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Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova: Model, Actress, Goodwill Ambassador

Natalia Vodianova, an accomplished model, philanthropist, and impact investor, recently invested in Soula, an app designed to provide pregnant women and their families with tailored information during gestation. Unfortunately, details regarding the terms of her investment remain confidential.

Vodianova is one of the world’s best-known models. She has appeared in multiple ads for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, and L’Oreal as well as graced magazine covers such as Vogue; Vanity Fair; i-D, and more.

Natalia Vodianova’s Biography

Natalia Vodianova is an iconic model, philanthropist, and social media advocate. Born in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod) in 1982, she faced an uphill struggle growing up poor alongside her mother and two half-sisters before his departure led her to enroll at a modeling academy at 15.

At 17, she moved to Paris and signed with Viva Models, quickly becoming one of the most acclaimed models of her generation. She has graced runway shows by many high fashion designers as well as appearing in numerous fashion magazines; and has amassed many admirers with her grace and beauty.

She is well-known for both her professional modeling work and philanthropy efforts, particularly those related to disabled children’s charities – the Naked Heart Foundation for example – as well as for creating the app Elbi to facilitate donations for charitable purposes. Furthermore, she serves on the Special Olympics International Board of Directors and advocates for disability rights.

As well as her charity work, she is an accomplished author and entrepreneur. Her latest book “Self Made,” on self-love is currently translated into over 15 languages; other works by her include her memoirs Born to Be Wild” and “The Secrets of My Success”.

Natalia Vodianova’s Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is an estimated $45 million, and she currently resides between London and New York with her husband Justin Portman, a British property heir, their three children, and an extensive real estate business that she successfully runs herself as well as being an ambassador for Special Olympics International.

Natalia Vodianova credits healthy eating habits, exercise, and genetics as keys to her slim figure and graceful appearance. She frequently shares fitness routines and healthy recipes on Instagram for the benefit of her followers.

She is an outspoken champion for human rights, especially for her sister Oksana who suffers from autism and uses a wheelchair. She has received various awards in recognition of her philanthropic efforts; in her free time, she enjoys chess games and reading.

Natalia Vodianova’s Modeling Career

Vodianova would make an ideal Cinderella in fashion’s pantomime. Born into an impoverished family in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod), the model rose from selling fruit on the black market and helping raise her disabled half-sister to become one of its greatest icons – walking runways for Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and numerous other designer houses as well as magazine covers and lucrative advertising campaigns from top designer houses; she even signed a seven-figure contract with Calvin Klein!

Her career took off when she was discovered at a fashion show by a French model scout. Soon after, at 17 she left Russia for Paris where she landed her first major modeling gig: an iconic Marc Jacobs campaign shot by Steven Meisel titled Euphoria which also earned her a place on Vogue US alongside Gisele and Daria.

Natalia Vodianova not only excels at fashion work but has also created the Naked Heart Foundation to assist underprivileged children in Russia find safe places to play. She has an eye for finding and nurturing start-up tech companies; recently investing in sleep app E-gree and yoga app Zenia through Supernova Investment Company.

Vodianova boasts of her keen fashion sense by using data analysis of how people shop and use products. For instance, she predicted that auctioning off a stay at La Colle Noire chateau owned by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (the parent company of Dior) would prove popular.

She credits her years as a working model with helping her understand the business machinations behind startups, and how to launch them successfully. This knowledge has informed her endeavors – such as investing in 20 start-ups through her French venture capital firm with partner Timon Afinsky: these include Loona (sleep app); iFetch (an automated dog walker); and Little Tummy (cold-pressed baby food).

Natalia Vodianova is Philanthropy

Natalia Vodianova is known for her accomplished fashion career and dedication to charitable giving and impact investing. Through the Naked Heart Foundation, she works hard to build inclusive play parks across Russia and assists families raising children with disabilities. After growing up caring for her half-sister with cerebral palsy and autism herself, she understands the significance of providing safe environments where children can flourish.

Harper’s Bazaar named her Inspiration of the Year and Glamour honored her as Woman of the Year for her charitable efforts. Additionally, she spoke at numerous global events like We Day UK and Founders Forum as well as serving on panels addressing women’s health at UN conferences.

Natalia Vodianova has made headlines as an angel impact investor by backing female health apps, such as period tracker Flo and organic baby food tech company Little Tummy. She has partnered with UNFPA on Let’s Talk, an initiative that seeks to end the stigma associated with menstruation by encouraging dialogue among people about it.

Growing up poor, she understands the positive effect that charitable giving can have on society. She has raised millions for charity through Elbi – her latest venture that seeks to change how younger generations perceive and engage with charity through an innovative rewards-based gamification model.

Harrods will soon launch its Fashion Re-Told initiative and the app will go on sale as part of it. Proceeds from sales of luxury items sold are set to benefit NSPCC; Vodianova states that her husband, fashion tycoon Antoine Arnault (chief executive of luxury label Berluti and president of Loro Piana) has been a “huge supporter” in her efforts, encouraging younger generations to be active philanthropists throughout their lives.

Natalia has become one of the world’s premier supermodels, appearing on 71 Vogue covers and working with brands like Guerlain, Givenchy, and Calvin Klein. As an iconic fashion figure, she has received numerous accolades – such as being named Glamour Woman of the Year in 2014. But she remains grounded while remaining focused on family and friendship despite all of her success – inspiring women everywhere and working to break down taboos and advance women’s rights worldwide.

Natalia Vodianova’s Family

Natalia Vodianova epitomizes the notion of being more than just a pretty face: this 36-year-old Russian beauty, philanthropist, and businesswoman travel the globe as an editorial model, runway model, and advertising campaign collaborator – while at the same time helping disabled children in Russia through her Naked Heart Foundation and her app which allows people to donate small charities.

With covers like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Elle under her belt, Vodianova has quickly become one of the world’s foremost style icons. Her effortless coolness is only rivaled by her commitment to her cause.

Vodianova has experienced enormous success, yet has never rested on her laurels and sought new challenges. For instance, she created the Naked Heart Foundation in 2004 and since has built play facilities for children with special needs in 150 towns across Russia – as well as raising over 30 million euros for charity!

Vodianova’s charitable endeavors have helped her build her identity beyond modeling. Each year she hosts two galas and sits on several organizations’ boards, such as NSPCC and Women for Women. Recently she launched a social media platform aimed at advocating women’s rights and the issues that affect them called Activiste – all part of her effort to bridge gender divides in society.

As the mother of five children, she’s dedicated to keeping them healthy and content. Together with Antoine Arnault – CEO of luxury men’s fashion brand Berluti -, they share three sons; in addition, she serves as stepmother to Arnault’s daughters from his previous marriage.

Family life for her now centers on Paris; while she may still model (for Calvin Klein for example), most of her time can now be found at her foundation’s offices there, located just a few blocks from where she formerly resided.

Vodianova’s immediate family may not have been able to give her much in terms of material gifts, but they did instill in her an incredible sense of purpose and an ardent work ethic that remains with her today. Although she still dedicates one month each year to editorial and runway work, most days (until 4 pm, when her children come home) are spent at the foundation.


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