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Sabrina Impacciatore

Sabrina Impacciatore: Italian Actress

Sabrina Impacciatore is an Italian cinema, television, and theater actress. She studied acting skills at New York’s Actors Studio before enrolling in various acting courses in Rome.

Impacciatore may be best known to American audiences from her role as Valentina in HBO’s The White Lotus Season 2, yet she’s far removed from that character’s cold and bitchy attitude.

Sabrina Impacciatore’s Biography

Sabrina Impacciatore, an Italian cinema, TV, and theater actress who most recently stole the show as the feisty hotel manager Valentina on HBO’s hit black comedy-drama series The White Lotus has quickly become one of its most beloved characters among viewers and her wit has contributed many iconic lines for The White Lotus. A veteran actress of over two decades’ experience she currently remains active across several projects.

Though she was kept very busy with her career and other obligations, this talented actress still made time for family and friends. She found volunteering her services teaching drama in schools incredibly fulfilling. Additionally, she is passionate about music and loves singing – in fact, she even developed her unique singing style which set her apart from other artists.

Impacciatore has enjoyed an outstanding career in Italy, where she has won various awards for her performances. She has appeared in movies and television shows such as Paolo Virzi’s 2006 Napoleon and Me and Gabriele Muccino’s 2018 release There’s No Place Like Home; however, The White Lotus is where her popularity blossomed.

As well as acting and singing, she also writes scripts. She has directed and written for numerous films and TV series – such as The White Lotus – while acting in other movies/TV shows such as 7 Women and a Murder, Donne Assassine, and Miss F.

During her interview with Vulture, she shared some interesting details of her life and career. For instance, her agent convinced her to audition for The White Lotus; initially, she was reluctant but decided to give it a try anyway and was amazed when the producers and directors offered her a part in the show! It has since received critical acclaim while being nominated for an Emmy Award nomination as well!

Sabrina Impacciatore’s Filmography

Sabrina Impacciatore is an accomplished Italian actress, having made waves across cinema, television, and theater since her birth on March 29, 1968, in Rome, Italy. She studied acting at New York’s Actors Studio before enrolling in several acting courses of her own accord; best-known for roles she’s taken on TV shows and movies alike.

She is an outstanding actress whose performances have won hearts all around the globe. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but she boasts an exceptional voice too. Featured in numerous movies and tv shows with great reviews gathered worldwide popularity and has built up an enormous fan base while earning numerous awards along the way.

Over her career, she has worked with numerous acclaimed directors, alternating comedic and dramatic roles. Her film and television credits include 7 Women and a Murder directed by Alessandro Genovesi; Le Ragioni del Cuore as Caterina; and Donne Assassine as Veronica.

Recently, she has appeared in Antonio and Marco Manetti’s series Inspector Coliandro; Paula Ortiz’s Across the River; Fabio Mollo’s Dog Years; as well as in films featuring Liev Schreiber, Josh Hutcherson, and Danny Huston such as Into the Trees.

Notable roles she has performed include that of Valentina in the HBO anthology series The White Lotus, which premiered in 2022 and portrays an uptight hotel manager who discovers her sexual awakening – something quite alien from her real-life persona, yet she excelled at portraying it perfectly.

At present, she is co-starring Giorgia Farina in Una Storia di Sabrina with Gersh and MGMT Entertainment in the United States as well as Volver Actor in Italy; Imprint PR also represents her. A dedicated artist, she has earned significant success from her acting work; currently, her net worth stands at $9 Million.

Sabrina Impacciatore’s Net Worth

Sabrina Impacciatore, an Italian cinema, television, and theater actress acclaimed for her notable films Napoleon and Me, The Last Kiss, and many others; as well as her acting skills she also excels as a singer having performed at several comedy events – earning a net worth estimated to range between $5-9 Million as of 2022.

Early in her childhood, she developed an interest in acting and wrote in her diary that she wanted to become a movie star. Pursuing this goal, she attended The Actors Studio of New York while taking additional acting classes in Rome to hone her craft further. Since then, she has appeared in multiple movies and television shows, becoming well-known across international audiences.

Fans love her for her sassy yet no-nonsense character in the HBO series The White Lotus. In its second season, she played Valentina, a hotel manager not afraid to stand up for herself and defend her rights despite all her achievements; yet remains humble and down-to-earth despite these successes.

Personality-wise, she prefers to keep her relationship status and connections private; however, she posts pictures of herself with filmmakers and friends on social media accounts. Furthermore, she has also been actively engaged in charity work by contributing money to various organizations.

Philanthropy aside, she is also deeply passionate about art. She strives to excel as an actress and has received several awards and nominations for her acting skills from peers – in 2007 being nominated for the David di Donatello Award for her performance in Paolo Virzi’s film Napoleon and Me as well.

Sabrina Impacciatore will continue her success on screen over the coming years, working on new projects with her fellow actors from The White Lotus season 2. Fans eagerly anticipate its release, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed for its successful launch!

Sabrina Impacciatore’s Personal Life

Sabrina Impacciatore is an Italian actress and comedian known for her roles in movies, TV shows, and other series. Her fans admire her acting abilities while wanting to know about her lifestyle and earning potential from her work.

She currently boasts an estimated net worth of between $5-9 Million dollars and works as an actress. She has appeared in several movies and made good money off them; currently, she’s busy filming season 2 of the HBO series “The White Lotus”.

She plays Valentina, the manager of a hotel. In this show, her character is a closeted lesbian with feelings for one of the staff members. At first, she was cruel to Mia and Lucia’s employees but later changed into more of an understanding boss. It was difficult for the actress to be mean without understanding why so she credits director Mike White with helping flesh out the backstory behind Valentina.

She also made notable appearances on the HBO show The Deuce as a dodgy fashion designer and in Mel Gibson’s 2004 blockbuster movie, The Passion of Christ as Seraphia. Furthermore, she received a nomination for Paolo Virzi’s 2006 film Napoleon and Me.

She is currently in a relationship with an unknown man. Giorgio, her dog whom she adores deeply, often features on social media posts featuring this particular pet.

Sabrina was born in Rome, Italy to parents hailing from Abruzzo and Sardinia. She has an older sister. Sabrina studied acting at Actors Studio New York as well as taking several other acting courses before making her television show debut as both comedian and singer in Gianni Boncompagni’s television show Non e la RAI and Macao; also became Christian during this time and gathered many followers on Instagram.


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