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Myla Dalbesio

Myla Dalbesio: American Model, Artist, Writer

Myla Dalbesio is both a model and an artist. She has appeared for various brands such as Calvin Klein. Additionally, Myla has shown her art at exhibitions and written two books.

Calvin Klein recently received criticism for labeling her as a plus-size model in their recent advertisement, yet she views this move as an important milestone in her journey toward equality and self-worth.

Myla Dalbesio’s Biography

Myla Dalbesio is an American model with an enormous following on Instagram. Additionally, she’s a writer and artist; both disciplines bring in significant revenue for her.

Myla has an impressive modeling career and also engages in various philanthropic efforts. She believes social media can be used as a force for good and is dedicated to helping others realize their dreams.

Myla was born June 26th, 1987 in Harrisburg Pennsylvania to parents Judith and Charles Helchler and has carried the Cancer zodiac sign since birth. At 16 she won Miss Wisconsin Teen USA.

Myla Hageman married Nathan Hageman in 2018. Their ceremony was intimate and beach-inspired, featuring items that had special meaning such as Myla’s mother’s dress lace or Myla’s father’s watch.

Myla Dalbesio’s Family

Myla Dalbesio, an American model and influencer who has amassed an enormous social media following, has featured her sensuous, provocative images in numerous high-fashion publications – such as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Additionally, Myla enjoys working behind the camera as she has an affinity for photography.

Myla has modeled for numerous prominent brands and featured editorials in magazines like Purple, LOVE, Vogue India, Dazed & Confused Twin Bon Oyster Viva Moda among many others. In addition to her modeling career, Myla is deeply committed to giving back; regularly participating in charitable endeavors and taking on volunteer positions within various projects.

Myla Hageman’s parents are no longer alive, yet she continues to visit them each year and visit Nathan Hageman whom she married in a stunning ceremony in Tulum Mexico with over 80 guests present.

Myla Dalbesio’s Personal Life

Myla Dalbesio was born June 26th, 1987 in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and currently is 36 years old with Cancer as her zodiac sign. She holds an American passport and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Addison.

Myla is an accomplished model who has appeared in many fashion shows and campaigns by Nicola Formichetti, such as Diesel’s #Reboot campaign. Additionally, Myla works as both writer and artist while modeling continues to provide her with income – contributing substantially towards living expenses through this pursuit.

Myla Dalbesio’s Net Worth

Myla Dalbesio stands 5 feet 11 inches. As a model, she has appeared in various magazines such as Oyster, Twin, and Love and has an exquisite body. Her eyes are blue and she sports dark locks.

Since then she has appeared in Calvin Klein’s Perfectly Fit underwear campaign and represented by several agencies, such as Francina and MP Mega Miami.

Myla is an actress, writer, and model primarily known for modeling – her primary source of income in this industry is earning around $45000 annually in fees from this field. Additionally, she’s been active as a part-time artist as well as publishing essays in publications like Suited, Oyster & Twin Magazines. Myla married Nathan Hageman in a beach wedding ceremony last August 2018.

Myla Dalbesio’s Modeling Career

Myla Dalbesio is an award-winning model who has graced the pages of numerous magazines, as well as been recognized for her photography and visual arts works, which have been showcased in HEARTS and P Magazine publications.

Myla Dalbesio is an exquisite model with blue eyes. She boasts an eye-catching smile and wears her locks in long waves for an appealing appearance. Additionally, Myla boasts a slim physique with an hourglass figure.

Myla has graced magazines such as Glamour Iceland, Tush, Lifestyle Suited, and Feeling. Additionally, she appeared in Playboy magazine’s non-nude issue and Oyster magazine as an individual feature story.

Myla has also shown her acting chops by appearing in several short films.

Myla recently married Nathan Hageman in a beautiful beach ceremony. Myla wore an exquisite Sachin & Babi custom lavender wedding gown designed by Sachin for her right-hand ring finger as well as his grandfather’s watch and mother’s necklace from Nathan. Both Myla and Nathan enjoy spending time with their pets while taking them on adventures; in addition, they love traveling together.

Fashion World

Her size 10 figure looked stunning in photos that quickly went viral – although some critics felt that CK didn’t consider Myla to be considered as such.

Myla Dalbesio is an internationally recognized model, photographer, and writer who has shown her work internationally and published two books. Additionally, Myla contributes regularly to Suited magazine where she recently wrote an open letter regarding her body image difficulties.

Myla is currently gearing up to shoot her third year for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She’s been sharing pictures and videos of herself posing on Kangaroo Island in Australia wearing an animal print bikini while engaging with local wildlife such as dogs and koalas.

Myla has long been an advocate of body positivity. She has spoken openly about the stresses associated with modeling industry work and struggles to maintain her sense of self. Additionally, Myla wrote an essay detailing her experience with body shaming; in it, she wrote about how she works hard at loving herself regardless of any flaws. Myla is a stunning role model who also performs beautifully as an artist and performer – one performance even saw her dancing covered with dollar bills!


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