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33 Most Famous Plus Size Models

Plus size models are taking over the fashion scene by showing that models don’t need to be extremely thin to take part. There are agencies specializing in plus size modeling or open casting calls where people can sign up as models.

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Plus Size Female Models

The culture within the fashion industry has been evolving over recent years as more voices championing inclusivity come forth – notably from pioneering figures like those among today’s focus: Plus Size Models.

These individuals continue pushing boundaries around redefining perceptions about what is conventionally ‘beautiful’ by advocating for body acceptance among all people. Our post today commemorates their achievements showcasing 33 popular plus size models who have played a significant role in this movement.

Come with us on a journey as we discover and celebrate their accomplishments – “reshape(ing) fashion standards” on so many levels that redefine beauty norms beyond just size alone.

Ashley Graham

Undoubtedly Ashley Graham has emerged as one of today’s most prominent figures in the world of plus size modeling. By breaking barriers as the first-ever plus size model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, she made history and sparked meaningful conversations around beauty standards and body positivity. As a role model who promotes self-love while pushing against narrow beauty ideals that exclude diverse representations, she is contributing towards creating more inclusive spaces within fashion.

Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday blazes a trail in her industry, renowned for her confidence and striking looks. With the creation of the #EffYourBeautyStandards movement, she inspires those seeking self-love and embraces her beauty with conviction.

Candice Huffine

A force to be reckoned with in plus size modeling for over a decade, Candice Huffine is no stranger to breaking barriers. Showing no signs of slowing down, she remains an inspiring presence on revered fashion magazine pages as well as designer runways worldwide. More than just fulfilling assignments or reaching benchmarks, however – Candice uses this visibility as an opportunity for advocacy- fighting against prejudices that limit ideals of beauty into narrow frames while championing inclusion in all its forms.

Precious Lee

Precious Lee is an inspiring figure making history as one of the first Black plus size models to gain widespread recognition. Her striking features and commanding presence are breaking down barriers and leading the charge for greater diversity in beauty representation within the fashion industry.

Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley’s contributions to the fashion industry are nothing short of remarkable. A celebrated plus size model and advocate for body confidence she serves as an inspiration to people around the globe. Her captivating looks paired with her unwavering resolve in spreading positivity have made for an incredible force that’s instrumental in pushing back on archaic beauty ideals.

Marquita Pring

Marquita Pring has cemented her place in fashion advertising and runway events. Renowned for her poise and self-assurance, she embodies the evolving terrain of the industry where curves are admired and accepted.

Denise Bidot

Denise Bidot is more than just an accomplished model – she is an influential public figure whose efforts are reshaping perceptions about beauty standards across industries worldwide. Through collaborations with flagship companies combined with actively promoting messages about positive body image growth personally on social media platforms such as Instagram & Facebook; Ms.Bidot uplifts upcoming models who continue to face pressure from outside forces that dictate what looks are desirable favoring white European ideals alone at times frame after frame. Aspiring models everywhere can find a model to look up to her and her advocacy for embracing diverse viewpoints and experiences. In summary, Denise Bidot has positioned herself as a shining example of excellence, compassion, and empowerment.

Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence is a remarkable individual whose empowering outlook on self-acceptance and body positivity has garnered enormous attention across social media platforms. Her advocacy for these causes is commendable as she seeks to instill positive change within the fashion industry.

Hunter McGrady

Hunter McGrady’s feature in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue raised eyebrows owing to her being designated as the “curviest model ever.” Nevertheless, beyond superficial appearances is an inspiring tale of self-discovery. Through overcoming prior body image struggles and learning to love herself wholly (including every curve) McGrady empowers people worldwide to do the same: strive for self-love unreservedly.

Liris Crosse

As a plus-size model and actress, Liris Crosse represents an emblem of inspiration through innovation. She challenges the traditional canons of beauty with her breathtaking presence while breaking down barriers in both industries. Her trailblazing attitude sets an example for others to follow, making her a powerful role model that inspires countless people worldwide.

Philomena Kwao

Not only does Philomena Kwao possess undeniable modeling talent but she also displays unwavering passion in her advocacy for greater diversity and inclusiveness within the beauty and fashion industries. Her relentless efforts underscore the importance of genuine representation for people of all skin tones and body types.

Hayley Hasselhoff

Emerging as a prominent model in the arena of plus size fashion is none other than Hayley Hasselhoff – daughter to celebrated actor David Hasselhoff. Her laudable determination to redefine conventions when it comes to societal expectations surrounding physical appearance and encouraging increased self-affirmation amongst people from all walks of life have earned her much well-deserved acclaim from fans worldwide.

Tara Lynn

With her remarkable allure and exceptional abilities as a model, Tara Lynn has captured hearts within the fashion industry. Despite facing constant pressure to conform to society’s beauty norms she boldly embraces her curves while sending out a message of acceptance for diverse body types amongst those who aspire to join this industry fraternity. Aspiring plus-size models look up to Tara Lynn as an awe-inspiring role model whose presence challenges existing stereotypes and celebrates one’s authenticity beyond mere physical appearances alone.

Georgia Pratt

Georgia Pratts’s confidence and remarkable appearance have caught the attention of top fashion publications, who have featured her on their covers. Her success challenges traditional concepts of beauty by showcasing that all body types can be beautiful and deserve to be represented in the industry.

Clementine Desseaux

Renowned French plus-size model Clementine Desseaux has achieved unparalleled success on a global level for her unwavering commitment to promoting body positivity. Notably, she co-founded the groundbreaking All Woman Project which encourages inclusiveness while challenging harmful societal norms surrounding beauty standards.

Whitney Thompson

America’s Next Top Model made history by crowning Whitney Thompson as its initial plus-size winner. In response, she resolved to leverage her newfound fame as a mechanism for promoting positivity around body image and upending traditional notions of beauty pervasive in today’s fashion industry.

Precious Victoria Lee

With her confidence and unique style, Precious Victoria Lee is leaving a positive impact on the fashion world. Her dedication to representation and inclusivity is truly inspiring as she bravely pushes the industry toward embracing diversity.

Natalie Laughlin

The striking presence of model Natalie Laughlin has captivated many in the realm of plus-size fashion. She champions the significance of self-love and acceptance, encouraging people everywhere to revel in their individuality.

Bishamber Das

Bishamber Das, a plus-size model of British-Asian descent, has impressed audiences worldwide. Her story highlights the significance of diversity in portraying beauty and encourages people to accept their origins and body image positively.

Katie Willcox

Katie Willcox is more than a successful plus-size model – she’s also an inspiring thought leader with her movement Healthy is the New Skinny. This endeavor channels energy towards promoting healthy habits for our bodies while dismantling negative body image ideals perpetuated by society. By focusing on acceptance and personal growth instead of external beauty ideals we can all feel empowered in our unique selves – this message remains central to Willcox’s powerful vision for progress through self-care advocacy.

Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia Lacerda, a model widely regarded as the “plus size Gisele,” has risen to icon status in the industry. Her confidence and beauty are remarkable, challenging societal norms by proving that beauty transcends size.

Tabria Majors

One individual whose captivating looks have captivated many is Tabria Majors, whose tireless work toward advancing the cause of body positivity has been widely appreciated. Through an array of effective approaches – such as leveraging social media channels – she takes on conventional ideas about how beauty should be defined within the industry inspiring countless individuals along the way to embrace their unique qualities.

Tess Munster

Tess Munster (aka Tess Holliday) is a key figure in advocating for body positivity and inclusivity. She established the #EffYourBeautyStandards initiative that urges people to accept themselves for who they are regardless of their size or shape.

Khrystyana Kazakova

Khrystyana Kazakova’s noteworthy appearance on America’s Next Top Model elevated her fame as she exuded an uncommon beauty and powerful presence. The platform she acquired through her participation enables her to amplify messages of conscientiousness and inclusivity in terms of body type.

Jada Sezer

As pressures around body image mount in society particularly within the fashion world where only certain body types are typically embraced – Jada Sezer stands tall courageously fighting for acceptance for all bodies via her modeling career and wider activism. As well as being one of Britain’s foremost plus-size models – she uses her influence to challenge established concepts while promoting positivity through self-love messages aimed toward diverse groups so often underrepresented today.

Mia Amber Davis

The late Mia Amber Davis, who departed from this world in 2011, has left an indelible mark on the plus-size modeling realm. Her contributions to championing body acceptance and emboldening others to embrace their unique figures were pivotal.

Robyn Lawley

It would be remiss not to acknowledge Robyn Lawley’s exceptional accomplishments as a swimsuit model in addition to her mention earlier. Her pioneering attitude defies the stereotype that there is an exclusive ‘beach body’ type and promotes self-acceptance amongst females of various shapes and sizes. The result? Women are empowered to flaunt their individuality with confidence at any beach resort.

Nadia Aboulhosn

A notable figure within the fashion industry Nadia Aboulhosn is recognized for her bold sense of style and confident outlook. Through her pursuits as a plus-size model, fashion blogger, and designer she aptly utilizes her mediums to defy conventions and honor personal expression.

Erica Jean Schenk

Diversity is finally taking center stage within sports communities worldwide thanks to influential figures like Erica Jean Schenk. As Women’s Running magazine breaks through barriers by featuring its first-ever plus-size model on their cover page; we are reminded of how necessary it is always to represent all body types, and shape sizes regardless of what stereotypes may dictate. In doing so, we can continue working towards fostering a society where everyone feels heard and included in every aspect equally.

Emme Aronson

In global fashion circles, Emme Aronson remains an iconic figure as she was the groundbreaking first-ever plus-size supermodel. Indeed with unparalleled grit and determination, she dedicated herself to promoting a message of self-love and body confidence while also challenging society’s preconceived notions of beauty standards. Aspiring models today can learn much from her invaluable lessons.

Rosie Mercado

Rosie Mercado’s inspiring journey towards greater body acceptance highlights the importance of self-love in our everyday lives. Through sharing her personal experience with vulnerability and bravery she empowers individuals everywhere to cultivate positive attitudes towards their bodies creating a more inclusive world where all are embraced for their unique beauty.

Denise Bidot

Without a doubt, Denise Bidot deserves recognition for her transformative impact on this industry. Her numerous successful partnerships with respected brands are just a testament to that. Her activism toward breaking down societal beauty standards and embracing diversity in body types is both empowering and inspiring.

Hayley Herms

Hayley Herms stands out as an impressive leader in today’s fashion industry by promoting body positivity with conviction. Through her modeling career and social media influence she encourages everyone to be comfortable in their skin – no matter what shape or size they may be! By emphasizing inclusivity and self-love within her community efforts on various platforms Hayley sets an inspiring example that motivates others towards embracing individuality with confidence.


The fashion domain has undergone an unmistakable revolution that champions the celebration of diverse bodies thanks to the ascendancy of plus-size models who challenge long-held beauty norms. These renowned thirty-three-plus-size models have been instrumental in bringing about this change by shattering barriers entrenched within the industry and promoting self-love.

Today they represent a rare talent pool through their works as well as their advocacy for inclusiveness which continues to resonate globally. The stories of these powerful trailblazers are an inspiration to many who have felt underrepresented or marginalized in the fashion world because it highlights that all bodies irrespective of their shape or size deserve adulation. Let’s ensure we all partake in this recognition by embracing body positivity and appreciating everyones individuality- just as these models have done.


Following the fashion trends and celebrities across the globe. I love writing about inspirational figures in entertainment industry. Apart from blogging over 10 years, I work as an event host in California. Feel free to reach out for any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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