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Sophie Thatcher

Sophie Thatcher: American Actress

Sophie Thatcher is best known for playing teenage Natalie – the younger version of Juliette Lewis’ character on Showtime’s Yellowjackets survival drama – as well as Drash in The Book of Boba Fett.

Now Thatcher is making her mark as Hollywood’s next horror queen with The Boogeyman, an adaptation of Stephen King’s short story.

Sophie Thatcher’s Biography

Sophie Thatcher first gained fame as Teena on Showtime’s critically acclaimed survival drama Yellowjackets. But it was her turn as Teena in Stephen King’s short story The Boogeyman that proved that Sophie Thatcher can hold her own when it comes to horror roles. Thatcher expertly captured Natalie’s disbelief and fear during this terrifying encounter between an adult man and an imagined friend of his child that turned out to be a deadly killer. And Thatcher displayed true scream queen credentials by portraying both fear and disbelief of a traumatized teenager for what could have turned into one of her finest performances ever yet!

Thatcher, who started at a local theatre in Chicago before appearing in multiple TV shows and films, boasts over 200k Instagram followers and frequently wears her natural brunette hair dyed blonde for many of her roles. Additionally, her thick eyebrows often are enhanced through makeup or other styling methods to emphasize them for specific roles. In addition to acting, Thatcher has performed singing and dancing as well. She first made her mark by appearing at local Chicago theatre before branching off into singing and dancing as well.

Thatcher has collaborated on several projects with her co-stars from Yellowjackets, such as the short film Blink. This story follows a woman who suffers an accident that renders her paralyzed; communicating through blinking is her only means of expression. Thatcher captures perfectly the unimaginable panic felt by someone watching their world become completely unraveled before them.

Thatcher has made her mark acting both on film and stage, performing in Oliver! and Seussical musicals respectively. She made her film debut with Prospect before landing the leading role as Cee in Drew Hancock’s Companion feature film due out later this year. Represented by ICM Partners and Anonymous Content respectively, and managed by Jackoway Tyerman.


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Sophie Thatcher in The Boogeyman

Sophie Thatcher first gained recognition as Natalie Scatorccio on Showtime’s Yellowjackets series, but her latest role as Sadie Harper in Stephen King’s short story film adaptation The Boogeyman has quickly made her a favorite among genre fans. Sophie delivered an impressive performance sure to win viewers over.

Thatcher has an impressive range, and she delivers a powerful emotional performance to balance out the film’s more horror-oriented scenes. She manages to capture every nuance of Sadie’s character, from her relationship with her little sister (Vivien Lyra Blair) and struggle with grief to how they help ground its supernatural narrative and make it more relatable for audiences.

The Boogeyman is an intense and engaging thriller that will keep audiences riveted to their seats. Starring Thatcher as Sadie Harper, an introverted high schooler grieving the loss of her mother. Sadie lives with Will (Chris Messina), an occupational therapist struggling with both his work as well as personal grief issues.

Sadie finds herself torn between wanting to please her family and needing to protect herself from unknown dangers that threaten her. Scott Beck and Bryan Woods’ script capture this tension through psychological shorthand; director Rob Savage then skillfully wraps that with style, coaxing out an emotionally strong performance from Thatcher in front of the camera.

Following her electrifying performance in the 2022 SXSW Official Selection short film Blink, Thatcher has become increasingly sought after as an actress by directors and producers worldwide. She has already been cast for multiple projects such as Exorcist: The Beginning which will premiere at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival.

Sophie Thatcher appears to have an exciting future ahead of her as her career continues to blossom. Already cast in two major projects – Replicant (starring Kate Mara as Dr. Samantha Hill ) and Companion – both written by the team responsible for last year’s sci-fi thriller Barbarian.

Sophie Thatcher in Prospect

Sophie Thatcher has long been known for her horror acting skills. She made her acting debut with a small role as young Regan MacNeil on Jeremy Slater’s 2016 Fox series The Exorcist, receiving critical acclaim for her performance. Next came an ongoing cable series and ultimately, Prospect.

Sci-fi thriller The Martian follows a father-daughter duo as they struggle to survive on an alien planet after they find themselves marooned together, marking Thatcher’s biggest role yet and certain to please both sci-fi and horror fans alike.

Thatcher’s performance as Sadie stands out throughout the film’s many action-packed scenes and she successfully portrays both fearful determination. Additionally, Thatcher successfully conveys Sadie’s grief over losing her mother while creating a character who can both sympathize and threaten.

Thatcher is also an accomplished musician who has performed in musicals and other stage productions. Her YouTube channel boasts a selection of cover songs and vlogs; in her free time, she works on various film projects in addition to being an avid user of TikTok with over one million followers on that app.

Young actress Ashley Johnson is inundated with projects at this point in her career, including playing the lead in 20th Century’s The Boogeyman and Copilot by Drew Hancock (which begins production this summer), alongside Jack Quaid, Lukas Gage, Megan Suri, and Harvey Guillen. Two films featuring some incredibly seasoned talent such as Jack Quaid, Lukas Gage Megan Suri, and Harvey Guillen among its cast.


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