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Nico Parker

Nico Parker: British Actress

Nico Parker made her acting debut in Dumbo, directed by Tim Burton, and received worldwide acclaim for her performance. Since then, she has also appeared in The Third Day and Reminiscence.

Nico Newton Parker is the daughter of actress Thandiwe Newton and director Ol Parker. She has two siblings; Booker the younger one and Ripley her elder sibling.

Nico Parker’s Biography

Nico Parker is an emerging British actress who made her film debut with Dumbo in 2019. She hails from renowned director Ol Parker and Thandiwe Newton’s English acting troupe; as such she possesses immense potential and holds great promise within the industry.

Talented young actress, Grace Vane has won many hearts with her acting abilities. She has graced television series and movies such as Dumbo; however, her most notable work was as Milly Farrier which garnered massive acclaim and saw her star alongside Naomie Harris, Jude Law, Freya Allan, and Katherine Waterston – among many others! In 2021 alone she also appeared in the HBO mini-series Third Day as Zoe, in addition to featuring in the science fiction movie Reminiscence which both received major critical acclaim!

Ripley Parker, Ol Parker’s elder sister, and an accomplished writer respectively are her immediate siblings; Booker Parker (her younger sibling) also works in entertainment while their father Ol Parker is well known as an award-winning film director with many critically-acclaimed works under his belt.

Nico Parker stands at a moderate 1.57 meters and weighs 45 kg, possessing an attractive and charming personality. Nico’s parents have always supported and encouraged her dreams as an individual to reach for their goals and reach them.

Nico Parker may only have appeared in a handful of films and TV series so far, yet she has already amassed an estimated net worth of $50,000.

Nico Parker is currently single, as she has yet to enter into a romantic relationship. Instead, she’s focused on building her career and may consider exploring music as well.

Nico Parker will surely continue her success in Hollywood with her acting skill and passion for her craft. Her hard work and commitment are paying off now as she’s rising rapidly within the film industry.

Nico Parker’s Personal Life

Nico Parker has achieved remarkable success at such a young age. She has quickly established herself as one of the industry’s coveted young actresses and stands to achieve even greater fame thanks to her natural talent, dedication, and love of acting.

Parker first made her acting debut as Milly Farrier in the 2019 film Dumbo and has since appeared in multiple other movies and television series, such as Sarah Miller in the HBO series The Last of Us; critics lauded Parker’s performance there. Additionally, Parker appeared in Reminiscence as well as The Third Day TV series.

Parker was born in Kensal Rise, London on 9 December 2004 to Thandiwe Newton and Ol Parker – her mother is an established actress while Ol is a director and screenwriter – she also has an older sister named Ripley as well a younger brother called Booker.

Parker exudes striking and alluring beauty. Her striking features, piercing eyes, and long locks add to her allure while her charismatic yet sophisticated personality allows for the best possible balance in her professional and personal lives.

Over the past several years, Parker has been involved in some high-budget films and television projects, both film (Reminiscence) and television series (The Last of Us). Her portrayal of Sarah Miller earned critical acclaim; clearly, she has an exciting future ahead.

As of now, Parker is focused on her career and does not wish to enter any romantic relationships at this time. Her primary aim is to establish herself within the Hollywood industry; therefore she works tirelessly towards this end goal.

Parker is an incredible young actress who has already made waves in both the movie and television industries. Through hard work and dedication, she will undoubtedly become a recognizable name over time.

Nico Parker’s Family

Nico Parker is an English actress with an exciting future ahead of her. Since making her debut in Dumbo and since working on various other projects since then, Parker has showcased her outstanding acting ability with memorable performances like Dumbo; now appearing as Sarah in The Last of Us!

Parker was born in Kensal Rise, London, England on 9 December 2004 to film director father Michael Parker and actress mother Patricia Caine (Pam), with an older sister Ripley and younger brother Booker as siblings. Both her parents instilled within her the value of hard work which has always led her towards her desired career goals.

Parker boasts an extremely slim and perfectly toned build. At four feet ten inches and forty kilograms, Parker stands four feet ten inches. Her eyes and hair both sport brown hues; Parker leads an active life yet manages to find a balance between her professional life and personal life.

Parker is very close to her family, sharing an unbreakable bond. She enjoys spending time with friends and hanging out, with both being very supportive in encouraging her to do what makes her happy. Additionally, Parker is highly sought-after on social media with a huge fan following.

Parker made her film debut with Dumbo, released in 2019, where her performance won wide critical acclaim and accolades. Parker is sure to continue doing films in the years to come!

Parker has already appeared in multiple movies and TV shows, with her performances receiving wide acclaim from critics. Critics praise Parker’s versatile acting talent that allows her to portray many roles. Furthermore, in addition to acting, she also performs stage work and sings.

Nico Parker’s Acting Career

Nico Parker is an exceptionally gifted young British actress – her debut film Dumbo was met with critical acclaim, drawing international recognition to both herself and her family. Nico’s acting ability and cute petite physique have won over viewers across the world. Born December 9, 2004, to Thandiwe Newton and director Ol Parker; Nico has an older brother named Booker and younger sister Ripley who she considers her siblings.

Nico made her acting debut in Tim Burton’s 2019 movie Dumbo as Milly Farrier and earned much acclaim and praise. Since then, she has appeared in more movies and television series such as the HBO miniseries The Third Day and the science fiction film Reminiscence; plus is currently working on the 2023 American post-apocalyptic television show The Last of Us as Sarah.

Parker may be short, but her commanding presence on screen more than compensates. At 4 feet 10 inches, she may seem small but her talent and charm shine bright. Furthermore, her petite stature allows her to play characters who are vulnerable and relatable – something her petite frame allows.

Nico Parker may not share much about her personal life, but she appears to enjoy an amicable relationship with both of her parents. They both share an important bond, creating an environment of love and support while raising her. They have been married for over 22 years now and reside together in London.

Nico Parker, despite her young age, has amassed a huge following on social media platforms like Instagram. Fans can keep abreast of her projects by following her there.

Given her fame and high levels of popularity, it comes as no surprise that Parker boasts a significant net worth. Although her exact annual salary remains undisclosed, she does possess considerable assets and cash in her bank account. At present, Parker is focused on her acting career rather than any dating rumors; this may be wise given she does not wish to get sidetracked from reaching her goals and distracted from work.


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