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rose hanbury

Rose Hanbury: Former model and Former Political Staffer

Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley has long been a fixture at royal events; however, last year tabloid speculation about an affair between herself and Prince William began surfacing.

Hanbury is a wealthy toff who was awarded her title upon marrying David Cholmondeley, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley. She hails from a family with strong links to royalty – her grandmother Lady Elizabeth Lambert was one of Queen Elizabeth’s bridesmaids at her marriage to Prince Philip in 1947.

Rose Hanbury’s Biography

Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley has made headlines recently due to reports she is having an affair with Prince William. While these claims have been dismissed by the Royal Family as false, her name continues to make headlines.

Hanbury is a mother, model, and heiress from England. Born in 1984 into a family with close ties to British royalty – her grandmother served as a bridesmaid in 1947 at Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s wedding – Hanbury has one older sister and one younger brother (Tim and Emma Hanbury).

At 23, Hanbury became a model, signing with Storm Agency — which also represented Kate Moss — to break into the industry. Additionally, she served as a political researcher for Conservative MP Michael Gove and patronage to charity EACH, assisting children living with a terminal illness and their families.

Hanbury married David Rocksavage, Marquess of Cholmondeley – 23 years her senior – in 2009. They have three children together: twin sons Alexander and Oliver as well as Iris. Houghton Hall in Norfolk is located just a short distance from Amner Hall where Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge reside.

Hanbury may have faced criticism over her reported affair with Prince Charles, yet remains undaunted. She regularly attends royal events such as his funeral. Additionally, Hanbury and her husband have become strong supporters of EACH by opening hospices and touring facilities to raise awareness for their charity.

Hanbury may not be as well-known among royals, yet her friendship and relationship with Kate Middleton remain strong despite reports that they had an affair. Recently, however, it seems as if these two are renewing their bond and spending more time together again. It will be fascinating to watch their interactions at Charles III’s coronation this weekend as any attempt at staying friends may prove challenging; but, if they can do it successfully they will likely emerge unscathed from such trials.

Rose Hanbury’s Personality

Rose Hanbury and Marina formed part of an eccentric cast of models who made headlines for their antics on London party scenes in the ’90s and early ’00s. Renowned for their Dionysian behavior, their luxurious lifestyles caused gossip that they were “turnip toffs”, an insulting term for women with expensive tastes.

Rumors swirling online regarding Hanbury as Prince William’s side chick went viral in 2019. Yet these allegations proved groundless as she remains close with both William and Kate and their respective families.

Hanbury can often be seen cheering along to any royal appearance on public stages, adorning her husband David Rocksavage (Marquess of Cholmondeley). Together they have three children — Alexander and Oliver twin sons plus Iris who is their daughter — living at Houghton Hall near Kate and Will’s country estate, Anmer Hall in Norfolk. Hanbury often shares beautiful landscape and sculpture photos from Houghton Hall on Instagram which you can follow here.

The Marchioness is also actively engaged in charity work, acting as patron for East Anglia Children’s Hospital and many other organizations. She was even awarded an honorary knighthood by Queen Elizabeth.

Hanbury and her family are active participants in church life as members of the Church of England, often attending services and events at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. She has also taken advantage of membership in the Commonwealth to travel and visit countries like Australia and New Zealand.

William and Kate have had a difficult year, making it understandable that they haven’t found much time for friends. That doesn’t mean, however, they don’t still enjoy close relationships with family members such as Meghan Markle’s close relationship with Rose Hanbury; according to her, Meghan believes Hanbury knows details regarding the Royal Family cheating scandal which rocked last year; Markle believes Hanbury may use that information against her once she becomes Duchess of Sussex – something which could cause great drama among other members!

Rose Hanbury’s Career

Rose Hanbury is a member of the British peerage and a former fashion model. She hails from a family with strong connections to Royalty; Timothy, an online website designer, is her father while Emma works in fashion design; both parents were bridesmaids for Queen Elizabeth in 1947! Additionally, Marina, Rose’s younger sister also works as a model.

Hanbury began her career working as a researcher for Conservative MP Michael Gove but had to leave politics due to extreme morning sickness while pregnant with twins in 2009.

Since then, Hanbury has focused on raising her twin children while renovating her estate. She regularly shares stunning images of both locations on her Instagram account.

Hanbury manages to find time in her busy schedule to devote to charity work. She serves as patron of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), an organization providing care for young children living with life-threatening conditions; as well as the Royal Family Foundation which offers support services for members of the Royal Family who require it.

Hanbury and her husband have long been known for supporting charities and good causes, raising funds for numerous projects. Most recently, in 2019, they were honored with being appointed Philanthropic Ambassadors for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Together for Childhood charity.

Rumors surrounding Prince William and Rose Hanbury have swirled, yet these claims do not hold water. Hanbury is simply a friend of the Royal family who often attends events together including their forthcoming wedding in 2022.

Hanbury is a Pisces, meaning she is sensitive, inquisitive, and intelligent. According to her friends, she is sweet and kind and doesn’t take things personally; these qualities also make her an excellent mother and wife – her daughters love spending time with her, as do her parents who always encourage her in following her dreams.

Rose Hanbury’s Friends

Rose Hanbury has found herself at the center of media scrutiny multiple times over recent years. Due to her close ties with Kate Middleton and Prince William, rumors swirled in 2019 regarding some allegedly salacious conduct that Hanbury may be engaging in with these individuals. While these allegations were later disproved as untrue, Hanbury remains close with both families, attending multiple coronation events this week alone.

Hanbury is a former model who has appeared in several fashion shows and charity work with local organizations; she is also an East Anglian Children’s Hospice member and her grandmother was one of The Queen’s bridesmaids! Her ties to royalty run deep; Lady Elizabeth Lambart was among Queen Elizabeth II’s bridesmaids!

Hanbury lives with her husband, David Cholmondeley – the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley – near The Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. Both she and Oliver, her son, have been invited to several royal events as well as public engagements over time.

In 2019, reports were claiming Hanbury and Prince William were having an affair, although both women have close ties and appear healthy marriage-wise. Regardless, she continues to attend royal events as a frequent guest while her son even serves as one of the Pages of Honour at previous coronations ceremonies.

The Marchioness of Cholmondeley has also appeared in various magazine shoots and was signed to Storm, which launched Kate Moss’ career. She has modeled for brands including Miu Miu and Poplin London while shooting Love magazine covers.

Rumors circulated in 2022 that Hanbury had been shunned by the royals due to alleged liaisons between her and Prince William until Hanbury and her son attended a Service of Thanksgiving for the Duke of Edinburgh with all other members of his royal family and Hanbury participated as one of four Pages of Honour who carried his robes during King Charles III’s coronation ceremony.

The allegations were later disproven when both attended royal family functions together such as the Service of Thanksgiving for the Duke of Edinburgh along with other royals family members including Hanbury attending coronation events alongside Royal Family members including Prince William who carried the King Charles III robes on his coronation day!


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