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Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson: American Actress

Tessa Thompson is an amazingly diverse performer who first earned her stripes on theatre stages with productions such as Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest.

Her acting career began to gain steam when she landed roles in Dear White People and Ava DuVernay’s civil rights drama Selma. Since then, she has received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Bianca Taylor in sports drama Creed (2015) and Creed II (2018), as well as being cast as Valkyrie in two blockbuster Marvel films Thor: Ragnarok (2017) and Avengers: Endgame (2021).

Tessa Thompson has built an impressive filmography, exploring various genres and perspectives with ease. Her powerful presence and dynamic performances have captured audiences.

Tessa Thompson’s Biography

Tessa Thompson was born on October 3rd, 1983 in Los Angeles. She grew up in a family that valued artistic expression and social responsibility; both of her parents (one a singer-songwriter and the other a social worker) instilled a passion for music and words into her. Additionally, her studies in cultural anthropology provided insight into the diversity of human experience that would later inform her work as an actress – giving her an excellent grasp of all perspectives shaping our world today.

She first made her professional acting debut with the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company while studying at Santa Monica College, appearing in productions of The Tempest and Romeo and Juliet. Following graduation, she gained roles on television such as Cold Case guest appearance and series regular role as Jackie Cook on season 2 of Veronica Mars. Following this she starred in the movie remake of When a Stranger Calls as well as the dance film Make It Happen before garnering critical acclaim for performances in the 2009 independent drama Mississippi Damned as well as Tyler Perry’s stage play adaptation Tyler Perry’s stage adaptation For Colored Girls.

Thompson has consistently earned critical acclaim for her film and television performances, earning multiple award nominations and being chosen Best Actress at the American Black Film Festival. Beyond acting, Thompson is involved with various social activism initiatives which promote gender equality and racial justice; in addition, she has openly acknowledged her bisexuality while speaking out against its stigmatization.

Tessa Thompson had an exceptional 2018, appearing in several films such as Annihilation, Sorry to Bother You, and Little Woods. Additionally, she reprised her roles of Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok as well as Nakia from Black Panther.

In 2022, Tessa Thompson made her feature film debut with Steve Buscemi’s The Listener which premiered at Venice Film Festival’s Giornate degli Autori section and made its way onto HBO for release later that same year. Her role of Bianca Taylor reprised itself again in Creed III (2023). Her future certainly looks promising and we cannot wait to see what other projects await her!

Tessa Thompson’s Education

Tessa Thompson made her decision early in life that she wanted to become an actor clear when she took acting lessons and appeared as Hermia in a school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Later she studied at Santa Monica College where she auditioned for various television and film roles that would establish herself as an established actress with talent to become successful stars.

As she rapidly rose to stardom, she appeared in multiple critically-acclaimed movies. Most notably in 2023’s Black and Blue directed by Michael B Jordan – with whom she had worked previously – she shared the screen alongside him again as the story focused on an innocent pianist who is victimized by racism and humiliation became personal.

Thompson has made her mark on both feature films and TV, having made notable appearances such as in Veronica Mars and Cold Case. In addition, she acted in TV movies such as A Good Woman and horror flick The Purge.

Tessa Thompson has earned praise for her ability to transform into various characters with ease, making her one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors.

Tessa Thompson still values education as essential to society and has used her platform to promote it and advocate for more funding for public schools. Furthermore, she has championed marginalized groups including women and people of color.

Tessa Thompson embodies both activism and family commitment, as she is also a wife and mother. Furthermore, she is an accomplished pianist – performing in concerts and musicals alike. For her hard work, she has received multiple accolades such as Florence Pugh, Josh O’Connor, and Timothee Chalamet in 2018 sharing the EE Rising Star Award.

Tessa Thompson’s Work

Tessa Thompson has proven her adeptness at navigating the treacherous waters of celebrity. Her stardom has been earned through hard work and she is constantly seeking new challenges to present to both herself and her audience. Recent appearances in movies like Annihilation, Sorry to Bother You, and Passing have demonstrated this skill; showing that she can deliver as both a blockbuster superstar and a nuanced dramatic actress.

She is also an outspoken champion of women’s rights, frequently posting about equality and systemic racism online. Her upcoming role as Valkyrie in Taika Waititi’s THOR: RAGNAROK sequel may cement her place as one of Marvel’s most beloved female superheroes. Additionally, she works closely with directors, writers, and producers to develop more diverse roles depicting people of color without offensive stereotypes or flat representation.

Tessa Thompson won a BAFTA’s EE Rising Star Award and had co-starring roles in Annihilation alongside Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Lakeith Stanfield in 2019. Additionally, she featured in Sorry to Bother You and Passing; the latter of which was inspired by Nella Larsen’s 1929 Harlem Renaissance novel and followed two old friends who reconnect years later but now lead drastically different lives.

Her acting career already includes guest starring as Bianca Taylor in the sports drama Creed, while she will reprise that role as a Civil Rights activist in Ava DuVernay’s forthcoming Selma movie. Additionally, Chocolate Genius offers extensive production services.

Thompson is at the helm of Time’s Up, a group of celebrities fighting sexual harassment in Hollywood, which she co-founded alongside Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Brie Larson, and others. So far Time’s Up has raised $25 Million for its legal defense fund–and they appear only just beginning.

Tessa Thompson’s Personal Life

Thompson is not only an actor; she’s also an accomplished singer-songwriter with her band ‘Called a Ghost,’ performing electro-soul music. Furthermore, the actress is an animal enthusiast; owning various pets including dogs and the beloved Lil’ Kim goat! Additionally, Thompson advocates for environmental sustainability as both vegan and environmental sustainability is something she strongly supports.

She takes social responsibility seriously and uses her platforms to encourage voters and civic engagement activities. In addition, she has advocated for racial justice and women’s rights.

Los Angeles-born actor Angelina Jolie boasts an extensive filmography. Initially making waves through roles on Veronica Mars, Cold Case, and Grey’s Anatomy; more recently she gained widespread acclaim for playing the leading lady in Dear White People (2014) which cemented her status as a Hollywood powerhouse.

At this year’s Academy Awards, she showcased her many talents through films such as X-Men: Apocalypse, Mississippi Damned, and Creed. 2018 performances saw her break into sci-fi films like Annihilation and Sorry to Bother You while exploring racial themes through Selma.

In the coming years, she will appear as Agent M in Men in Black International and Westworld season 2, and also feature in the romance drama Sylvie’s Love as well as the documentary The Left Right Game; co-produced and voice acting for which.

As Americans prepare to cast their vote in this critical midterm election, actress Sarah Jessica Parker has encouraged her fans to get out and vote. She recently posted a video calling upon all Americans to turn out and make their voices heard.

Tessa Thompson remains grounded, even with her wealth and success, dedicating herself to her family and friends. She enjoys hanging out with her mother often at red carpet events or via social media; Tessa makes sure to remain involved with the lives of her children who support her career; while having an amicable relationship with former spouse Dev Hynes.


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