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Sunita Mani

Sunita Mani: Actress, Dancer, Comedian

Sunita Mani, an established New York actress known for her expertise in sketch comedy, improv, characterization, and dance is best known for recurring roles on television series such as Search Party and The Good Place as Arthie Premkumar as well as Netflix’s GLOW.

Mani has also appeared in the web series No Activity and began appearing in Progressive Insurance advertisements starting in 2020.

Sunita Mani’s Biography

Sunita Mani is an American actress, dancer, and comedian who has achieved great success throughout her career and life. A hard worker, her dedication to acting has propelled her into stardom; constantly learning new techniques helps Sunita sharpen her craft; she continues to awe her viewers with both her acting skills and good looks. Sunita’s dedication has seen her achieve many achievements over time while remaining balanced between work and family life. She continues to enthrall viewers with both.

Mani was born December 13th, 1986 in Dickson, Tennessee, United States, and graduated from Dickson County High School in 2004 before going on to earn her BFA in Writing Literature, and Publishing from Emerson College Boston. Following that she joined Upright Citizens Brigade for three years of improvisational comedy training.

She first appeared in 2012 as Jessica in the movie The Indescribable Act and, one year later, as Trenton in Mr. Robot. More recently she had a small part in the 2016 film Don’t Think Twice as well as several popular television series such as Search Party and No Activity.

In 2017, she took on the role of Arthie Premkumar on GLOW, working alongside actors such as Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Sydelle Noel, and Britney Young. Additionally, she has been featured in films such as Save Yourselves and Evil Eye.

Mani is an accomplished dancer renowned for her performance in the music video for Turn Down for What. Additionally, she’s part of the Cocoon Central dance team and has participated in many shows across India and Southeast Asia. As an active philanthropist, she regularly donates time and efforts to charities.

Sunita Warren married Kenny Warren in 2018. Their wedding ceremony followed traditional Indian customs. They have one son together and enjoy traveling extensively together. Sunita boasts over 50 thousand followers on Instagram – showing her commitment to social media!

Sunita Mani’s Filmography

Sunita Mani has an expansive filmography encompassing comedy, horror, and drama. Perhaps best known for her performances in DJ Snake & Lil Jon’s music video “Turn Down For What”, Sunita is also an accomplished dancer capable of performing various styles ranging from hip hop to ballet. She founded Cocoon Central Dance Team as well as appearing on numerous television series like Don’t Think Twice, Mr. Robot, GLOW on Netflix, etc.

Emerson College was home to her multifaceted performer. There, she studied improvisational comedy and began to craft sketch shows of her own. Soon thereafter, her short-form routines appeared in web TV pilots, commercials for Burger King and Levi’s Jeans as well as episodes of Broad City on television. Furthermore, she made multiple appearances on network programs such as TBS Search Party and NBC The Good Place.

Mani has become well-known as both an actor and comedic dancer/comedian. She can be seen in Don’t Think Twice as Amy and Mr. Robot as Trenton; recently cast in the Apple Original Film Spirited where she portrays Past – The Ghost of Christmas Future.

Mani is well known for her comedy and dance work; in addition, she is also an accomplished pop singer with two EP releases under her belt. Additionally, she wrote and directed The Frog Song short film before embarking on writing a feature-length script about an immigrant girl trying to build a new life in America.

Sunita Mani takes an unconventional approach to her craft. She champions creative freedom, adhering to her ideas without deviating. Furthermore, she believes in taking time out for simple pleasures such as reading or taking gentle strolls outdoors – taking regular breaks from her hectic schedule is also important in protecting actors against too much negativity in the industry; finding joy in her career while remaining true to herself has enabled Sunita Mani to find this balance and is an inspiration to young people looking for their dreams.

Sunita Mani’s Appearances

Sunita Mani is an accomplished American actress, dancer, and comedian who first gained notoriety through her viral music video Turn Down for What. Since then she has appeared in TV series like Search Party and GLOW; as well as doing commercial work including Progressive insurance commercials.

Sunita was born and raised in Dickson, Tennessee where she attended high school before attending college to major in writing. While studying writing she joined Upright Citizens Brigade where she received three years of improvisational comedy training as well as several stand-up comedy acts and joined Cocoon Central dance team performances.

Mani is best known for her roles in Mr. Robot and GLOW; in each, she portrays Trenton. Additionally, she can be found on Broad City, Don’t Think Twice No Activity, and the CBS All Access series Maddie as well as performing with other members of the GLOW cast on stage performances.

Mani has not only appeared in film and television roles, but she has also written and directed a short film entitled A Little Bit of Something More and has been featured as a guest speaker on numerous podcasts. She currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately 3 Million dollars.

Sunita is an outstanding performer with an amazing gift for captivating her audiences. She has garnered many fans who admire both her acting abilities and looks; additionally, she can sing several different genres with ease. Sunita works multiple jobs to support herself and her family, setting an excellent example for young women hoping to pursue their dreams. Always works hard on every project she undertakes while having an infectious sense of humor that keeps people laughing during performances; she makes for a great choice when choosing entertainment for any event or show; her parents support her endeavors by supporting her passion – she even inspires younger siblings as her parents support her as she follows her passion!

Sunita Mani’s Awards

Sunita Mani is an American actress, dancer, and comedian best known for her appearance in the viral music video “Turn Down for What” (2013) and for dancing with Cocoon Central Dance Team. Additionally, she portrays Trenton on the USA Network television series Mr. Robot as well as Arthie Premkumar on Netflix show GLOW.

Mani graduated from Dickson County High School in Dickson, Tennessee before attending Emerson College in Boston to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing Literature & Publishing. She began performing stand-up comedy while still in college before later enrolling at Upright Citizens Brigade to receive improvisational comedy training.

Mani first appeared on screen in 2016, appearing as part of Don’t Think Twice and Broad City scenes. Starting in 2020, she began appearing in Progressive Insurance commercials as the sweetheart of sign spinner Mike Sullivan.

Film and television directors have recognized her acting talent. She has appeared in movies such as Save Yourselves, The Good Place, and Three Busy Debras as well as on Dream Corp LLC television show.

As of 2023, she is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $8 Million. Due to her acting skills and beauty, she has become a well-known face in film and television industries.

She is an extraordinary performer with extraordinary talent who strives for excellence in all that she does. She excels at portraying her roles and serves as an inspiring role model to young women everywhere.

Mani is also widely praised for her dance skills. As part of the Cocoon Central Dance Team alongside Tallie Medel and Eleanore Pienta, Mani has performed at venues like Brooklyn’s BAMcinemaFest as well as on Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson’s Broad Comedy Live tour.

Sunita will appear in Spirited, an Apple Original Film directed by Ryan Reynolds starring alongside Octavia Spencer and Jessica Elbaum. Sunita will play Past in this adaptation of Charles Dickens’s classic tale.


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