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Skai Jackson

Skai Jackson: American Actress and Model

Skai Jackson hails from Staten Island with her mother Kiya. From an early age, she began modeling, often seen at red carpet events as she has leaped red carpet events as an event hostess.

She first gained prominence with her role on the Disney Channel series Jessie, then Bunk’d. Additionally, she is well known as an accomplished voice actress – appearing in movies such as Arthur and the Smurfs as Arthur’s voice actor.

Skai Jackson’s Biography

Skai Jackson is an American actress and model who first made headlines as an infant actress before going on to appear in numerous movies and TV shows at an early age, as well as hosting her own YouTube channel and creating Skai’s Beauty Box, a line of beauty products designed specifically for her.

Jackson was born on April 8, 2002, in Staten Island borough in New York City of Afro-Honduran and African-American heritage. She attended local schools for basic education before later enrolling at a private university in New York to continue with higher studies.

Beginning her career as a child model and appearing in various national commercials, she later made a name for herself on the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie (2011-2015) playing Zuri Ross before reprising it for its spinoff Bunk’d (2015-2018). Additionally, her voice can be heard on Marvel Rising episodes; additionally, she voiced Summer in DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders (2019-20).

Skai Jackson, in addition to acting, is passionate about fashion and frequently shares pictures of her glamorous outfits on social media. Through hard work she has maintained both fame and success in the industry, being a well-spoken and intelligent young lady who enjoys spending time with her friends and family as well as dreaming about one day opening her clothing line.

Skai was involved in an intense debate with rapper Danielle Bregoli, better known as Bhad Bhabie. Their disagreement escalated after Skai used an anonymous Instagram account to ask Bhad Bhabie to hook her up with NBA YoungBoy via illicit means, sparking numerous back-and-forth tweets between both celebrities.

Skai finds her primary inspiration in Drake. She enjoys listening to his album Views and watching Stranger Things on Netflix, while Cameron Dallas serves as an Internet personality she looks up to as well. Skai prefers wearing dresses and heels; pink is one of her favorite hues so whenever possible she incorporates pink hues in her attire.

Skai Jackson’s Filmography

Skai Jackson has been appearing in movies and television shows since she was five, making her film debut with Liberty Kid in 2007. Since then she has appeared in Rescue Me and The Rebound before debuting as Little Fish on Nickelodeon pre-school animated series Bubble Guppies as well as guest starring roles on Team Umizoomi, Royal Pains, and Boardwalk Empire as a guest star. Additionally, she models as well as the brand endorser for brands such as Band-Aid in national commercials; owns Roxi With Love apparel line; while her mother Kiya Cole works part-time as her part-time manager.

Jackson became known to audiences through her role as Zuri Ross on the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie from 2011-2015 and its spinoff Bunk’d in 2015. In 2016, Time magazine honored Jackson as one of its Most Influential Teens. Her other credits include The Smurfs, Arthur, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and Dora the Explorer. She also voiced Glory Grant in Marvel Rising: Initiation, Chasing Ghosts, and Battle of the Bands; beginning in 2019 she also began providing voiceover for Summer on DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders Netflix animated series. Jackson competed on Season 29 of Dancing with the Stars and made it to the semifinals, publishing her book Reach for the Skai: How to Inspire, Empower and Clapback later that year. Additionally, she will star as a regular character on The Watsons Go to Birmingham airing later that same year on Disney Channel.

Skai Jackson’s Personal Life

Skai Jackson was born April 8th, 2002 in Staten Island, New York, and quickly made a name for herself as both a model and actress as well as an online video blogger on YouTube. She hails from a family with a YouTube channel called KiyaCole1 with over 11K subscribers while Skai herself remains actively involved with the Church of Christ as an active member with strong responsibilities towards her community.

She began acting at just nine years old in an independent film called Liberty Kid. Since then she has gone on to appear in numerous other movies and television series such as Team Umizoomi, Royal Pains, and Boardwalk Empire as well as in 2011 films Arthur and The Smurfs.

Young starlet Jazmine Hayward has earned herself an enormous fanbase due to her talent and grace on screen. Boasting natural beauty as well as dance talent, Jazmine quickly made waves when she hit Hollywood screens in 2018. Her positive outlook towards life allowed her to achieve so much quickly; although bullied during her childhood years, she managed her life gracefully nonetheless.

Her father and mother taught her to stand up for herself. She is very intelligent, always seeking new knowledge. Socially adept and easily making friends, she serves as an inspirational role model to young people.

As a model, Jackson has appeared in multiple national commercials for Band-Aid bandages. As an actor, she gained national exposure through the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie (2011-15) and reprised it again for Bunk’d (2015). Additionally, she appeared in Team Umizoomi, Royal Pains, Boardwalk Empire, and Sesame Street as a guest star; provided voice work for Glory Grant in the Marvel Rising series as well as DreamWorks Dragons Rescue Riders animated show on Netflix; released her debut book in 2019; participated in 29th season Dancing With Stars where she made semi-finalist spot before she went With Stars as a semi-finalist on Dancing With Stars 2020 which she became semi-finalist!

Talented young starlet Kyla Jenner boasts a net worth of over $1 Million. Most of her earnings come from acting and endorsement work; her YouTube channel boasts over 1.5 Million subscribers.

Skai Jackson’s Social Media

Skai Jackson has gained many fans, while also using her platform for good. The actor frequently posts receipts of racist DMs she receives on social media – drawing public attention and prompting many people to notice. While critics may claim she’s doing this simply as “doxing”, Skai counters by explaining it’s crucial for raising awareness about racist acts by others, and this “exposure” has led to real-world consequences.

Jackson first began acting at an early age, appearing on Disney shows like Jessie and Bunk’d. Since then she has appeared in Royal Pains and Boardwalk Empire as well as having her own YouTube channel and book to her credit.

Jackson is one of the biggest stars on social media today, thanks to her impressive social media presence. She frequently posts pictures from events and red carpets she attends – always popular among her followers – which draws even more fans in. Furthermore, Jackson exudes both style and humor as she displays her trademark shrug when speaking at public speaking engagements.

She’s been active on both Twitter and Instagram, where she utilizes these platforms to showcase her acting and modeling work. With a large following on both platforms, she has participated in some of the largest celebrity campaigns ever.

She has used social media to address issues of racial injustice and police brutality while speaking out about recent murders of Black people like George Floyd. While some have accused her of posting too frequently, she continues to do so regardless.

In 2020, she made her debut on Dancing with the Stars as a semi-finalist and also gained a role as an AerieReal ambassador.

Jackson excels both on camera and behind it. A talented writer, she recently published her debut book Reach for the Skai: How to Inspire, Empower, and Clapback. Additionally, Jackson regularly appears in music videos such as Lil Nas X’s viral hit “Panini.”


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