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Whitney Johns

Whitney Johns: Fitness Model, Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer

Whitney Johns is an Instagram fitness model who first gained popularity through her bikini content. Since then, she has collaborated with numerous fitness brands and even competed in WBFF Pro.

She offers mentoring to aspiring social media influencers. Additionally, her philanthropic endeavors demonstrate her dedication to her community. Currently residing in Marina Del Rey, California

Whitney Johns’ Biography

Whitney Johns is an Instagram fitness model, personal trainer, and bodybuilder with over 900,000 followers on her account and 20,000 on her nutrition account on Instagram. Additionally, she competes as both an international bikini competitor as well as having competed at both national and local bikini competitions.

She has collaborated with numerous brands, such as Kristen Lonie Swimwear, Harpers PR, MuscleTech, Wolf & Sage, and Tawkify; additionally, she has appeared in Fitness Gurls Magazine and StrongFit Magazine.

As a personal trainer, Whitney specializes in working one-on-one with individuals to reach their goals. Her approach combines strength and cardio training as well as flexibility and mobility practices, giving clients confidence that their goals can be reached successfully. Whitney uses her training experience to assist her clients with any mental barriers to achievement while inspiring them.

Outside the gym, Whitney enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She owns a dog named Sofia and is in a relationship with kickboxer and MMA fighter Chris Camozzi – posts like her saucy OnlyFans posts may make some men envious – however, Whitney remains happily single; fitness offers ample opportunities for keeping her occupied as an avenue to keep busy!

Whitney Johns’ Career

Whitney Johns is an Instagram influencer and fitness model with an enormous following on the platform. She’s well-known for sharing photos from bodybuilding and bikini competitions as well as working with various fitness brands and companies – not to mention sharing workout routines and training programs online!

Whitney was born and raised in Idaho, USA as part of a Christian family. Although she has shared very few details of her childhood or family life, Whitney has stated her desire to become an athlete from a very early age and tried a range of sports such as dance and gymnastics before discovering strength training as her calling.

Whitney has achieved incredible success through hard work and determination. She regularly works out six days per week and lifts weights four times weekly; additionally, she consumes a healthy diet consisting of lean meats, fruit vegetables, and whole grains; but occasionally indulges in her favorite cheat meal of ice cream!

Whitney Johns’ Net Worth

Whitney Johns is a certified fitness coach and model with an estimated net worth of around $4 Million US dollars. As a social media personality with millions of followers on Instagram, Whitney makes her money by monetizing her account, offering personal training services, and promoting brands on her page.

Whitney Wellness, her workout app, and website, serves to fulfill people’s fitness goals. With an excellent knowledge of nutrition and adhering to a dairy-free, low-carb diet plan, Whitney regularly practices high-intensity interval training.

Though she has found success as a fitness model, she still makes time for fun and romance in her life. In particular, she spends much of her free time with kickboxer/MMA athlete Chris Camozzi whom she met while vacationing.

She’s an avid boxing fan, making her first bout in April 2023 at Wembley Stadium against 6ar6ie6 from OnlyFans despite having a significant size advantage against her Australian opponent; although, the fight ended with a unanimous decision with 6ar6ie6 appearing to hit her hard with an uppercut and even appearing as it knocked her out at one point.

Personal Life

Whitney Johns was born November 29th, 1990, and currently stands 32. As a longtime fitness and nutrition advocate, Whitney transitioned into training and modeling before competing as a bodybuilder at her first NPC Grand Prix competition where she placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in Bikini Class D and F competitions, earning herself a WBFF Pro Card in 2015. While bodybuilding may no longer be her main source of focus it was still an invaluable way for her to get ahead in her life and start getting recognized.

After competing as a bodybuilder, Whitney began modeling for various apparel and nutritional companies. She also shared workout videos online – leading to an online following and many opportunities such as being a spokesperson for Kristen Lonie Swimwear, MuscleTech, Harpers Apparels, Tawkify, and Wolf & Sage products.

As well as her successful social media career, Whitney is also dedicated to giving back. She actively participates in several philanthropic endeavors that aim to make the world a better place. Furthermore, Whitney promotes healthy living through the diet and workout regimens she follows – many followers look up to her for advice regarding health and fitness matters.

Whitney Johns’ Social Media

Whitney Johns is an Instagram celebrity fitness model and bodybuilder with an amazing physique who has become widely followed online. She regularly shares workout routines on Instagram as well as providing personal training services and creating the app ‘Fit with Whitney’ to assist individuals reach their fitness goals.

Whitney had always been passionate about sports, yet never really excelled at any. While she tried many disciplines such as dance and gymnastics, weightlifting became her true athletic passion at 16 when she started weight training sessions regularly – she quickly became hooked on its results!

Soon thereafter, she started competing in bikini competitions, becoming a prominent fitness model and fitness guru. She has appeared in various fitness publications like Fitness Gurls magazine as well as competing in the World Bikini Fitness Federation Federation (WBFF).

Whitney utilizes high-intensity interval training as part of her workout routine, with strength training becoming an emphasis to build lean and muscular body composition. Furthermore, she sticks to an all-organic diet free from dairy or processed foods for optimal performance.

Author and a Nutrition Business Owner

Whitney Johns is a fitness model, bodybuilding competitor, and founder of the working out app Fit with Whit. She boasts an avid following on social media such as Instagram and YouTube where she posts stunning workout videos as well as pictures. Whitney has competed at both WBFF Pro Stage competitions as well as NPC bikini division competitions and holds an affinity for weightlifting.

Jennifer is both an author and a nutrition business owner with an established nutrition business. She maintains personal and fitness accounts on Instagram, recently signed up for the Kingpyn tournament that pits women against each other in MMA matches, and donned an eye-catching stars and stripes bikini along with an OnlyFans logo-adorned white and gold robe to represent herself during a Kingpyn match in her skimpy stars and stripes bikini to compete.

Johns is a minimalist when it comes to her diet, opting for fresh food over processed. Due to their intolerance for dairy, she prefers eating fish, chicken, vegetables, and healthy fats; also makes sure she completes ab exercises every day.

Johns practices holistic training by prioritizing restful sleep and water consumption, using high-intensity interval training for cardio and conditioning work. She frequently incorporates exercises like hydrant leg extensions, curtsey lunges, rainbow leg lifts, and barbell squats as part of this regimen. In addition, Johns places focus on her glutes through Russian twists and single-leg glute bridges to strengthen these muscles.

Whitney Johns’ Body Measurements

Whitney Johns is an Instagram sensation as both a fitness model and bikini competitor, drawing many followers with each post she makes on her social media platform. Additionally, she’s a personal trainer and works with multiple health and fitness brands; writing articles for Fitness Gurls Magazine and Symbiotics publications; competing in the WBFF Pro competition; etc.

She boasts an enviable figure that many are jealous of, often posting steamy images of herself on social media accounts and showing off her gorgeous abs, thighs, and biceps. When it comes to diet she opts for lean meats and healthy grains for optimal results.

She enjoys working out not only at her regular gym workout but also engaging in high-intensity interval training and bodyweight exercises such as curtsey lunges, hydrant leg extensions, rainbow leg lifts, barbell squats, and single-leg glute bridges for maximum benefit.

As of now, Johns is unmarried and living alone in California, though she has an ongoing romance with professional Glory kickboxer and mixed martial arts fighter Chris Camozzi who frequently shares vacation pictures on both their Instagram accounts. It has been speculated that they plan to get engaged soon.


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