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Taylor Russell

Taylor Russell: Canadian Actress

Taylor Russell has established herself as an actress of note. She has made appearances in multiple popular films and TV shows – such as Netflix’s Lost in Space – as well as in Waves (2019 drama film).

She hails from a family deeply involved with agriculture. Since 2012, she has worked diligently to combat misinformation regarding FFA and 4H.

Taylor Russell’s Biography

Taylor Russell is an energetic young Canadian actress born and raised in Toronto. As a mixed-race actress who follows Christianity as her religion, she currently counts 28 years old among her achievements. Taylor has proven herself adept in film, singing, and dancing performances as well as television show appearances like playing Judy Robinson in Lost In Space’s Netflix reboot; additionally, she appeared in the horror film Escape Room as well as its sequel Escape Room: Tournament of Champions.

Taylor was raised in a multicultural environment by both parents; therefore it was often difficult for her to feel accepted amongst her peers, the majority being white. At eighteen, Taylor decided to pursue acting. Working various projects and saving up money for auditions in Los Angeles until she ran out, she returned home until another audition came along – this routine continued for four years until finally, Taylor finally found success!

As she began her professional career in 2012 and established a Twitter account that same year, she made her television debut with Emily Owens M.D and went on to act alongside Madeline Carroll in Blink a TV movie released in 2014. Additionally, in 2014 she appeared in two additional television films The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story by Lifetime as well as Pants on Fire with Brittney Wilson, Bradley Steven Perry, and Tyrel Jackson Williams in 2014 (Disney XD movie).

In 2018, she made headlines worldwide after appearing as Judy Robinson in Netflix’s reboot of Lost in Space, garnering international acclaim and garnering her international exposure. Since then, she has appeared in multiple independent films and television shows such as Words on Bathroom Walls and Bones and All, for which she received critical acclaim and won the Marcello Mastroianni Award.

She possesses an engaging sense of humor and a warm, welcoming personality. She lives a healthy lifestyle and appreciates eating nutritious food. She’s close with all her co-stars, enjoying time spent together on set. She takes great pride in her mixed-race heritage and strives to inspire other women of color to follow their dreams. Dedicated to making an impactful difference within her community, she’s very active within it – actively trying to make an impactful statement with each act she performs on stage or screen.

Taylor Russell’s Acting Career

She grew up in a stable Canadian family; her father is Black while her mother is White Caucasian. As one of Canada’s rising actresses, she has amassed an estimated net worth over $5 Million US Dollars; yet remains humble while keeping personal details out of public view and following a healthy lifestyle by avoiding highly processed food products.

Taylor Russell has been acting for over 10 years and has appeared on many TV shows and movies. She first gained widespread acclaim when she portrayed Judy Robinson in the Netflix remake of Lost in Space – for which she received critical acclaim. Since then, she has gone on to star in the horror film Bones and All – for which she won a Marcello Mastroianni Award!

In 2019, she appeared in two critically-acclaimed movies – psychological horror Escape Room and thriller Waves – earning critical acclaim and several award nominations, such as two Black Reel Award nominations under Outstanding Supporting Actress for Motion Pictures categories as well as being nominated for Chicago Film Critics Association’s (GAFCA) Breakthrough Performer of the Year Award in 2020.

Born and raised in Vancouver, she moved to Toronto when she was still young. While in Vancouver she did not feel welcome because she was part of the minority community. While wanting to pursue acting professionally she found that her parents did not permit this due to being full-time workers with other children in their care.

Taylor began her acting career with a minor role on an episode of Emily Owens M.D. In 2014, she gained recognition with two feature film appearances: Lifetime’s Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story and Disney XD’s Pants on Fire. Since then she has appeared in Strange Empire and Falling Skies TV shows as well as various other films for which she received awards and nominations.

Taylor Russell’s TV Shows

Taylor Russell is an award-winning Canadian actress renowned for her acting talent and diverse looks. Born to a Black father and White mother, she identifies as biracial. While growing up, Taylor felt misunderstood by most people she encountered in Vancouver; as a result, she relocated to Toronto where there would be more people like herself; this experience helped shape her into becoming a stronger actress.

Though she experienced an upbringing full of hardship, she has found much success as an actor. She has appeared in multiple television shows and movies such as Netflix’s remake of Lost in Space in which she played Judy Robinson; Waves received critical acclaim and won her the Virtuoso Award at Santa Barbara International Film Festival; before I Fall featured as well as supernatural horror film Down a Dark Hall.

She has found roles that showcase her versatility, earning critical acclaim for portrayals of strong women and vulnerable characters. She has spoken openly about facing discrimination as a biracial actor and hopes that more sci-fi roles for actresses of color become available shortly.

She also boasts an impeccable fashion sense and often makes headlines for her attire choices – most recently at Venice Film Festival wearing an eye-catching strapless green dress from Demna Anderson’s spring 2023 collection for Loewe.

She boasts a large following on Instagram and often shares behind-the-scenes images from her work with them. Although not providing details about her personal life, she has stated she is single and focused on advancing her career. She can often be found wearing designer apparel like Balenciaga and Loewe and is fond of tattoos – sporting one on her arm as evidenced by posting an image with this caption.


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