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Savannah James

Savannah James: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Influencer

Savannah James is not just the beloved wife of basketball icon LeBron James; she is also an incredible woman in her own right, being an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Instagram influencer.

She graduated from St. Vincent-St. Mary High School and continued her education at John R Buchtel Community Learning Center.

She is an incredible support for her husband, regularly attending his games and providing him with guidance both on and off the court.

Savannah James’ Biography

Savannah James is an esteemed businesswoman, philanthropist, and interior designer with a net worth estimated at $60 Million. Additionally, she is well known for being the wife of professional basketball player LeBron James; in recent years however she has become more recognized for being an independent woman with successful business ventures and generous philanthropic endeavors.

Savannah Brinson was born and currently resides in Akron, Ohio. She identifies as Christian and has three children. Savannah attended St Vincent-St Mary High School and Buchtel High School before enrolling at John R Buchtel Community Learning Center to expand her knowledge base. Savannah is the daughter of J K Brinson and Jennifer Norris Brinson with two elder step-siblings as her biological relatives.

Savannah James has long had a passion for helping others. From early on in her life she has been active as a philanthropist, working with many humanitarian organizations. Savannah serves as an inspiring role model to young women while being an advocate for LGBT community issues. Savannah has also gained fame as a social media influencer and appeared on television programs including Rehab Addict.

Marriage to her beloved husband and work has allowed her to build an impressive and prosperous career. Along with running numerous business ventures, she also runs several charity programs and mentors local students – helping young women find prom dresses through her I PROM-ise Makeover program.

Savannah James has been in a long-term relationship with LeBron James for over a decade. They share an amazing bond, love each other deeply, and were engaged by LeBron in 2011. Later that year they married.

This dynamic duo has become an incredible team, demonstrating their love through their work ethic and dedication to both careers and charitable initiatives. Their love is evident through their devotion to one another as well as to their children – an admirable marriage that has inspired many to follow in its footsteps.

Savannah James’ Net Worth

Savannah James is a dynamic figure known for her entrepreneurial ventures, philanthropic efforts, media appearances, and appearances as an expert commentator on numerous subjects. Additionally, Savannah is best known as LeBron James’ wife and has garnered an impressive net worth through her commitment to family, community, and professional engagement.

Savannah has used her education and professional experience to launch various enterprises, businesses, and brands. She balances work life with family life successfully; often seen at LeBron’s games cheering him on from the sidelines.

She is an award-winning interior designer and successful businesswoman who has amassed significant earnings through various endeavors. She owns an array of luxurious cars and lives a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles.

As per the latest reports, her net worth has reached approximately $50 million due to her husband’s success in the NBA and their combined endeavors. Furthermore, she is an advocate for young women and has launched an initiative that assists them with fulfilling their ambitions.

Savannah has participated in various charity events and projects in Akron that aim to empower young women. She spearheaded the Women of the Future mentorship program; while also volunteering with the I Promise project which offers financial assistance for students.

Savannah is an entrepreneur with a keen sense of design and creativity, launching her furniture line through American Signature as well as becoming involved with healthcare as the co-founder of K+ Organics. Savannah once ran The Juice Spot juice bar in Miami before her family relocated back to Ohio causing it to close down after just two years.

Savannah stands out as a woman of substance with her captivating presence and well-spoken mannerisms, known for her impeccable style and grace as well as an attractive figure that stands at 5 feet 7 inches and weighs in at 58 kilograms, adding to the impressive physique she boasts. Her black hair and eyes complete her overall appearance perfectly.

Savannah James’ Career

Savannah James is an accomplished businessperson, philanthropist, interior designer, TV personality, furniture line entrepreneur, charity advocate, and interior design icon. Born in Akron, Ohio where she attended St Vincent-St Mary High School; the daughter of JK Brinson (an employee at U.S. Veterans Affairs), who worked at U.S. DVA; and his wife Jennifer Brinson who served as a homemaker; Eric is her oldest brother while Jerrold and Shannon are among others in her immediate family; their families include JK. Brinson (who worked at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs), with Eric being her two elder brothers as well as sisters Deidre and Shannon also being her immediate family members.

Savannah regularly posts pics and videos of herself and her family to Instagram. Additionally, she runs YouTube channels with Zhuri as her partner and boasts over 2.2 million likes on Facebook. Even with such an active schedule, Savannah manages to strike the ideal balance between work and family life despite her busy schedule; additionally, she is an active philanthropist having founded multiple charitable programs like Women of Our Future that provides young women financial aid for college education.

Her other entrepreneurial ventures include running a juice shop, a furniture company with American Signature, and a clothing line with Savvysty. In addition to these businesses, she actively participates in events and fundraisers; for example, as an honorary chair for the YWCA Greater Cleveland Circle Fundraiser event.

She and basketball superstar LeBron James share three children. LeBron’s career and success have made them an iconic couple; each has shown support to one other both on and off the court; LeBron even tweeted about one of his wife’s sexy outfits for a Vanity Fair shoot!

In 2023, The Cut published a profile of Savannah that detailed her achievements. In it, she discussed not seeking fame or notoriety as an NBA wife but instead accepting this opportunity to be seen by the public. According to The Cut, she founded I PROM-ise Makeover event to provide Akron students with prom attire and accessories.

Personal Life

Savannah James is an intelligent and educated woman. Known for her charity work, Savannah James is married to professional basketball player Ben Wallace (with whom she shares two children). They live a lavish life together, where Savannah also works as an entrepreneur and interior designer; having amassed an extensive following both on Instagram and Twitter.

She was born August 27, 1986, in Akron, Ohio in the United States. She boasts an exquisite and attractive physique; 5 feet 7 inches in height with black hair and eyes. Additionally, her average weight stands at 58 kg – keeping her both active and fit throughout her life.

Her parents are JK Brinson and Jennifer Brinson, with her father working in business and her mother being a homemaker. Eric, Jerrold, and Shannon are her older brothers while she is the youngest. She remains close to all members of her family and often thanks them for all of their love and support.

She graduated from St. Vincent St Mary High School in Akron, Ohio as one of the top students. Later she enrolled at John R Buchtel Community Learning Center to further her studies; due to her creative and artistic side, she decided on furniture/interior design as a profession.

LeBron and Savannah met as 16-year-olds and have been inseparable ever since, inspiring many with their relationship. Married since 2013, they now share two children.

Savannah has managed to remain unfazed despite her husband being an NBA superstar and their marriage being under the microscope. Savannah enjoys an exceptional relationship with him, being supportive in his career endeavors while showing positive energy throughout. She maintains an upbeat outlook, always willing to lend assistance when needed.

She enjoys traveling and has a pet dog named Coco that she loves spending her free time. Additionally, she likes spending her free time with family and friends.


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