughter of actress Gabrielle Union, she quickly rose through the ranks to activist, fashion darling, and magazine cover girl status; accruing over 600K Instagram followers as she strives to help others discover their authenticity.

The transgender teenager has been vocal about her experiences with bullying and discrimination against transgender people, vowing to become “the face that changes the world.” Her parents have also been very supportive during her transition; reaching out to experts for assistance as well as initiating family therapy sessions for their daughter; they even block public comments on her social media posts to ensure the mental well-being of their daughter.

Fashion model the teen has quickly earned recognition for her bold fashion sense and beauty, often seen sporting everything from leather jackets to flowing dresses. She’s frequently been seen alongside both her father and stepsister at various events; Dazed Magazine even featured her cover photo as their first transgender cover featuring someone of color!

Teen is also an artist. She loves drawing and painting; as well as applying intricate henna designs onto her hands. Their Instagram feed is filled with her artwork as well as lifestyle pictures.

Though her parents largely supported her decision to change her gender legally and name legally, they did not approve of legalizing these changes. Born as Zaire Wade and later transitioning into Zaya after turning 12,

According to a 2022 study, parental support is vitally important for transgender children. It can reduce suicide risks and stop abuse or bullying in school settings. That’s why parents must educate themselves on issues facing their kids while taking steps to support them as much as possible. While she still faces obstacles along her journey toward independence, this young lady is taking great strides forward toward her future success.

Zaya Wade’s Boyfriend

Zaya Wade has long been an influencer and positive representative in her community; known for her beauty-centric social media content and modeling gigs with various fashion brands, as well as modeling for them herself. Recently she has also spoken out against transphobic attacks she encounters online and how she learned how to avoid them altogether.

Zaya Wade is the daughter of Dwyane Wade and Siohvaughn Funches, who divorced in 2007. After his former NBA playing partner obtained custody, he later married Gabrielle Union and has two more children – Zaire Blessing and Kaavia James.

Zaya Wade may have become famous, but she remains just a typical teenager navigating life and searching for her place in it. Her parents have always supported her gender identity and have been vocal supporters of LGBTQ rights in recent years.

Recent Easter festivities saw one teen posting pictures with her new partner Huaze Leo on Instagram, where the pictures proved extremely popular with fans, and soon thereafter fans realized he/him was his pronoun of choice.

Sources have confirmed that Zaya and Huaze began dating in early 2022. Since then, they have spent much time together and appear very contented in their relationship; having even attended multiple events together.

At just 14 years old, Zaya may already be involved in romantic relationships – an experience not uncommon among teenagers. Her parents have been supportive and are thrilled that their daughter is living her best life.

Zaya is an Instagram influencer with thousands of followers and an active presence across other social platforms such as Snapchat and Twitter. She has even appeared in TV shows and talk shows as she showcases her talents! Zaya is an attractive young lady with much to give the world; we can only hope we see more of her in the future!


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