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Modeling for 12 Year Olds: Guideline for Child Models at 12

Modeling for 12 Year Olds: Guideline for Child Models at 12

Today’s youth is a more reflective and perceptive generation. They know exactly what they want out of life and what career choices to make. These are people who, even at a young age, display an appreciation for aesthetics and current styles. And they are interested in modeling for 12 year olds.

As a new generation of hopeful models, we’re here to assist you in getting your career off the ground and entering the modeling world. If you are 12 years old and about to enter teenage life, you have probably come across the blogosphere. This article is a complete guideline about modeling for 12-year-olds.

Even as a 12-year-old, you can start working toward your goal of being a model. You’ll need your loved ones’ encouragement, photos to submit to modeling agencies, and an understanding of the requirements of the industry. Remember, too, that becoming a model is a goal for many people, so the competition is high. Try to be realistic and acknowledge that you could end up disappointed. You should follow these guidelines if you wish to start a modeling career.

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Get Your Parent’s Approval

Your motivations for entering the modeling world could be quite apparent. However, you can’t avoid this stage; you must win over your parents and help them see why you want to pursue your ambition. A minority of parents may have strong reservations about their children having a career in modeling.

If you are still at a young age and want to excel in your career in child modeling, you are going to need your parents’ approval from the very start. Have a serious discussion with them face-to-face. Prove to them that you’re serious about moving on with your career as a kid model.

You’ll need their help for a variety of reasons. As a young model, you may be juggling school, work, and other extracurricular activities, which can be difficult.

Get Support from Your School

After you’ve won over your parents, take a modeling course. You can also seek out wise instruction from your educators is the next logical step.

All sorts of job advice can be found in the classroom. Teachers at your school may be able to put you in touch with former students who have gone on to become models.

Educators can leverage their professional standing to gain access to specialized knowledge and advice from leading professionals in their field. Educational institutions are well-suited to host seminars and workshops devoted to the field.

Pick The Type Of Model You Desire To Be

There are many different kinds of modes of expression that you may fit into. The first step is to choose which one is right for you.

1. Model for Commercials

TV needs models who represent the average person. If you don’t have a perfect figure, there is an option. But even for TV advertisements, you must be presentable and meet some modeling requirements.

2. Model for a Brand

Popular companies may have specific criteria you must meet to model for them. Big brands seek perfect models to promote their clothes. So if you think you can manage to have an appealing presence, modeling for brands is the right fit for you. Modeling for brands can be a good option as you are only 12 years old, and it requires almost no acting skills.

3. Models for Film Industry

Film industry entry is difficult. To make it in the film industry, you need nice looks, a good figure, and good acting skills. This is the most difficult one among all the other types of modeling careers, as it requires good acting skills. You might want to pursue this type of modeling later in your career than at the very start.

4. Models for Print Media

Maybe you’d like to try modeling for magazines or catalogs. In order to get your work seen by print media editors, you’ll need to put together a portfolio that consists of your professional photos.

What Characteristics Should a Child Model Possess?

If you want to make a career out of modeling, starting as a child model is a crucial stepping stone. Child modeling requires a positive mentality, self-assurance, organization, and practice. Following are a few of the important tips to follow:

1. Show Professionalism

Get to the shoot location early to prepare before the other models show up. Good hygiene includes doing things like dressing appropriately for each shoot and keeping things clean. Most importantly, be polite to everyone involved in the shoot (photographer, stylist, makeup artist, etc.).

2. Stay Confident

Learning to strike poses quickly without worrying too much about what others might think will boost your confidence over time, as once the photos are developed, no one will notice how long it took you to shoot them. Furthermore, keep in mind that despite best efforts, not everything can go smoothly during photo shoots, so stay calm and positive.

3. Patience

The most important and key characteristic a model should possess is to stay patient. There will be times when you would have to share the set, do back-to-back shoots, cope with the delay in your shoot, or may have to do outdoor shoots, during all this you have to stay patient and keep working positively. Your attitude really matters when it comes to your progress in modeling or any other career.

 How Do You Get Started as a Child Model?

1. Talent Agencies

Kids might find local modeling opportunities through a variety of channels. Find out if there are any teen-specific possibilities at various talent agencies by checking them out. An alternative is to have a photographer who is experienced with models of all ages cast you or assess your portfolio.

Child modeling agencies can be a bridge between you and talent agencies. Visit any reputable agency’s website for model submission guidelines. Most ask for headshots or full-body images and basic information about your child. If they’re interested, they’ll contact you and your child for an interview.

2. Portfolio

Creating a portfolio of professional photos on your own is a good option if you aren’t quite ready to submit to an agency or are unsure of the level of interest in your particular field. In this way, you can gain practical knowledge and gain self-assurance before approaching recognized members of the field to act as your professional representatives.

One’s portfolio is the single most useful reference point when first starting out. To show potential clients how versatile you are as a model, your portfolio should feature at least five recent photos (some people recommend 8-10) taken from different angles and with different expressions, poses, and clothing choices.

3. Social Media

Posting photographs on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is still another choice; these sites have made it simpler than ever before for individuals all over the world (including employers) to identify new talent.

Few Other Tips for A Child Model

1. Network With Seniors

You should make the most of your time learning from professional experts in the sector. They might be your seniors or anyone related to that field. You need to talk to the veterans to learn about the difficulties they faced while building their careers.

If you put in the time and effort to prepare, you won’t have to deal with the same challenges that your modeling industry ancestors did. Discuss the strategy you want to use with your seniors and the scenarios in which it might fail.

2. Keep Up With The Latest Fashion Trends

The hardest part of working in fashion is maintaining a level of personal hygiene that is up to par with the standards of the business. Demand in the fashion sector drops as soon as you lose your flawless shape or your attractive qualities. Make sure to follow all the ongoing trends by staying active on social media and watching fashion news.

3. Wear Clothes That Flatter You

Next, choose clothes and accessories that complement your body shape. Choose outfits in hues that bring out the best in your skin and make you stand out.

4. Learn How to Pose

You will spend the majority of your professional life in the spotlight, so it’s best to get used to being photographed early on. If you want your portfolio to leave an everlasting impression on the minds of your viewers, it needs to be impressive.

Practice different poses. For a child model of 12 or older, you don’t need to hire a photographer for professional photoshoots; instead, you can do your own personal shoot or ask anyone around to do it for you.

5. Participate in Fashion Contents

You shouldn’t pass up opportunities like this one, where firms are holding fashion contests for aspiring models. It is possible to learn about such opportunities by reading the company’s newsletters. There are numerous fashion-related quizzes available online. If you want to learn more about the business world, these are great options.

6. Stay In Touch with Media Opportunities

Due to the importance of social media in today’s Internet-based society, it’s wise to explore the prospect of expanding one’s network by means of these platforms. Be sure to keep in touch with your favorite fashion bloggers.

7. Maintain Your Health

A decent healthcare plan is a must for everyone. A health insurance policy is an absolute necessity for anyone aiming to make a living in the modeling industry. Maintaining your health and happiness through consistent physical activity is crucial. Incorporate a workout routine into your day to maintain your fitness and vitality.

Modeling Agencies In New York & Los Angles

If you are new to the modeling world, you might be looking for modeling industries. For people located in either Los Angeles or New York, the following are a few of the agencies one should visit:

Los Angeles Modeling Agencies

  1. Osbrink Agency
  2. Paloma Models & Talent
  3. Ohlsson Model & Talent

New York Modeling Agencies

  1. Wilhelmina Models
  2. Product Model Management
  3. New York Model Management

Key Takeaways

We hope this article has helped you with your possible concerns about modeling for 12-year-olds. What could be better than getting paid to do something you love? That’s the great thing about a career in modeling. There’s a chance you’ll get to go to places and experience new cultures.

You may find that being a model is a fulfilling career. But be practical, too. It’s not a bad thing that we can’t all be models. If you get a chance, make sure your loved ones are on board, work on your self-assurance, and look for openings to submit to modeling agencies so you can get your profession off on the right foot. In case it does not work for you, you can stay involved in the fashion industry or another creative profession by pursuing any number of available careers.


Blogger and fashion enthusiast for 20 years. Experienced runway and commercial model located in Los Angeles. I love creating helpful content and sharing with the world. Reach me out for any questions or feedback.

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