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Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour: Victoria’s Secret Angel

Stephanie Seymour once held one of the highest profiles among supermodels. She graced Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers, Vogue cover shoots, and high-end lingerie campaigns with ease.

Stephanie Seymour also modeled nude for Playboy magazine and enjoyed a brief relationship with rocker Axl Rose before later marrying media mogul and contemporary art collector Peter Brant; together they have four children.

Stephanie Seymour’s Biography

At age 15, Stephanie Seymour dreamed of becoming a fashion model. With tall and striking features that made her ideal modeling material, Stephanie found success quickly; landing her first print job locally at 15 and becoming one of Victoria’s Secret Angels before later modeling for Sports Illustrated and Playboy as well. Furthermore, Stephanie became famous through Guns N Roses music videos as well as serving as Alaia designer Alaia’s muse.

Seymour began dating John Casablancas, the head of Elite Model Management, at age 16. Their two-year relationship was marked by invaluable advice on modeling. When their time together ended, Seymour moved to New York and embarked on her professional modeling career.

Seymour was initially very shy despite her beauty; she once revealed to a reporter that she feared walking down runways without an accompanying photographer as guidance. It took time, but eventually, Seymour managed to overcome her anxiety about walking alone down runways; soon thereafter she became one of Versace and Gucci’s sought-after models.

As her fashion career began to fade, Seymour became restless and yearned to return home. She told her dad of this desire; who encouraged her but cautioned that it would be a large risk.

Seymour finally returned to San Diego after two years living in New York, and soon fell back in love with Peter Brant – an art collector, real estate developer, publisher, and art collector – whom she married in 1995 and had three children: sons Harry and Peter II as well as daughter Lily Margaret. Although the couple divorced in 2009 they reconciled recently – their latest project being a photo shoot for Gap featuring all four of their kids which will no doubt bring great pleasure for fans of the former supermodel; these photos should make great additions for Christmas cards this month!

Stephanie Seymour’s Modeling Career

Stephanie Seymour has become one of the most renowned supermodels of her generation through her modeling career, appearing on Sports Illustrated and Vogue covers and opening up clothing lines as well as writing a book. Additionally, Stephanie established a beauty line and participated in multiple fashion shows and events while collecting luxury vehicles – an impressive accomplishment indeed!

Model-turned-actress Liv Tyler’s life has not been spared tragedy. She suffered an incredible heartbreak in 2021 when her son Harry Brant tragically passed away from an accidental prescription drug overdose. To cope with her grief, Liv has paid her respects to Harry Brant in various ways – for instance wearing his favorite suit to an interview with WSJ magazine or baring her back to show how much love there was between the pair.

Although she had achieved great success as a model during the 80s and 90s, it wasn’t until she joined Victoria’s Secret as one of their Angels that she truly found fame. Modeling lingerie for their mail catalog and retail stores as well as Playboy magazine made her a household name worldwide; one of their first-ever Angels alongside Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Linda Evangelista.

She appeared in numerous music videos, such as those by Guns N’ Roses (“November Rain” and “Don’t Cry”. She was married for several years to guitarist Tommy Andrews before parting ways; shortly thereafter she began dating American billionaire Peter Brant who is an art collector, publisher, real estate developer, and real estate investor.

In 1998, she published Beauty Secrets for Dummies which became an instantaneous bestseller and has brought in millions of dollars for her. Since then she has also released Raven & Sparrow, an elegant loungewear and robe fashion line available exclusively at Barney’s in New York City.

A model has amassed an immense fortune through her modeling career, investing in real estate and amassing an impressive collection of cars. As an integral part of her earnings, she often attends red-carpet events and fashion shows where earnings double. Furthermore, she owns museum-quality haute couture designs worth millions.

Stephanie Seymour’s Relationship

After being thrust back into the public spotlight by her Playboy cover appearance, Seymour found love with real estate developer and art collector Peter Brant. Although Brant was already married with five children of his own, he seemed like an ideal match for Seymour – rich, generous, and with an excellent philanthropic track record meant they managed to make things work; they ultimately married in 1995 and had three children together.

But things weren’t always smooth for them; in March 2009, Seymour filed for divorce from Brant. Their public fight escalated quickly – Seymour accused Brant of being controlling, and using drugs and alcohol; in response, he accused her of being an “Hooker and Fool”.

Divorce proceedings became contentious when a security guard hired by Brant violently shoved Seymour into a doorway, as witnessed on video footage. Police charged this security guard; later Seymour sued Brant for $5 Million but ultimately his lawsuit was dismissed.

Seymour remains in the public eye due to her modeling career and charitable endeavors, such as her fashion line Raven & Sparrow. Additionally, she supports several charities such as Brandt Foundation Art Study Center which strives to expand access to artistic works and institutions as well as Child Mind Institute which assists children suffering from mental health or learning disorders.

In 2000, Seymour took a risk and started acting. She made her film debut in Pollock – an account of artist Jackson Pollock’s life – which proved a success and opened up more acting opportunities for Seymour. Since then she has appeared in more films and TV shows (Law and Order being one), participated in Gap campaigns (2006 edition included), hosted a radio show called the Seymour Report on SiriusXM Radio Stations as well as hosting radio show called the Seymour Report!

Stephanie Seymour’s Personal Life

Stephanie Seymour was one of the most recognizable faces in fashion during the 1980s and 1990s. A Victoria’s Secret Angel, she also worked with top photographers like Herb Ritts and Peter Lindbergh. However, her personal life often made headlines; despite the success of her career, she struggled with the pressures associated with fame as well as motherhood demands.

Mary was first married to guitarist Tommy Andrews for only one year and their union ended in divorce. Shortly afterward she met industrialist and publishing empire heir Peter Brant; the two wed in 1995. Between them they have three children together – Dylan (aged 17), Harry (18), and Lily (16), as well as Ryan from their first marriages.

Although Stephanie has not modeled in some time, she remains one of Vogue’s ‘Modern Muses’. Recently she opened a Hermes show and appeared in Salvatore Ferragamo campaign ads; also Elle V and Numero have all published features about her modeling and acting work as well. Alongside modeling she has worked as an actress including appearing in Pollock and Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode roles.

After her son Harry’s tragic death in 2021, his mother took to social media in mourning by posting multiple photos and an emotional poem as tributes. Peter posted an equally heartfelt video in memory of their beloved child.

Supermodel Ashley Graham displays her raw emotions during her first photo shoot and interview since the death of her son. She opens up about her struggles, is an advocate for mental health issues, speaks out against bullying and refers to it as being “pretty sad” when people attack people online, is also vocal against abuse of women in the workplace, advocates gender equality in the fashion industry while criticizing media’s portrayal of models while supporting mothers’ right to choose for their children’s upbringing.


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