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Samara Weaving

Samara Weaving: Australian Actress and Model

Samara Weaving, an Australian actress known for her roles on Out of the Blue and Home and Away television series as well as in films like Mayhem and The Babysitter, is best known.

She made her mark as Nelson Rose on SMILF and in the miniseries Picnic at Hanging Rock. Other films she is most recognized for include Hollywood, Guns Akimbo, and Last Moment of Clarity.

Samara Weaving’s Biography

Samara Weaving, best known for her role as Indi Walker on the Australian soap opera Home and Away between 2009 to 2013 and for earning an AACTA Award nomination, has appeared in various short films and TV series such as Squirrel Boys web series and Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1. In more recent films such as Ready or Not and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, she received critical acclaim for her performances in these genres.

Born February 23 in Adelaide, South Australia, Weaving spent her early years traveling from Singapore to Fiji and Indonesia before finally settling at Canberra Girls’ Grammar School in 2004. Here she began taking theatrical courses, productions, dance, and music performances – she eventually discovered acting wasn’t her calling but something she always enjoyed doing! Weaving has noted that acting has always been something she has enjoyed doing and it had always been something she enjoyed doing.

After her success in Home and Away, Weaving set out to pursue more roles. In 2016, she appeared in Bad Girl as well as guest spots on Squirrel Boys and SMILF (horror series). In 2013, Weaving made her feature film debut with Mystery Road; since then she has appeared in projects like Guns Akimbo: Last Moment of Clarity as well as the comedy/horror film Snake Eyes.

In 2019, Weaving received additional recognition for her role as the lead character Ready or Not, which marked her first lead American film role. Additionally, she assisted in the filming of the miniseries Picnic at Hanging Rock and will star as Thea Preston alongside Keanu Reeves in Bill & Ted Face the Music.

In 2022, Weaving will star in Eugenio Derbez’s romantic comedy The Valet and period drama Babylon. Additionally, she has been cast in Scream 6, Chevalier, and The Girl Who Disappeared thrillers.

Samara Weaving’s Filmography

Samara Weaving is an award-winning actress known for making audiences laugh. Hailing from Australia and the daughter of director Simon Weaving, she has proven adept in multiple genres throughout her filmography – she first made an impactful first impression as Indi Walker on Home and Away until appearing in American movies such as Mayhem and The Babysitter.

Mayhem, starring Steven Yeun and Samara Weaving as protagonists, depicts an outbreak that causes employees in an otherwise mundane corporate office to act on their darkest impulses and abandon all professional niceties. Weaving is particularly notable as she can effortlessly switch roles – she can shift between playing an innocent lawyer to a hardened survivor ready to use any means necessary.

Weaving is also an experienced action performer. Her starring role on the Showtime series SMILF marked an early high point for her, yet she ended up leaving due to disagreements with producers regarding her character’s wardrobe and the nude sex scene they requested of her. After leaving SMILF she continued appearing in various Australian productions until appearing as one of the lead characters in the Netflix film Ready or Not gave her access to leading roles in cinematic American movies.

She has collaborated with notable directors such as Damien Chazelle for the period drama Babylon, Martin McDonagh for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, and Larysa Kondracki in Guns Akimbo – as well as appearing on numerous television series including Picnic at Hanging Rock, Hollywood, and Netflix’s The Babysitter.

Bella will feature Weaving as Marie-Josephine. The film tells the tale of a woman seeking justice against corrupt police officers responsible for her father’s death in the 80s, as she searches for answers regarding their death using a civil lawsuit. Also appearing are Kelvin Harrison Jr. and Lucy Boynton in supporting roles.

Samara Weaving’s Appearances

Samara Weaving, the niece of actor Hugo Weaving, first made waves as Kirsten Mulroney on the Australian drama series Out of the Blue (2008) before finding success as Indi Walker in Home and Away from 2009-13. Following these successes in Australia, she moved on to film roles such as Nelson Rose in SMILF; Irma Leopold from Picnic at Hanging Rock; Bee in Mayhem, and Thea Preston from Ready or Not among many more.

While Weaving has appeared in an array of films, she is best known as one of the fan-favorite final girls from Scream 6. Her role won over viewers around the globe and became something of a style icon at red-carpet events worldwide.

Australian beauty Greer Weaving continues to dazzle audiences at premieres for her projects. Most recently, she attended the Los Angeles premiere of Chevalier, which is based on the life story of French-Caribbean composer Joseph Bologne. Weaving stunned in an elegant Valentino two-piece that consisted of a high neck crop top featuring bishop sleeves and caped back, along with matching high-rise trousers; her look was completed with black stiletto heels and an attractive pulled-back bun.

As with most celebrities, Weaving has her go-to outfits when attending red-carpet appearances. In the past she’s worn Versace dresses and Louis Vuitton suits; for her latest red carpet outing, she went for something less formal – opting for a cinnamon-colored silk suit with a wide-leg cut featuring matching accessories that perfectly complemented her shoes.

No matter the occasion, Weaving always knows how to look her best! She has earned herself a reputation as quite the fashionista; we cannot wait for what surprises she may bring for her next appearance!

Samara Weaving’s Awards

Samara Weaving has become one of the premier names in show business. She has appeared in an array of films and TV shows that have all proven immensely popular; garnering numerous awards and praise for her remarkable acting abilities. Her performances as an actress have won all sorts of praise from critics across all platforms; many consider her one of today’s true stars.

Samara began working in the industry at a very early age. Starting by participating in school drama productions and soon getting roles on various television shows. Samara first gained widespread acclaim during 2009-13 when she made her debut in the Australian soap opera Home and Away as Indi Walker; that show brought Samara fame worldwide.

After Home and Away, Weaving began appearing in movies and television shows including Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri as John Hawkes’ girlfriend; comedy-thriller Mayhem; Brianne in Monster Trucks; Picnic at Hanging Rock (2018) and Hollywood (2021); as well as films such as Guns Akimbo (2019), Last Moment of Clarity (2020), The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2016); Bill & Ted Face the Music (2021); and Scream VI (2023).

Samara recently joined Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers as Jessica, as well as being cast as the lead in Damien Chazelle’s period drama Babylon and Boy Kills World, both scheduled to come out later in 2023. Samara currently boasts an estimated net worth of about $10 Million; she currently resides in Canberra, Australia with her husband and children while possessing numerous luxury vehicles in her collection. Samara has made herself known in her field thanks to hard work.


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