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Niki Taylor

Niki Taylor: American Model and TV Hostess

Niki Taylor became one of the world’s most acclaimed supermodels during the 90s due to her All-American beauty. Her smile graced numerous fashion magazine covers and was the face of several top cosmetic and clothing brands.

Born and raised in Florida, Niki began modeling at 13 with Irene Marie Models. Both her father (a highway patrol officer) and mother (a photographer).

Niki Taylor’s Biography

Niki Taylor was born on 5 March 1975 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Niki Taylor was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to parents Ken and Barbara Taylor. She began modeling at 13 and made headlines as the second youngest model ever featured on Vogue at 15. Additionally, Niki is well known as an iconic spokesmodel for various brands like Liz Claiborne, L’Oreal, Lee Jeans, and Nokia.

Niki enjoys many hobbies and interests, such as scuba diving, jet skiing, swimming, exercising, and being an advocate for women’s rights through her foundation. When not busy philanthropically promoting them she enjoys cooking healthy food for herself and her children while reading books, taking photos, or exploring new places in her free time.

Niki Taylor was severely injured in a car accident involving her then-partner Chad Renegar in 2001, suffering a collapsed lung, serious liver damage, two steel rods implanted into her spine, and six weeks of coma in which 56 surgeries were required to recover from this traumatizing experience.

Niki began as a marine biologist; however, her mother encouraged her to pursue modeling instead. Niki sent photos to modeling agencies and eventually signed with Irene Marie Models at age 13. Niki began doing catalog work before entering and winning New York City’s Fresh Faces Contest where she won a $500,000 contract! By 14, Niki appeared on Seventeen Magazine cover as well as landing her first major fashion editorial editorial piece.

Niki Taylor has built her career on her beauty and charm, which have contributed to her success. She has appeared on the covers of Allure, Vogue, Elle, and Self magazines; television commercials featuring her; charitable initiatives she participated in as part of American Red Cross ambassadorship programs; high profile charity campaigns featuring her; as well as being named an American Red Cross ambassador herself! Niki has a strong connection to family and community that shows both in her professional as well as personal life – founding Begin Foundation for Advancement of Women in Business while having two sisters Joelle (older sister) and Krissy (younger sister).

Niki Taylor’s Modeling Career

Niki Taylor has established her name in the modeling world with her work with various brands and magazine covers, earning fame and fortune – her net worth has reached $22 Million and making her one of the most successful models in America. Married to Burney Lamar with four children under four, Niki Taylor serves as an inspirational figure for young girls as she maintains an optimistic attitude toward life.

At 13 she began modeling professionally and quickly became known for her talent. After signing a deal with Irene Marie Models in South Florida she quickly rose through the ranks to fame – appearing in numerous commercials and music videos by various artists as well as winning many awards for her efforts. Additionally, she is known for having an attractive personality making her perfect as the face of several beauty products.

Her beauty and charm have won her millions of admirers around the world. She exudes positivity towards life and is always available to assist others; her sense of humor never fails her and she always shows up ready to lend assistance when necessary. Not to mention she boasts an exceptional physique with exquisite beauty! This hard worker possesses all of the skills necessary for any task or goal set before her.

Taylor became one of the youngest spokesmodels in CoverGirl’s history at 17 when she made history by becoming its youngest spokesmodel ever. She graced runways such as Vogue, Elle, and Allure magazine – becoming one of the most sought-after models during that period. However, tragedy struck and drug addiction claimed her career but she overcame these difficulties to return stronger than ever – rebuilding it once more with strength.

Niki recently teamed up with nine iconic establishments in Nashville for a photographic exhibit celebrating their milestone anniversaries. A passionate admirer of Nashville, she currently resides in Franklin with her husband and their two young children; running every morning helps keep her grounded, thanks to Uncle Buck.

Niki Taylor’s Relationship

Niki Taylor (real name Nicole Renee Taylor) began modeling at age 13, beginning her career with Irene Marie Models in Florida. Soon thereafter she quickly become a fashion icon, fronting lucrative campaigns for Cover Girl cosmetics and Liz Claiborne fashions as well as appearing in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and as one of the highest-paid models at that time. Often described as being like Christie Brinkley from another generation, in May 1996 Niki posed for six top US magazines simultaneously giving rise to her being known by her moniker as Niki Six – giving rise to her nickname as an icon herself! Now married to NASCAR driver Burney Lamar as well as living in Tennessee along with their two children.

Niki married Lamar five years after being involved in a serious car accident. While riding in her friend’s vehicle, which ran off the road and struck a utility pole, Niki suffered significant injuries, spending two months in hospital where 80 percent of her blood had to be transfused back into her system and leaving severe burns across her face, arms, and hands.

Despite her injuries, she continued modeling and building a successful business career. She even hosted her television show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous! Additionally, she launched both a clothing line and perfume under her label.

As a supermodel, Niki has been involved with various high-profile relationships including Keith Urban, Chris Paciello, and Rob Niedermayer – as well as having two sons from her two marriages: Matt Martinez (first) and Burney Lamar (current).

Niki and Matt met through an autographing session for Nascar racing cars held by Nascar in 2006. Niki already had twin sons Jake and Hunter with Arena football player Matt Martinez; upon meeting each other they expanded their family with Ciel being born on December 27, 2006.

Niki is currently preparing to testify against her former flame and nightclub owner Chris Paciello (allegedly an associate of mob figures). She plans on flying from Florida to New York City to meet with prosecutors about this case; instead of facing a subpoena, she has offered herself up as a volunteer witness instead.

Niki Taylor’s Personal Life

Niki Taylor was born and raised in Florida and began modeling at a very early age. She signed with Irene Marie Models at age 13, soon appearing in magazine shoots and covering Seventeen magazines at 14. From there her career flourished as she worked with major designers such as Cover Girl as well as television shows and commercials while her beauty line became well-recognized by fans around the globe.

Taylor was married twice and has two sons from her first union with former Miami Hooters linebacker Matt Martinez in 1994; Jake and Hunter were born shortly thereafter. Following their divorce in 1996, she went on to marry NASCAR driver Burney Lamar in 2006. Taylor quickly made a name for herself as an actress, television personality, spokesperson, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and brand ambassador for Cigna products as well as appearing regularly on various talk shows such as The View, Live! with Kelly and Michael, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno among many others.

Taylor found out about Krissy’s death at their family home in Florida while at the height of her modeling career, yet never gave up on pursuing her dreams; she continued landing high-profile assignments, eventually signing an exclusive contract with L’Oreal at age 16.

Taylor made history when she became the first model ever to grace six major American women’s fashion and fitness magazines simultaneously in May 1996, thus giving rise to what became known as “Niki Six.” Additionally, she has appeared in commercials from such brands as Thierry Mugler, Escada, Liz Claiborne, and Jean Paul Gaultier as well as appearing on billboards and TV commercials featuring them.

In 2004, Niki Taylor launched her clothing collection with her manager and friend Lou Taylor, to positive reviews from customers and also launched Begin fragrance. Additionally, Niki has made waves as a television host; appearing on MTV’s Fashionable Loud, Make Me a Supermodel, and Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice shows among others.


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