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Paloma Jonas

Paloma Jonas: Australian Fashion and Runway Model

Paloma Jonas is an Australian fashion and runway model who is best known as a lingerie designer. In 2004, she became one of Chadwick Models Sydney contest finalists as well as appearing on the Nine to Five magazine cover.

She is married to Canadian actor Jason Thompson who portrays Dr. Patrick Drake in the General Hospital daytime drama series and together they share two children named Bowie Banjo and Rome Coco.

Biography of Paloma Jonas

Paloma Jonas is a fashion and runway model who co-founded and designed for Valentine NYC Lingerie Company out of Los Angeles. Additionally, she is best known for being married to Canadian actor Jason Thompson; they share two children named Bowie Banjo and Rome Coco.

Paloma, of mixed ethnicity background, was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. At 5 feet 9 inches, she stands out amongst her peers with brown-hued eyes and hair.

Paloma claims she has been working in the modeling industry for over a decade without providing her exact age. She has participated in beauty pageants and won first place at the Chadwick Models competition held in Sydney in 2004. Represented by SMG Seattle Models Guild and has been featured as an SMG Seattle Models Guild model; appearing in magazine covers such as Nine to Five in April 2010, while representing Ford Models across cities such as New York, Chicago, and Miami.

Jonas was shooting photos for Aussie when she and Whitney Brown came up with the concept for Valentine NYC Lingerie. Their goal was to design well-fitted and lacy underwear. Jonas became a co-founder of this New York-based company that promises affordable yet comfortable lingerie made with premium fabrics, all for everyday wear.

Paloma, an ambitious mother, and businesswoman, recently marked her husband’s birthday by posting several pictures on her Instagram account celebrating his special day – one featuring them both hugging tightly before kissing passionately on both cheeks.

On her other post, she offered up a video message wishing George Marie a happy birthday and posted photos with his siblings – Shimma Marie, Ryanna Marie, and River Marie.

Paloma and Jason tied the knot on 5 April 2015 in San Pancho, Mexico in front of some close family and friends. Since then they have welcomed two children – a son named Bowie Banjo and a daughter called Rome Coco.

Net Worth of Paloma Jonas

Paloma Jonas, an Australian Fashion and Runway model is well-known in the lingerie industry. She co-founded and designed for Valentine NYC out of Los Angeles; additionally, she is married to Canadian actor Jonas Thompson who is famous for his role as Billy Abbott on The Young and Restless.

Paloma’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 Million US. Her primary source of income comes from modeling for fashion houses and runway shows; business ventures also help boost her income significantly. She is a mother to two children: Bowie Banjo and Rome Coco who were both born in 2016.

Nick Jonas, his brother, is also an established singer with his tequila brand and successful entrepreneurship; operating multiple businesses such as a production company and music label.

Kevin Jonas is a successful businessman with his own real estate development company while Joe Jonas has made waves as an actor, appearing on the hit television show Glee and appearing in film as well.

Paloma Jonas may not have the same net worth as her brothers, but her success as an entrepreneur has been nothing short of spectacular. Not only has she made waves within modeling and lingerie circles but she is also responsible for founding Paloma’s Garden: an eco-friendly clothing collection featuring sustainable materials.

She represented Chadwick Models in Sydney and Ford Models in New York, Chicago, and Miami during her decade-long modeling career; with several magazine covers being graced by her appearances such as Nine to Five in April 2010.

Paloma’s ventures also include skincare and hair care lines. She is well known for her charitable efforts as she donates both time and resources to charitable organizations. Furthermore, Paloma maintains an active social media presence on platforms like Instagram where she frequently shares family pictures as well as positive messages and quotes that inspire followers – she always leaves them smiling when posting!

Modeling Career of Paloma Jonas

Paloma Jonas, an Australian Fashion and Runway Model. She co-founded Valentine NYC Lingerie Company as well as being married to Canadian actor Jason Thompson (she currently resides in Montreal).

Thompson is a veteran soap opera actor, having previously appeared as Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital before making the switch to The Young and Restless as Billy Abbott.

Paloma is not only a model; she is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of Valentine NYC lingerie brand, founded in 2012. Established in 2012, this line offers perfect-fitting lace undergarments designed to support female empowerment and self-love. Valentine NYC employs single mothers in its endeavor to support and celebrate the female spirit and promote self-love.

Jonas and her friend Whitney Brown came up with the concept for Valentine NYV after meeting during a photo shoot for Aussie. Since then, the New York-based company has expanded to include a store in Manhattan; Jonas owns her home, named Paloma Vineyard by both herself and her husband.

This couple was married in Mexico in 2015, and share an affinity for travel, fashion, and cooking. Since then they have gone on several vacations together and often post photos from them on social media.

Paloma boasts an extensive list of beauty and wellness clients that includes several celebrities and models as well as partnerships with brands like The Body Shop and Beauty & Beyond.

As a professional model, Paloma stands at approximately 1.77 meters or 5 feet 9.5 inches. She reportedly has 34-25-35 chest-waist-hip measurements as well as dark brown eyes with curly locks. Further information about her body measurements remains unknown at this time.

Marriage of Paloma Jonas

Paloma Jonas is a model, entrepreneur, and fashion designer best known for co-founding Valentine’s NYC lingerie brand and appearing as a Ford Model in New York, Miami, and Chicago.

Jonas recently made her engagement to Chopra official through Instagram posts from their traditional Roka engagement ceremony – both looking gorgeous with stunning engagement rings by sapphire and diamond designer Robert Procop.

Paloma Chopra and Paloma Elsesser began dating briefly before getting engaged, communicating via texting; she made sure to show how much she cared by sending Chopra an intimate birthday note written with pen and ink on its special birthday.

Chopra accepted Jonas’ proposal, and the pair began planning their dream wedding together. To celebrate, they hosted a sangeet where their family and friends could join in the festivities; it was evident they were deeply in love.

Paloma Jonas and Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott on Y&R), whom she married on April 15 in San Pancho, Mexico, are parents to two children – son Bowie Banjo and daughter Rome Coco.

Jonas was signed with Ford Models in New York, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles where she gained experience modeling as she blossomed as an experienced fashion model.

Jonas collaborated with fellow model Whitney Brown in 2012 to launch Valentine, an online photography and interview editorial dedicated to connecting creative women through intimate expression. Since then they have released a lingerie line bearing this same name, and are working on setting up a foundation that will use proceeds from sales of said lingerie to provide grants directly to single mothers.

Jonas reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $1.8 Million and is married. She takes great pleasure in spending quality time with her two children and taking part in various music festivals and events.


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