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Patti Harrison

Patti Harrison: American Actress and Comedian

Patti Harrison is an advocate for transgender people within the entertainment industry, breaking stereotypes and misperceptions through comedy and activism.

She has appeared in Paul Feig’s feature A SIMPLE FAVOR and television programs I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE WITH TIM ROBINSON, High Maintenance, Search Party, and Full Frontal. Rolling Stone describes her as being set to become “America’s most visible working trans comedian.”

She can seamlessly switch between humor and sincerity in her delivery style.

Patti Harrison’s Biography

Patti Harrison is known for her composed yet boisterous performances that belie her lively humor. As both a transgender comedian and advocate, her story–from conservative upbringing to success in entertainment and activism–offers hope for anyone feeling outcast from society.

Harrison first made her mark in New York City’s comedy scene. She often performed alongside more established comics, earning recognition for her sharp wit and willingness to take risks. Since then she has appeared at multiple comedy festivals as well as regularly being featured on podcasts such as BoJack Horseman and Full Frontal With Samantha Bee.

Harrison first gained national notice after her stellar appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2016 where she delivered a hilarious and cutting rebuke of President Donald Trump for his plans to bar transgender people from serving in the military. That appearance catapulted Harrison to national recognition and led to an offer to play her in the 2017 film A Simple Favor. Additionally, she has made appearances on various television series such as Shrill, I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson High Maintenance, and Search Party.

Harrison’s comedy often draws upon her personal experiences as a transgender woman. While using sarcasm to emphasize the absurdities of situations she depicts, Harrison also strives for sincerity in her comedic portrayals – something which makes her such an engaging performer.

Her most watched videos include “Patti Reviews Animals,” in which she serenades a squirrel monkey, informs an alligator of Steve Irwin’s death and mistakingly thinks Sofia Vergara is a Patagonian cavy – an endangered South American rodent – for one. Additionally, Patti is recognized for her work as both writer and activist with essays published by The New York Times, GQ, Vulture, and Interview among others.

Harrison is also an accomplished artist, sharing her paintings on Instagram. She has shared her experience with ADHD to destigmatize it and increase awareness. While Harrison may be well-known in comedy circles, she remains true to herself as she strives towards creating an inclusive society.


Patti Harrison is quickly emerging as one of comedy’s most visible transgender performers, appearing on High Maintenance and Broad City as well as Paul Feig’s film A Simple Favor. New York Times, Rolling Stone and GQ have profiled 26-year-old Ohio native Patti Harrison – she was named 2019 Variety Comic to Watch by Variety Comics Club! In addition, her sketch work for I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson and Big Mouth on Netflix earned her widespread acclaim within comedy circles.

Harrison excels at observational humor; being a transgender woman of color herself, she makes observations that resonate with audiences of all backgrounds.

Harrison’s humor often centers around social media, etiquette, and other aspects of modern life that are universally relatable. She does not use comedy as a platform to vent political or personal grievances; rather she focuses on making audiences laugh – something which may not always come easily when discussing topics like transgender women of color hormone injections or saying “yas queen slay.”

Harrison may still be relatively unknown to most mainstream audiences, yet her acting has already earned her notice in Hollywood. Harrison was cast as Loretta Sage’s social media manager in Sandra Bullock’s forthcoming romantic comedy caper The Lost City; with her hilarious sense of humor and deadpan delivery style, she will surely garner many new admirers through this project and others to follow.

As she becomes increasingly popular, Harrison is increasingly engaged in activism and using comedy to support transgender people. Recently she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to aim for President Donald Trump’s proposed ban on transgender people serving in the military – receiving thousands of retweets and coverage by The New York Times for her performance. Additionally, she hosts monthly shows at Union Hall in NYC and Largo in Los Angeles as well as hosting charity comedy benefit Affirm Trans Kids for TLDEF/Lambda Legal on June 4th at Brooklyn Bell House – so stay tuned!

Patti Harrison’s Activism

Harrison is an activist using comedy to advocate for marginalized communities. Her work helps break down stereotypes and increase understanding and acceptance of transgender people – an especially necessary activity in today’s political environment where transgender rights are being threatened by attacks against trans rights.

Patti Harrison stands out among transgender celebrities by not shying away from controversial statements or sharing her experiences; her activism stems both from this and from her conservative upbringing, which helped shape her unique comedic style.

Her humor often tackles subjects sensitive to the LGBTQ community, such as transgender issues and relationships, while not shying away from more controversial ones such as racism, immigration, or gun control.

Harrison’s work in entertainment has reached a wide audience. She first gained notoriety with an appearance on “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in 2016, then later appeared on multiple other programs such as “Broad City”, “Search Party”, and “Shrill”.

Patti Harrison is a fantastically gifted comedian who uses her platform to advocate for marginalized groups. Through comedy and activism, she helps dismantle stereotypes and foster an inclusive society.

Harrison stands as an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights, strongly supporting rescinding of the Defense of Marriage Act and challenging the Trump administration’s anti-LGBTQ policies. Her activism is truly admirable and has changed the lives of many LGBTQ individuals.

Harrison combines stand-up comedy with writing and acting. She has appeared regularly on Netflix’s hit series Big Mouth since its fourth season; additionally, she’s made appearances in Shrill, Search Party, and Bojack Horseman as well. Furthermore, Harrison co-hosts A Woman’s Smile Podcast alongside Joel Kim Booster.

Harrison made history recently when she became the first transgender actor to voice a character in a Disney movie, appearing as Chieftess Tail in Raya and the Last Dragon. Although her role may seem minor, this significant milestone marks progress toward more inclusive roles for trans actors.

Patti Harrison’s Future

Harrison is an up-and-comer in the alternative comedy scene. She has performed at variety showcases, shared deadpan character monologues on Instagram, and performed standup sets featuring deranged song parodies. Harrison has written for TV shows like Big Mouth and Shrill; in fact, she spent time as part of its second series writing team! Additionally, she’s ventured into acting roles such as playing an eccentric officemate and other eccentrics on I Think You Should Leave and staring as Ed Helms’ surrogate in Together Together.

Harrison marks her debut dramatic turn and further evidence of an evolving career from comedy to social commentary with this movie, about a 20-something trans woman who finds the role of her dreams, yet faces daily struggles when living among cisgender people. A quieter yet more serious work than any previous projects she’s made before it features Anna as its protagonist – Harrison even stars alongside Anna herself!

Harrison represents an entire generation that has seen many of the hallmarks of activism fail them, yet still finds ways to make activism interesting and hilarious. She has been featured in a podcast of The New York Times as well as Paul Feig’s A Simple Favor, High Maintenance Search Party, and Full Frontal movies.

She made history when she became the first openly transgender actor ever cast in a Disney animated film with Raya and The Last Dragon and is quickly emerging as one of the most prominent queer comedians working today. She will soon have a Netflix special coming out, will write for an upcoming season of Shrill, and reprise her role in I Think You Should Leave.

Harrison’s politics are refreshingly candid: she asserts that casting is still systemically racist. Additionally, Harrison isn’t afraid to push things a step further than the standard activist tone-deafness we often encounter. She once got banned from Twitter for performing an audacious comedy performance art piece by changing her name and photo to look like singer Sia and then switching it back when switching over to the Nilla Wafers account!


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