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Olivia Hamilton

Olivia Hamilton: Actress, Producer, Writer

Olivia Hamilton is an American actress best known for her portrayal of Gluten-Free Girl in La La Land. Additionally, she serves as a producer and writer on multiple short films such as Narrow, Surrogate, and Facetiming With Mommy.

She is married to director Damien Chazelle and they share one child. She’s active on Instagram with over 4.3k followers – she even posted an “On my mind…” quote just last month!

Biography of Olivia Hamilton

Olivia Hamilton is an accomplished actress who has appeared in dozens of short films as both an actor and director. Her debut was on Dinosaur Train (2011) as Lily Lambeosaurus; since then, she has worked on series like Facetiming with Mommy and Narrow; Surrogate was another one she worked on. Olivia currently resides with director Damien Chazelle as his wife; they appear together in his movies such as La La Land and First Man.

Born on 3 June 1987 in the United States and of Scottish-Irish heritage, Hamilton graduated with a degree in economics and finance from Princeton University before deciding to focus on acting. Hamilton founded the PLAY initiative, aimed at injecting more fun into people’s lives while reconnecting them with their inner child.

Critics have widely acknowledged Hamilton’s acting talent, calling her one of the rising actresses to watch in the future. She has appeared in movies such as La La Land and First Man which earned critical acclaim; particularly effective was her performance in First Man where she successfully displayed emotions ranging from despair to determination.

This film inspired discussion around women’s representation in film, with critics applauding how Hamilton’s character was both sympathetic and compelling. Additionally, she has appeared in some short films including The Beard and Surrogate as an actor or producer; some projects including the drama The Pillar Method and Tale on Emerald Trail are just among others.

Recently, she has been hard at work preparing her next projects. She will appear in a lead role in The Pillar Method film as well as The Girl Who Played with Fire movie. Additionally, she filmed the horror short “Slaughterhouse”, scheduled to release later in 2022.

Hamilton has not only distinguished herself in acting but is also an accomplished soccer player. She was chosen to join the England Age Groups team for the 2021 Junior World Cup as well as acting as trainer/assistant coach of England U16 and U18 teams.

Olivia Hamilton’s Net Worth

Olivia Hamilton is an internationally recognized American actress, producer, and writer. She is married to director Damien Chazelle and has appeared in his films such as La La Land and First Man. Additionally, Olivia Hamilton is known as an animal rights activist – often speaking out about experiences related to animal cruelty.

Graduate of Princeton University with a degree in Financial Aspects and Accounting. Before beginning her acting career in 2011, she worked at McKinsey & Company as a consultant. Starting as an actress with the family animated Dinosaur Train series as Lily Lambeosaurus’s voice role she also has appeared on various television shows and movies.

Olivia is still relatively young at 35, yet has managed to build an outstanding career in Hollywood. An animal rights activist, she has made numerous public appearances to advocate her causes while writing a memoir detailing both her experience as a child actor and her struggles with depression.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates her estimated net worth at $25 Million. This sum can largely be attributed to her acting career; however, she also owns multiple properties and boasts an extensive social media following on Instagram where many posts include pictures of her with her named-after dog.

Olivia has also made her mark in the music business, producing videos and documentaries for musicians such as Ravi Shankar, Henry McCullough, Stairsteps, and George Harrison. For her efforts, she has won multiple awards such as Primetime Emmys and Grammys.

She has directed multiple short films, garnering several nominations along the way. Most recently, her adaptation of Gary Paulsen’s children’s book called Rattlesnake Cayon will be released to theaters sometime between 2024-2025.

Olivia de Havilland was an English actress best known for her iconic performance as Melanie Hamilton in Gone with the Wind (1939). Other prominent film roles she appeared in included Josephine “Jody” Norris from The Strawberry Blonde (1941) and Catherine Sloper from The Heiress (1949). Later in life, she continued performing both onstage and on television; collecting fine art and antiques as well as owning an eighteenth-century house in Paris were some of her many pursuits.

Olivia Hamilton’s Personal Life

Olivia Hamilton is an American actress, writer, and producer best known for her roles in La La Land and First Man. A graduate of Princeton University and wife to director Damien Chazelle, Olivia also founded PLAY to help people rediscover their inner child. Hamilton began her career voice acting for children’s series such as Dinosaur Train as well as movies such as Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot; additionally, she has appeared in Facetiming With Mommy: The Last Tycoon and Narrow among many other projects and television shows/films since then.

Former McKinsey & Company consultant and recent Princeton University alum, Rachel has enjoyed an extraordinary career journey. As well as serving on McKinsey & Company teams and graduating, Rachel founded an association called Play in 2013 which provides children with opportunities to explore their creativity. Furthermore, Rachel worked as a production assistant at GuideVine Technologies; additionally, her acting roles have earned critical acclaim among critics and fans.

Although she began acting early, she’s only just begun tapping her immense talent as an actress. Her performances in First Man and Babylon earned critical acclaim while her supporting turn as gluten-free girl Pat White in La La Land earned her an Oscar nomination.

Hamilton has developed an impressive following through her social media accounts, amassing over 435 followers on her official Instagram account alone. Beyond acting, Hamilton is active in writing, contributing scripts to short films like Surrogate and Narrow.

Hamilton’s latest project is Babylon, a film that stars Margot Robbie and explores Hollywood’s uneasy transition from silent films to talkies during the 1920s. Set for premiere at Venice Film Festival this August and cinematic release this November, Hamilton’s portrayal of ambitious starlet Ruth Adler has already made waves online.

Career of Olivia Hamilton

Olivia Hamilton, best known for playing Bree in La La Land, also holds a distinguished writing and producing career. Her credits include First Man and Babylon (for which she earned a producer credit), while television series such as American Gods and Gotham City Sirens also benefit from her expertise as a writer/producer. Olivia’s primary research area includes how ‘commoning’ can foster meaningful collaborations and inclusivity within creative projects through spatial practice and design pedagogy research methods.

Born June 3 1987 to Scottish-Irish parents in the United States, she graduated from Princeton University. Beginning an acting career with Lily Lambeosaurus voiceover for Dinosaur Train animation; then appearing in the short film Last Night as Audrey;

In 2015-16, she competed in all 25 games for the NESCAC women’s hockey team and led with nine assists and second in goals scored – she was even honored as part of their Winter All-Sportsmanship Team!

Hamilton has appeared in various short films and is best known for her role as Bree in La La Land. Additionally, she starred in movies The Beard and Surrogate where her performance earned her a nomination at Santa Barbara International Film Festival Award 2017.

She is also the founder of PLAY, an organization dedicated to encouraging playfulness in people’s lives. She has written for television shows including Gotham City Sirens and American Gods as an executive producer on their season three finales; additionally, she serves as president of The Women’s Foundation of California Board of Directors.

In December 2018 Hamilton gave birth to her second child. She announced via Instagram with a post featuring herself and her husband Damien Chazelle at the London premiere of Babylon when the photo was posted.


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