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Milena Smit

Milena Smit: Spanish Actress and Model

Milena Smit has quickly made her mark as an actress. The Spanish beauty has appeared in various films and television series.

Smit has achieved tremendous success despite only being 27.

She has held prominent roles in movies and television shows. Critics and viewers alike lauded her performance in the La chica de Nieve series.

Milena Smit’s Biography

Milena Smit Marquez was born October 5, 1996, in Elche, Spain, and began her entertainment industry career by modeling. Later she went on to star in various short films before making her big break as an actress with her appearance in Luc Knowles’ feature film Dragonflies alongside Olivia Baglivi in 2020; Smit received critical acclaim and was nominated for Best New Actress at the 35th Goya Awards that year. Additionally, she will soon star alongside Jaime Lorente on the Netflix series ‘The Girl in the Mirror’ due out later this year.

Smit was working as a hotel receptionist when Spanish screenwriter David Victori discovered her on Instagram. Victori then cast Smit as Mila in Cross the Line opposite Mario Casas; her performance earned her several accolades at Goya Awards and nominations.

Smit’s career as an actress continued to blossom. She appeared in two horror films – Tin & Tina (2021) and Pedro Almodovar’s Parallel Mothers (2016), playing opposite Penelope Cruz as two women who meet while both prepared to give birth in a hospital room, their lives interweave, and eventually their relationship blossoms into something deeper and more intimate than either could have anticipated.

While Cruz may be the more well-known face of their duo, Smit stands out as her equal in this film. The actress delivers an honest performance that matches Cruz’s intensity precisely. Almodovar noted how Smit had emotional intelligence and sincerity which cannot be learned in school settings; Almodovar complimented Smit’s work saying it had the hallmarks of great talent-spotting ability.

Smit is currently filming Sebastian Yatra’s feature-length drama Una Noche Sin Pensar (Under the Night Sky). She stars opposite Javier Bardem. Smit has also worked in Argentina on Maternidad (Motherhood) as well as Mexico with La Reina del Sur (Queen of the South). Smit currently lives in Madrid where she continues expanding her acting resume; with over 150,000 followers across both Instagram and TikTok accounts combined.

Milena Smit’s Personal Life

Milena Smit is an internationally acclaimed fashion model and actress from Spain, best known for her roles in numerous movies and television shows as well as being nominated for many awards (winning some as well). Milena has amassed a substantial fan base on social media – her Instagram and Twitter accounts currently boast over one million followers each. Additionally, she is often asked by brands to model for them at fashion shows; and has always had a very positive approach toward her career while being supportive of her co-stars.

She is a gifted artist with an infectious laugh. Her dedication to her work never ceases to impress audiences and she has done numerous short films that have earned her fame within the industry. With bright prospects ahead of her, this woman certainly has great things in store!

In 2020, she made her film debut in Cross the Line and received widespread acclaim for her performance as one of its main features. This made her an instant star within the industry and brought directors and producers’ notice of her talents. Later she went on to star in the horror flick No Mataras.

In 2022, she made her acting debut as Nico in Sergio G. Sanchez’s thriller TV series La Chica de nieve and was widely appreciated by its viewers, earning multiple nominations along the way.

Smit is currently filming with Penelope Cruz and Aitana Sanchez-Gijon on Pedro Almodovar’s Parallel Mothers for release next year. Smit will portray Ana, a young woman who bonds strongly with Janis (an established photographer in her late 30s) when assigned to a maternity ward where they both await motherhood – creating an unlikely but strong partnership that ultimately bears fruit when both give birth.

Smit has not married yet but is in a relationship with Diego Sanjuan Villanueva, another actor. They have been together for some time now and share an excellent understanding. She enjoys tattoos – she owns over a dozen! Photography, reading books, traveling, and discovering new places are some of her hobbies.

Milena Smit’s Career

Milena Smit is an emerging actress who has already established a strong presence for herself. She has appeared in multiple short films including Diagonales and Innermost; Netflix series La chica de la nieve as Miren Rojo; Cross the Line and Parallel Mothers to name just some. Smit’s powerful performances have garnered her widespread critical acclaim and been celebrated.

Milena Smit has long dreamt of becoming an actress and has worked hard towards this goal. She attended the Juan Carlos Corazza acting school in Madrid to hone her skills while maintaining over 500 followers on social media. Recently she posted a photo with Diego Sanjuan Villanueva whom she has been in a relationship for about six months; Milena captioned the image with the words: “My love,” showing how much she cherishes Diego Sanjuan Villanueva as her significant other half.

Rising star Smit has earned numerous nominations over the years. She received multiple Goya nominations and was recognized for her performance in Cross the Line; critics and audiences alike lauded this film’s critical acclaim and public love of Smit’s performance.

Smit has also shown her flair in fashion through a career as a model and stylist, appearing in some fashion magazines and endorsing several prominent beauty brands like Saint Laurent and YSL Beauty in advertisements.

Milena Smit is an example of true love triumphing over all odds. In her free time, Smit enjoys surfing and dance classes; has numerous tattoos; spends time with friends; travels frequently and reads voraciously; enjoys traveling and reading; is fond of music and fashion; currently in a relationship with Berlin artist Diego Sanjuan Villanueva who has been her constant support system through thick and thin. Milena and Diego Sanjuan Villanueva remain together; though they have had their share of ups and downs; Milena Smit is proof that true love can win out against all odds.

Milena Smit’s Awards

No matter the reason for it–Smit’s lucky break came via an Instagram message from her friend and filmmaker David Victori, after viewing photos she took with friends at cemeteries evoking emotion with an impressively simple look. Victori saw in Smit his chance at creating a star and quickly cast her in his film Cross the Line; her performance earned her a Goya Award nomination!

Pedro Almodovar was equally entranced with Smit, casting her in his 2020 film Madres Paralelas (Parallel Mothers). This story depicts two women whose paths cross in a maternity ward while they await the birth of their daughters; Almodovar refers to Smit as his true “muse”, saying she possesses emotional intelligence not learned through schooling alone.

Vanity Fair reports that Smit has an avid passion for tattoos, possessing twenty tattoos to date. She enjoys surfing, skiing, and snowboarding. In addition to dance classes post-school, she takes dance lessons. In her free time, she enjoys taking in the sea air with her dog while dreaming of one day becoming a professional photographer.

Smit is a star performer when it comes to being on camera, exuding self-assurance, and exuding uncompromising beauty with an edge thanks to her contemporary Goth style that earned her the role as one of Yves Saint Laurent’s ambassadors alongside Anthony Vaccarello. Smit continues to impress industry insiders with her effortless yet natural elegance.


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